Meaningless Grand Standing by PM, as far as Pakistan's true realities are concerned.

At alcoholic anonymous the first thing a freely admitted member has to do is admit and accept their alcoholic problem. Then once the problem is identified by the main victim, then step two can be taken which is fundamentally helping the victim kick their bad habit.

The same rule applies to Pakistan.......and its problem.....namely Islamic militancy, which affects Pakistani society and the neighbors of Pakistan.

The PM of India who is a very important leader and a voice for South Asia who is also widely heard and respected can, if the pure intentions are there, use his position to enlighten the people about Pakistan's problems. He certainly should not waste peoples time with bland, parrot like repeated, meaningless "roti dhal" explanations which have zero value in this important arena.

By providing the real simple explanation, the honorable PM, a Punjabi Sikh whose people lost the most, spiritually and physically through colonial partition of the Punjab, WILL invigorate and release the civilian government in Pakistan to be more bold, consistent and sincere when they meet India within SAARC, and outside it bilaterally to negotiate the multiple challenges between the two countries. They will be more independent and less constrained by the Military of Pakistan.

"Roti dhal" explanations otherwise do nothing, because they are based on a convenient false premise..........because it is politically convenient.

PAKISTAN MUST enter into more bold, consistent and sincere negotiations with India to save itself from its Failed State status. India, MORE THAN ANY other country can do phenomenal things for Pakistan.

India, soon to be the 3rd richest country in 2-3 years measured by PPP, has provided $1 billion one off credit payments both to Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. For a country like Pakistan, increasingly rich India might in the future offer up to $10 billion in credits for strategic projects within Pakistan to be carried out jointly with Pakistani firms all around the country.

By 2025, the water problem for Pakistan will become catastrophically
significant. It is already a problem now in 2011. Only through more bold, consistent and sincere negotiations with India, can the civilian government of Pakistan begin to address the problem a few years away. There is no other logical way. There is no other way regarding ALL other bilateral issues between the two countries.

The Pakistan military have shown through their failed strategy of 63 years, that they cannot resolve these fundamental issues........as their mindset is firmly based on Conflict, and crisis management.

India willing to discuss Kashmir with Pakistan, says PM
by Arteev Sharma, Hindustan Times

The Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh on Friday said the India is willing to resolve all outstanding issues with Pakistan, including Jammu and Kashmir through dialogue and purposeful negotiations. “We wish to resolve all outstanding issues between the two countries through friendly dialogue and constructive and purposeful negotiations. And this includes the issue of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

(A line thats been repeated by Indian politicians for at least 30 years, so whats new?)

Prime Minister was on his daylong visit to Jammu for addressing Third Convocation of Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agriculture Sciences and Technology of Jammu and inaugurating the residential flats constructed for displaced Kashmiri Pandits at Jagti, about 20 kms in the outskirts of Jammu city.

(Indian Kashmir, and especially the Valley needs less troops, less security presence, and more investment...job creation schemes)

Singh maintained the Centre will always keep the interests of the people of Jammu and Kashmir in its mind. “We are willing to discuss all issues that have a bearing on the peace, dignity and well-being of the people of Jammu and Kashmir,” he said.

He reiterated, “This sub-continent of our will not realize its full development potential unless relations between India and Pakistan are normalized. Despite all the problems, we have decided to resume the dialogue process and we will enter these talks with an open mind.”

(Shahbash, and very correct. India is moving ahead way past Pakistan, BUT strategically it does not make sense to have a "Failed State das" such as Pakistan with 180 million as a neighbor.....water shortage, civil war, terrorism....the impact of Tunisia and Egypt on rich Libya recently is another example.....ditto Nepal, Bangladesh also.......Sri Lanka less so as it is not land linked)

The Prime Minister, however, voiced concern over the activities of extremist groups in Pakistan and said, “We cannot forget what happened in Mumbai.”

He made these remarks while referring to the November 2008 Mumbai terror attack.

He urged the Government of Pakistan to leave no stone unturned to bring the culprits (of Mumbai terror attacks) to book.”

Singh asserted, “But I believe that there is a growing conviction in Pakistan, among the thinking segments of the population that something serious needs to be done to curb the influence of these groups on Pakistani society and polity.”

“I urge Pakistan to take strong and resolute action against these groups that is in the interest of Pakistan, the region and the world at large”, he maintained.

(YES.......but are we addressing the right forum? Many states, even first world states operate unofficial paramilitary forces....the British military in Northern Ireland UVF etc American backing of paramilitary Units in South America and around the World....Contras.

The Pakistan military used such people to invade Kashmir in 1947, 1965, in East Pakistan in 1971 Rajakars, al-Badr, Lashkars---40,000........since the 1970's and Western encouragement 500,000 Jihadis have been trained by the Pakistan military to fight their proxy wars in Afghanistan, Iran, India and internally against the Shia....and other minorities.

The PM of India with his vast intelligence network at his disposal should highlight this simple truth to the public in INDIA and Pakistan, rather than make meaningless speeches filled with platitudes...and "roti dhal" monologues)

India and Pakistan have agreed to “resume” dialogue on all issues following Foreign Secretaries level meeting in Bhutan last month.

About the internal problems in Jammu and Kashmir, the Prime Minister said, “We recognize that there are genuine political, social and emotional grievances of the people. We are trying to honestly to address these issues.”

(Its actually quite simple: reduce the security presence in the Valley, and pour in investment with generates jobs for young unemployed men who have a lot of time in their idle hands)

Obliquely referring to the separatists groups’ decision of staying away from talks, Singh said, “There is no way forward but sustained dialogue and the resolution of all problems under a constitutional framework, that I believe has the flexibility to accommodate honorable and durable solutions for all.”