Elite Cover-up begins of Child Abuse.

From Yes Minister..."If you want a solid cover up of a government cock up, you appoint an inquiry" gives the misleading impression that justice is being finally served, right is being wrong....whilst it is truly NOT. Case in point the Iraq inquiry, which became a platform for Tony Blair to grandstand his world view. .....and will not be stopping governments costly misadventures abroad.

The person below is from the well publicized, media related, and established elite of the UK.



The UK government has chosen Lady Elizabeth Butler-Sloss, aged 80, to chair the new inquiry into the handling of child abuse allegations by various UK institutions.

Devon peer to lead huge child abuse probe

1. The News of the World had an article about Elizabeth Butler-Sloss's husband 'associating' with prostitutes.

2. Elizabeth Butler-Sloss is the daughter of Sir Cecil Havers and is very much part of the Establishment.

3. Until June 2007, she chaired the inquest into the death of Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, and appeared to be part of a cover-up.
4. In 1987, 121 children from the county of Cleveland were taken into temporary local authority care on suspicion of having been sexually abused.

Elizabeth Butler-Sloss chaired the Cleveland child abuse inquiry, which some people saw as being part of a cover-up.
5. Lady Butler-Sloss granted life-long anonymity to the killers of toddler James Bulger

6. Lady Butler-Sloss is the sister of the late Sir Michael Havers, who was Lord Chancellor (top legal man) at the time of the Kincora Boys Home child abuse cover-up.

Havers reportedly tried to silence 'the child abuse whistleblower' Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens.

I was warned off asking Brittan what he knew.

Havers opposed the prosecution of child abuser Sir Peter Hayman.