Further clarification after "lock-step" faux pas.


Panetta: Iran is Not Developing Nuclear Weapons

Though Iran is enriching uranium, Panetta explained, they have not demonstrated any intention of building a bomb

by John Glaser, antiwar.com

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said Thursday that Iran is enriching uranium in a peaceful nuclear program but that Tehran has not decided to develop an atomic bomb. (3 cheers for FACT based intelligence, and national security policy)

Top U.S. military and intelligence officials gave separate testimonies in congressional hearings on Thursday regarding Iran, and while they all reiterated the consensus that Iran’s nuclear program is purely civilian in nature, they also kept up the tough talk, hoping to satisfy hawks eager to preemptively strike Iran.

Panetta explained emphatically that any move from Iran to develop nuclear weapons is a “red line” for the U.S. ”We will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon,” he said. “That is the red line that would concern us and that would ensure that the international community, hopefully together, would respond.”

(unambiguous clarification that is WELCOMED.........and that the USA intelligence Services will know if Iran has crossed that Red Line, or attempting to cross it. The USA must learn to rely on its own institutions rather than formulate State policy based on information from the little Sparta in the Med, or Murdoch's Fox News, or another ambiguous IAEA report)

“But the intelligence does not show that they’ve made the decision to proceed with developing a nuclear weapon,” Panetta added. This has been a bit of an inconvenient truth for Washington as they continue to heap crippling economic sanctions on Iran supposedly out of suspicion of their nuclear program. They’ve also continued to support Israel – and refuse to criticize it – even while Tel Aviv has supported terrorist operations against Iranian nuclear scientists.

(If Iran isn't trying to develop nuclear weapons then why the hostility? Whats the sum total of the build up of this media hostility, hype and greater stricter sanctions?)

Iran, on the defensive, has made announcements about new, domestically-made centrifuges that were installed at the main uranium enrichment site at Natanz, branding that and other such developments as some nuclear “milestone.” But U.S. State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Wednesday the announcement was “hyped” for a domestic audience.

(Mullah Iran has a track record of boasting about alleged technological achievements that don't exist going back to the 1980's....there are various domestic psychological reasons for this. The Mullahs came to power in 1979, as latter day Luddites at the behest of the USA/UK........shutting down the USA inspired Shah's ambitious nuclear program of $90 billion... as announced in 1974....which would be $360 billion at today's prices (2012). Though the mullahs have restarted the civilian nuclear program begun by the Shah, and attempted to complete nuclear power stations begun in the 1970's by the Shah .....there is no way the mullahs are going to invest the huge amounts of capital investment that the Shah promised. Maybe only 10% of what the Shah would have spent, in the next 10-20 years.


(i) The Mullahs are Luddites who aren't into technical modernization of the Iranian economy, which might produce a very large prosperous middle class. Instead the mullahs have been busy encouraging the technical class/middle class to leave Iran....up to 5,000,000 of them. The mullahs see the middle class as threats to their illegal UK/USA directed usurpation of power, and have thus allied themselves with the villagers and urban working class, at least through sloganism.(The symbol of which is the Jew Ahmedinejad....he does not wash, shave, or use after shave and wears very drab clothes)

(ii) The fear that Iran might run out of oil under the "Peak oil" theory from the USA, as conveyed to the Shah by 2000, the date of which has passed. Hence the urgency to build alternative power no longer exists.

(iii) For all the rhetoric, mullah Iran is a banana republic, with a mullah kleptocracy in power. Their collective snouts are in the petroleum trough, and that is all they are interested in, and to stay in power for as long as possible. Exempting the effects of sanctions, mullah Iran could be exporting as much as $150 billion this year...financial year ending march 31st, with imports at a mere, very stagnant....$60 billion, and weak economic growth...CLEARLY THE MULLAHS are siphoning off huge quantities of petro-$ for their own ends around the world, rather than spending on boosting the economy (greater expenditure on infrastructure and industry, which does not have inflationary side effects.)

The mullahs run an adhoc grossly mismanaged state, not unlike Bush II and Obama regimes/junta's. There is no real state planning, and everything depends on the whim and utterances of the "Supreme Fart" on any given day. There is no strategic planning of any kind for anything...whether defence, infrastructure, industry, education, petro-chemicals. Given the fundamental nature of such an "unique regime", does the mullah Kleptocracy want to embark on an extensive expensive nuclear bomb program which has to be vigorously hidden from prying eyes and the ever present IAEA?....I think not.

A nuke bomb program costs between $15--20 billion for a reasonable number of bombs. Then the extensive efforts to hide them underground.....so a couple of billion more, and the effective delivery systems...again at least $10 billion. Given that the mullahs spend only 3 % on defense, with such a weak conventional force as the next post suggests (so few combat aircraft in the airforce ...190...which could be used to deliver nuke bombs) STATED AGAIN...given the fundamental nature of the regime, and its repeated denial that it intends to have them....and the 8 year IAEA inspections....does it not suggests that the mullahs aren't going for nuke bombs?

Unwarranted baseless Israeli baiting/ranting against mullah Iran about alleged nuclear bomb programs is thus dangerous obviously, and tends to push against these three very fundamental facts stated above.

Should the little Sparta in the Med eventually paranoiacly "Cry Wolf" too often which pushes Iran in an UNITED NATIONAL EFFORT for the nuke bomb, then there after naturally Saudi Arabia would have to follow suit, as would Egypt, Turkey which may already have a surge program, Algeria and Indonesia.

Then the little Sparta in the Med will have truly "succeeded"

Nuclear weapons are evil Jew invented weapons.....the world does not need more countries, with more nuke bombs going for them due to the ill considered actions of the little Sparta in the Med....setting off a chain reaction.

Israel definitely has what is called the "Samson option"....which though sounds noble and strong, is based essentially on blind weak paranoia....centers on destroying the entire planet of 4.5 billion years....back into a red hot molten ball of fire.....So the Western elites secret construction of bunkers is going to come to naught. It would be inordinately more productive for those who have everything to loose..Rockeffer's et al to focus on Israel, and how to reasonably bring it under a secure leash, held by Washington......AND not the other way)

“Our view on this is that it’s not terribly new and it’s not terribly impressive,” she said.

Panetta also reiterated the oft-repeated euphemism for potential military attack against Iran, “we do keep all options on the table.” This helped lend legitimacy for political opportunists in the GOP to fear-monger about an imminent Iranian nuclear bomb, as House Speaker John Boehner did.

(What does the International Civilized Community have to say about making war threats against a significant nation, by an aggressive power whose key institutions have already indicated CLEARLY several times that Iran is not pursuing nuke bombs?........China, India, Russia, UNSC)