New Empires Rise, and old empires fall.

When this happens people inside and outside the empire begin more intensely to look at the factors which failed the former empire.

All empires rely on fifth columns, auxiliaries and useful idiots to do their bidding.


Fall of Saigon.

The American Empire is going the same way as the British Empire.

Red - US military bases. Pink - US troops.
1. The British had only very shaky control over much of their empire.

"All those red-bedaubed world maps that became fashionable in Britain around 1900, for example, give an impression of uniform British power, which is certainly false.

"A truer picture would have been conveyed by colouring most parts a much lighter pink and some with only the faintest blush."

Cutting the British Empire Down to Size | History Today

For example, in British India there were princely states, where the princes continued to rule.

Britain liked to use local traditional rulers.

"In total there were just 2,000 British imperial servants ‘in the field’ over the whole of British India in the 1900s, plus about another 2,000 in the rest of the empire: just 4,000 to control hundreds of millions of native subjects.

"Of course they had soldiers to back them, many in India (albeit a minority British) but far fewer elsewhere, as well as native collaborators to help them with the more mundane tasks."

Cutting the British Empire Down to Size | History Today


The American Empire may look big.

But look at US control over countries like India or Canada or Australia.

This control is reportedly exercised (1) by using CIA terror operations in order to persuade the population that they need US protection (2) by blackmailing and bribing politicians, generals, judges and journalists - the collaborators.

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But, what about the bosses of the big US corporations who collaborate with India and China?

Or what about the US politicians who work for Israel?

British control of India came to an end when the Indians began to cause trouble, and it became just too expensive for the British to hold on.

Eventually, the USA may find it is facing a lot of 'trouble', and it is too expensive to fight on.

2. Britain made use of 'private companies', local rulers and 'settlers'.

For example, Southern Rhodesia was run by Cecil Rhodes' private company and white settlers.

In the long run, this led to big trouble.

Private companies tended not to care about tribal boundaries or the welfare of natives.

White settlers tended to look down their noses at the locals, and were too ready to kill off people like the aborigines.

Revolts, for example in Kenya, Malaya, Cyprus, Ireland and India, were inevitable.

After 1945, Britain's empire collapsed very quickly.


The American Empire uses private military companies and private commercial companies like Exxon and Citigroup.

There are over 6 million non-military US citizens living abroad.

Mexico - 738,103 (2010)[7]
Canada - 250,535 (2006)[8]

United Kingdom - 158,434 (2001)[9]
Germany - 101,643 (2011)[10]

But, how useful to the American Empire are those US citizens living abroad?

As the years go by, Americans become more and more unpopular.

In Korea, nearly 3 million civilians were murdered by the USA and its allies.

Up to 5 million Vietnamese were killed as a result of the USA's Vietnam war.

A survey conducted by the German government stated that some 1.4 million German prisoners died in captivity; many of them died in American captivity.

George Munger's drawing of the unfinished Capitol building in ruins after the British set fire to it.

 The American Empire, just like the British Empire, has been prepared to attack just about anyone.

Britain has been to war against France, and other rivals, more times than we can count.

In 1812, the USA went to war against poor old Britain, and lost.

The American Empire has been involved in too many wars in recent decades, and is now over-stretched.

The British Empire looked strong in 1900.

As the result of two World Wars, the British Empire was on its knees by the 1960s.

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