My Lai's in Afghanistan


What happens in a country with endless wars and security ops....looking for fake, phantom non-existent enemies.....such as "al-Qaeda" and the Taliban (controlled by the ISI)?

You end up with a lot of young men (110,000 military and 100,000 mercenaries) lonely, trigger happy, frustrated, bored, totally disconnected to the locals looking for action.......and the result is usually an Afghan wedding Party is attacked; or men at Friday prayers; an Afghan school......or in the story below little children collecting firewood for cooking.

The American military always shitting in their pants against one to one MASS FACE TO FACE warefare ...with no allies.......against a real foe.....cause these things, deliberately.

The causes vary: the fundamental nature of the military the world over, does not traditionally attract the best, brightest or most enlightened sections of society, unless the nations in a real war; "American Revolutionary War"....."American Civil War". Men who are a little stupid, think with their muscle first, perhaps with homosexual tendencies are more attracted to the profession generally, and we go from country to country and see countless number of crimes committed by various military's around the world.

Racism obviously plays a part. Lack of respect for Afghans given their fourth world condition in comparison with the first world conditions of the average Americans. Running the country as a narco-state plantation. Creating various cock and bull stories and rationals in the MSM to cover such war crimes, must make them complacent, smug and superior.

Or it could be psychological......to keep Afghans in their place.

And so as with such tragedies of trigger happy psychopaths doing what is natural to them....the Pentagon creates more confusing and conflicting BS for the rest of us.



President Peace Prize “Expressed Regret” for Killing 9 More Children in Afghanistan

In the Pech valley area of Kunar province the villagers are gathering and protesting… the chant “Death to America” seems to be their favorite this day. They are angry about the recent increasing numbers of attacks on their civilians, especially the latest one in which two U.S. helicopter gunships hovered over a small group of children collecting firewood, rose up and fired missiles at them. The missile misses, so they killed the children, one by one, with their gatling guns. They simply mowed them down. The oldest was 12.

“One survivor of the attack, an 11-year-old boy, is reported as saying the helicopters hovered over the boys, rose up, fired rockets and then shot the boys one after the other using their canons.” ABC News

How is it that two helicopter gunship pilots could hover over a group of children for a while and not be able to identify them as children? If they thought that they were armed insurgents, would these pilots have hovered over them, motionless in the air making themselves a rather easy target for armed insurgents? And once they started firing and the kids didn’t shoot back, don’t you think that would have been a clue that their targets were not fighters?

At first the story was that the U.S. military responded to an attack with “artillery fire” which killed the kids then the story changed to” jets bombed” the kids and that was easier to explain because of the speed the jets move so of course they could not have determined that the group were children and not fighters.

“A US artillery attack killed nine children and injured a tenth yesterday in Kunar province…” Newser

“The causalities come after US forces dropped bombs in a mountainous village of Nangalam in Kunar province…” Press TV

But unfortunately for the U.S. military spin doctors, there was an 11-year-old survivor who could tell the real story of what happened. Who knows what the official story would have been had that child died along side his friends.

Because of that survivor we know that these were U.S. attack gunships, flying low and even hovering over their target long enough to be able to clearly see who they were.

General Petraeus has ordered an “investigation” for whatever that is worth. He has apologised for the incident, for whatever that is worth.

”An apology is not enough. It is not the first time that they have killed our poor and innocent people. We don’t accept their apology. They must go on trial in Afghanistan. If it is not possible in Afghanistan, they must be tried in the international court for their action. They have apologized in the past but continue killing our people again and again.” Enatatullah Khan

2010 was the deadliest year for civilians in Afghanistan since we invaded in 2001. The “surge”, as President Peace Prize would call it. Recent attacks in this area have seen a dramatic rise in the last few weeks.

“The incident came less than two weeks after tribal elders there claimed NATO forces killed more than 50 civilians in recent air and ground strikes. An Afghan government investigation maintained that 65 civilians died in recent coalition operations in a remote part of the province, a hotbed of the insurgency.” Associated Press

President Obama indicated his “deep regret for the tragic accident in Kunar Province,”. I am sure that will make the families of those children sleep better at night knowing the president of the occupying country has “deep regret” over the incident.

Don’t expect the CIA honey-pot Wikileaks to publish this gunship video. There is no way to justify the attacks and they can’t find a way to spin it to make the military look like heroes (remember the soldier who ran with the kids in his arms to get them medical attention in the Collateral Damage video?) or at least… humans.

This attack is highly suspect which is why so many people are calling for a REAL investigation.

How is it possible that two gunship pilots, not one but two, could hover over kids for a while without being able to identify them as kids? Perhaps a clue lies in the motivation for the attack.

“The accidental deaths happened in a botched retaliation attack after insurgents fired at an American outpost in Kunar province.” Epoch Times

Apparently there had been some mortars fired at the local U.S. base and the gunships went out looking for the insurgents. They couldn’t find them, but they did find kids from the local village gathering firewood.

Given what we now know about how long the two pilots had to assess the situation before opening fire…. given what we now know about how they selectively targeted children running away… is too much of a leap to wonder if they were trying to send a message to the local tribes?

There should be a criminal investigation. All communications with those pilots must be reviewed carefully. At the very least, the pilots involved should be either taken off active duty or they should be relegated to duty that involves unarmed aircraft. If they can’t tell the difference between 9-year-old children and a full-grown man fighting a war, they have no business at the stick of a gunship, one of the most deadly conventional weapons our military has.

“Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd says it is unacceptable that nine young Afghan boys were gunned down by US helicopters while collecting firewood.” ABC News

There should be an investigation, but there won’t be. These pilots hovered over their targets, knowing full well they were not insurgents possibly armed with surface to air missiles that could have taken them out, and they waited… waited for orders.

There should be an investigation, but there won’t be one. And 9 more children died in Afghanistan under President Peace Prize’s watch, for nothing. All across America, the (Jewish)“progressives” are silent. These are shameful times we live in.


As I understand Barak Obama would like to end this saga, but the "long war" Pentagon ideologues such as Patreuas, Gates, Mullen and Hilary Clinton are against an "early" withdrawal....even after 10 years of vicious nasty destructive occupation of Afghanistan. The Rothschilds of London may have ordered them to stay longer for the sake of the Afghan heroin profits.