Jewish International Law and Diplomacy

Iran does not have nuclear weapons; is a signatory to the NPT; has clearly stated publicly through its leadership that it does not desire nuclear weapons; is negotiating about its civilian nuclear program ad infinitem; has openned the country to IAEA inspectors for indefinte on the spot go any where see anything inspections running close to a decade, whose experts have confirmed that they have found nothing suspicious; Iran a country run by Western installed puppets and crypto-Jews (Ahmedinejad).....but paranoid Israel......and the Western crypto-Jew fraternity is not yet saitisfied or happy.

They itch for permanent war in the Middle East...as has been exemplified recently by their intervention in Libya against Gaddafi, a Western installed puppet of Jewish origin on his mothers side, who enjoys close security links with Israel (most of the mercenary forces fighting for Gaddafi come from Africa courtesy of Israeli security conractors) .....it is not so much the idea that the West should remove a dictator which is "bad" and nasty to his people and their free will and liberty....what is bad is the neo-colonial post Cold War scenario which gives free reign to the JEWSA and its poodles to pick and choose which dictator is bad and therefore fit for regime change, and which dictators are good.

Classic Gun Boat diplomacy from the 19th century which we are suppose to have mercrifully evolved out of.

Can we have no fly zones in Afghanistan? More civilians have been killed there by so called "mistakes" over 10 years than in Libya in a few weeks, with no abatement or cessation of the mistakes since.

The strategy Iran must follow is continued engagement with the JEWSA, and its poodles over its civilian nuclear program.

AND to create an effective military machine, with is backed by domestic massed produced arms (refer to my earlier posts on Iran military strategy)

And so the JEWSA diplomat below does a double speak: " We KNOW Iran does not have nuclear weapons and does not desire them, but you never know sometime in the future when we are less pre-occupied and tied down they could have one."

So we slap massive sanctions on a possible maybe potential nuclear armed nation in the future in 2020, 2030.


US Official: Iran Not Close to ‘Breakout’ Capability on Nuclear Weapons
Insists Iran Undecided on Actually Making One

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com.

Speaking today at a conference, State Department special adviser Robert Einhorn, insisted that Iran was nowhere close to “breakout capability” for the production of a single nuclear weapon, though he insisted he believed Iran would like to reach that capability at some future point.

At the same time, Einhorn also conceded that he had no idea if Iran had even made any political decision related to making a nuclear weapon and speculated that the nation, which has repeatedly ruled out creating such weapons, is “undecided” and the leadership is “divided” on the scheme.

Einhorn added to this that the international sanctions against Iran are “taking a big toll” and chided Iran for not being willing to negotiate seriously. Which must eventually give rise to the question of what the negotiations are supposed to be about.

The US continues to demand Iran halt its civilian nuclear program, but the demand seems particularly ridiculous couched in the terms Einhorn presented today, of a government nowhere close to acquiring nuclear weapons and at best “undecided” on the prospect.


The Jewsa and its poodles ALL face major domestic economic problems so bitch slapping a former puppet of theirs, who in addition is militarily weak and divided, tied down by a civil war (purely domestic affair), is convenient to them NOW.