China's Progress and Success.

China To Lead The World scientific research by 2020.
by Refreshing News blogspot

China will be producing more scientific research than any other country within a decade, according to an analysis of the nation’s “awe-inspiring” academic growth.

(Coincidentally 2020 is the latest date that China's economy is set to overtakes the USA economy.............Goldman Sachs initially estimated 2050 as the date when China would do so, with a $44 trillion GDP economy to the USA's $35 Trillion GDP economy.........then that changed to 2040.........then 2025.....I have maintained for about 10 years that it will be much sooner, within or by 2015......China with $2.4 trillion FCR is the real banker of the world, and is only a matter of a few years before the Yuan becomes LOGICALLY, the reserve currency of the world..........this is the natural achievement of the hard working honest Chinese people and nation)

Vast state investment in schools, universities and research programmes has driven the rapid growth, with academic discoveries rapidly tapped for commercial potential. Chinese scientists are particularly strong on chemistry and materials engineering, both considered central to the country’s industrial development and economic future.

(There is a strong correlation between real investments in education, and thus having an educated workforce....and economic development.....there are investments in education and there are investments in education)

The number of peer-reviewed papers published by Chinese researchers rose 64-fold over the past 30 years.

China is now second only to the US in terms of academic papers published, and will take first place by 2020 if current trends continue.

It comes after last week’s announcement that China is poised to replace Japan as the world’s second largest economy, behind the US.

(2010.....USA $15 trillion GDP.......China $5 Trillion GDP at current exchange rates where the Yuan for trade purposes is significantly under valued: PPP comparison varies according to whose estimates you believe, but is a better indicator of actual economic size....2010...USA $14 trillion......China $10 trillion.

China this year will also become the largest exporting nation on earth.

A few comparisons with America which is by no means comprehensive, but certainly instructive:

  • China does not seem to attempt to increase its wealth through printing mountains of Yuan and then subsequently hope, fingers crossed, the rest of the world accepts it on good faith and its one time old reputation from 1945.
  • China is an Investment led and export growth economy.
  • The Chinese government does not run deficits, but quite the contrary. The nation led by the government emphasizes judicial investments in strategic sectors....INFRASTRUCTURE, MANUFACTURING, EXPORTS.......and high personal savings...."Jam tomorrow"...within a few years it seems. "Live frugally, work hard".
  • The American government by contrast runs huge budget deficits, and maintains unsustainable war budgets.........according to Chalmers Johnson the real "security" budget of America may be about 10% of GDP...$1500 billion...........with more foreign engagments to come.
  • China is not the premier narco-state, where state employees along with powerful sections of the elite organize the narcotics trade into North America, Europe and other parts of the world.....China seeks development through honest trade, honest business.
  • China does not threaten and make war against other nations, especially weak Third World nations, for their resources and for other vague military objectives such as the justification of the huge unproductive MIC.
  • China is not defacto run by a little geographical strip thousands of miles away from it, acting as a hapless aimless giant which is clueless as to its true interests. "Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio. (Certainly the FBI's cover-up of the Israeli spy ring/phone tap scandal.....running into 9/11.....suggests that Mr. Sharon may not have been joking....WRH as reported)

The boom in China’s scientific research was disclosed in an analysis of papers published in 10,500 academic journals across the world.

The figures, compiled by the publisher Thomson Reuters for the Financial Times , showed that Chinese scientists had increased their output at a far faster rate than counterparts in rival “emerging” nations such as India, Russia and Brazil.

Although India has long been tipped as the most likely threat to US academic supremacy, the study found it now lags well behind China.

(Not surprising, patently obvious when you step off the plane at Delhi airport, and run into the dirt, filth, stench, poverty, inefficiency and power outages that are the most common theme of "Shining India".....away from the little Islands of success here and there.

The Indian nation in the broadest sense has always prized the pursuit of knowledge and wisdom, from swamis, sadhus, yogis, Pandits, Gurus, Maharishis, Sanyasins and Brahmans .............for thousands upon thousands of years.....perhaps as far back as 8,000 years where SANGAM'S were held.....this is where in ancient India people with specific knowledge came together to discuss various subjects, in an age when there was no writing. Most topics and of course scientific topics were covered.

Therefore it is only natural, given the historical background, gradually.......slowly recovering from the destructive effects of colonialism and deliberate colonial de-industrialization of India....... that the state of India should still have a strong academic presence in scientific research.........even with the present short comings of the Indian state...which are many.

I have stated before what the shortcomings of the Indian State are, and I am not going to repeat them here, suffice to say that the Indian state is run by corrupt, ineffective, aimless governments which are thick on rhetoric, but thin on good intentioned action which moves India forward meaningfully.....India is "developing" despite the awful Indian governments........running a minimal state where the budget accounts for about 15% of the official economy.
(Post-colonial rentier elite who off-load the nations wealth in tax havens such as Switzerland and other such places...$1500 billion....whilst the vast majority live in abject poverty and under development after 63 years of "Independence".......and will be celebrating the the glories of the British Empire with the Commonwealth Games hosted in Delhi in 2010)

The sad thing that should also be pointed out..some of the best in Indian science and technology, work and publish not as Indians but as Americans, Canadians or others........as much as 40,000 former IIT graduates (The cream of Indian technological colleges) now work in the USA contributing to American research and development.....American per Capita income approaching $50,000 and India's $1,100...so who can blame them)

India has almost been caught by Brazil in terms of the number of papers published, with researchers in the South American country leading the way in agriculture and biology. Russia has seen a relative decline in scientific research since 1981.

“China is out on its own, far ahead of the pack,” said James Wilsdon, of the Royal Society in London. Jonathan Adams, a research evaluation director at Thomson Reuters, called China’s growth “awe-inspiring” although he acknowledged that the value of the findings by its scientists were still “rather mixed”.


The Mesopotamian Mistake

The Chilcot Inquiry theater plods on........and will be a complete whitewash as expected, and then forgotten there after, after the political heat subsides, and a new government comes to power after May, as widely expected, which will subsequently state openly , "Honestly gov. it weren't our problem, or our doing".

The makeup of the Chilcot six member panel tells us why.

In contrast.........a country with far less involvement and consequent crimes committed in Iraq, and Afghanistan produces a different more frank perspective of the illegally prosecuted Iraq war where since the invasion of 2003................. 1,300,000 Iraqis have allegedly died and another 4,500,000 turned into internal and external refugees.

War crimes have obviously been committed in Iraq, and may well be committed in Afghanistan (The longer the occupation forces are there aimlessly), but the question is which so called civilized advanced nations have the will and the moral courage to call the Iraq situation as it really is.........and thus to an extent slow down the process of neo-imperial wars by the USA and its stooges around the globe using false manufactured pre-text simply because it happens to be the most powerful nation on earth.

Giving them Nobel prizes and encouraging pep talks of doing the right thing won't help. Governments in the USA and UK don't even listen to their own people, but on the contrary try their best to deceive them with eloquent words and sound bites.


Dutch Inquiry Finds Iraq War Illegal

By Ann Talbot

at "
WSWS" via Information Clearing House - -

A Dutch
commission of inquiry has concluded that the US-led 2003 Iraq war was illegal under international law. The conclusion has far-reaching implications. Potentially, it could open up leading politicians and military figures in the US and Britain to prosecution for war crimes.

(The Soviet Union effectively collapsed in 1991. There were elements in the USA who felt the moment had arrived for the USA to really become an unbridled hyper-power, unopposed by any other power for the first time in its history. There is power, and then there is power; it can be expressed in different ways........but for a Zionist clique within both the Democratic Party (Richard Holbrooke, Madeline Albright et al) and the Republican Party led by the Zionist Neocons, their perceived moment for global hegemony through American military might had arrived {Project For A New American Century 2000}. This was reinforced by Israeli geostrategic perspectives especially in the Greater Middle East {
A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm 1996}.............AND the American MIC.

The above two documents tell us clearly why the USA is actually at war, along with their signatories..........everything else is just bullshit, especially Tim Osman's "al-Qaeda".

The sum total of ALL this convergence were first false flag terrorist ops in the USA VERY COINCIDENTALLY during the Democrats Party's watch....WTC 1993...6 victims.....Oklahoma City 1995....169 victims......and then World Trade Centers 2001....3000 victims.......using a mixture of the FBI and covert Israeli operators; both tightening the security within the USA, and conditioning the public to foreign wars abroad to "protect America".....AND obviously more proactive engagements involving big military operations abroad in Bosnia 1995 and later in Kosovo 1998, Sudan 1998 , Afghanistan 1998, and Iraq of course
throughout the 1990's.

Obviously in such a criminal path, nations who don't share such a world view, and don't in any way benefit from such wars will more easily be able to see the folly and illegality of wars conducted involving their nations security forces especially after so many years of its actual operation and conduct. American "statesmen" for internal reasons will take a little longer. Quite the contrary their state agencies will continue to peddle lies in order to maintain this illegal criminal path; as if fixated in an addictive trance.

The Good American needs "help" from the Zionists and their peculiar world view)

Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende of the Netherlands set up the Davids Commission in order to avoid a full parliamentary inquiry into the Dutch role in the invasion of Iraq. He headed the caretaker government at the time of the invasion and has rejected the report’s findings. The fact that a commission which was set up with the intention of producing a whitewash has had to come to such damning conclusions points to the weight of evidence that exists for the illegality of the war.

(This is surprising given the influence of Zionists in the Netherlands. Before the rise of Jewish Capital in places such as London, NY, Zurich and Frankfurt, the Netherlands was a major center for Jewish Capital which FUNDED WARS around Europe {English Civil War}, AND Dutch/European colonial expansion abroad, especially in the 17th/18th century....so in such a historical country......given that the Iraq war is perceived as a proxy war for Israel........one is surprised by the findings of the Dutch Iraq Inquiry)

The attempt to maintain the lie that the war was legal is becoming increasingly difficult. The Dutch report entirely rejects the central argument used to justify the actions of the British government and claim that there was a legal basis for the invasion.

“The [UN] Security Council Resolutions on Iraq passed during the 1990s did not constitute a mandate for the US-British military intervention in 2003,” the report concludes. “Despite the existence of certain ambiguities, the wording of Resolution 1441 cannot reasonably be interpreted (as the government did) as authorizing individual Member States to use military force to compel Iraq to comply with the Security Council’s resolutions, without authorization from the Security Council.”

The report goes on: “The Dutch government’s often repeated view that a second resolution was ‘politically desirable, but not legally indispensable’ is not easy to uphold. The wording and scope of Resolution 1441 cannot be interpreted as such a second resolution. Hence, the military action had no sound mandate under international law.”

Unlike the ongoing Chilcot inquiry in Britain on the war, the Dutch team included legal experts. As Professor Philippe Sands QC, an expert on international law, has pointed out, their conclusion is significant for that reason:

“There has been no other independent assessment on the legality of the war in Iraq and the findings of this inquiry are unambiguous. It concludes that the case argued by the Dutch and British governments, including the then-attorney general, Lord Goldsmith, could not reasonably be argued.

“This is the authoritative view of seven commissioners, including the former president of the Dutch Supreme Court, a former judge of the European Court of justice, and two legal academics.”

According to Wikipedia

The Chilcot committee of inquiry, the members of which were chosen by Gordon Brown, includes:

The Dutch report will inevitably raise once again the question of the advice that Lord Goldsmith gave to the British government. Elizabeth Wilmshurst, deputy legal adviser to the Foreign Office, resigned in March 2003, claiming that Goldsmith had told lawyers at the Foreign Office that war against Iraq would be illegal. According to leaked documents, Goldsmith told Blair in July 2002 that regime-change was “not a legal basis for military action.”

In March 2003, Goldsmith warned Blair that he could be indicted under international law if he invaded Iraq without a second resolution. But days later, just before the invasion began, he made a statement in the House of Lords in which he claimed that the war was legal.

Speaking at the Chilcot inquiry this week, Lord Trumbull, who was cabinet secretary at the time of the invasion, confirmed that Goldsmith had changed his mind about the legality of the war. Trumbull attempted to lay the blame on Blair, who, he said, had “bullied” Goldsmith into backing the war. Trumbull’s behaviour was as thoroughly hypocritical as that of previous witnesses who have attempted to excuse their own actions, or inaction, and claim that Blair alone was responsible for an illegal war.

The British political establishment is becoming increasingly uneasy about the application of international law to them and to their allies. That is why the government intends to bring in legislation that will override the principle of universal jurisdiction in Britain. This follows the issue of an arrest warrant for former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni, who was due to visit Britain.

“The government is looking urgently at ways in which the UK system might be changed to avoid this situation arising again,” current attorney general Baroness Scotland assured an audience at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem last week. “Israel’s leaders should always be able to travel freely to the UK.”

(The UK is a Premier Zionist power....it created Israel...1918-----1947, armed and populated it whilst simultaneously suppressing the Palestinians, and provided it with Nuclear Weapons Technology from the 1950's, contrary to International law and treaties it had signed, so that Israel could make its secret nuclear bombs from the 1960's, along with France.

After the USA it is probably the most pro-Israeli government on earth, no matter what, and Like the USA has replicated its own version of 9/11, some what belatedly in 2005 of course.....there are officially 330,000 Jews in the UK, but unofficially probably closer to 1,000,000 centered around London and the other big cities.....from circa 19th century to the present when the Rothschild first set foot in the country from Germany, Jews/Zionist have gained enormous power within the British state structure, and is a significant reasons why the British State and the British public in many issues are not in Sync.

It is THIS British State which has been harassing me like irritating dogs for over two decades without the decency of explaining to me what their problems is with me, beyond the possibility of finding the answer from Qui Ja Boards, Private Soothsayers, brown calf's, sacred numbers and other such bullshit......Contrary to International Law, and of course Domestic UK law......encouraging others to follow suit....WELL BEFORE I was writing this kind of stuff here...which was about 2 years ago only...and a reaction to my peculiar "situation")

Universal jurisdiction is the well established legal principle that some crimes can be tried outside of the boundaries of the country in which they were committed, if they can be considered crimes against humanity or war crimes. It was expressed in the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals at the end of the World War II.

(International Law and International norms should not apply to God's Chosen people......but I'm in a bit of a tizzy here. Don't you need International law to help them take control of the earth? Thus shouldn't International law at least BE seen to be operating on a level playing field for it to maintain its facade of legitimacy and effectiveness in controlling the Goy via the International Jew run institutions.....UN, WB, IMF, EU)

The Nuremberg judges concluded that the trials were “not an arbitrary exercise of power on the part of victorious nations,” but were “the expression of international law.” This principle was confirmed by the United Nations in 1946 and it was expressed in the trial of Adolf Eichmann in Israel for his part in the Holocaust. In 1998, the House of Lords upheld the principle in the case of former Chilean president Augusto Pinochet, who had been arrested in London.

(After 9/11 the promising developments within International Law and good wholesome human cooperation without agenda's took a bit of a knock, and the world hasn't recovered from that tragedy since then.

Unless and until America/Israel is confronted with its set of never ending illegal wars, based on comical fake security scenarios from Schiphol Amsterdam and else where; International Law can never find its true base ever again, AND the hope for greater human cooperation on real and serious issues which vex's and affects the earth as a whole)

With regard to war crimes, the Geneva Conventions require signatory nations, such as Britain and the US, to pass the necessary laws and “provide effective penal sanctions” for persons “committing, or ordering to be committed” any “grave breaches” of the Conventions. Crucially, Article 129 goes on to state that each signatory “shall be under the obligation to search for persons alleged to have committed, or to have ordered to be committed, such grave breaches, and shall bring such persons, regardless of their nationality, before its own courts.”

Following the Davids Commission report, the Dutch government should therefore feel itself obliged to issue arrest warrants--not only for Balkenende, but for Blair and his cabinet, as well as all the senior members of the Bush administration, including the former president. Naturally, it has no intention of doing so. But that is far from being the end of the matter.

In its modern form, universal jurisdiction is a democratic principle that arises historically from the bourgeois revolutions of the late 18th century, when it was established that sovereignty resides in the people and not the state. It implies that no one is above the law and that a minister, civil servant or military officer cannot claim immunity from prosecution for crimes committed against humanity because he was acting on behalf of a state. That is why individuals and groups can, at present, apply, as Palestinians have done in the UK, for an arrest warrant against even the most senior representative of a government or the armed forces.

This situation is becoming intolerable for the international league of war criminals who head the governments of the world’s major powers. It has led to repeated efforts to curtail universal jurisdiction by the US, Israel Belgium, Spain and now Britain. In doing so, these governments and their representatives only place themselves more firmly on a collision course with the mass of the world’s population, who continue to believe that those responsible for the crimes committed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine and elsewhere must be brought to justice.




Banning Islam4UK is not enough.


As with Pakistani fundie/para-military outfits linked to the Pakistan army, in the UK's case groups such as Islam4UK/Al Muhajiroun and a certain Mr.Anjem Chaudary are extremist groups which have linkages with the UK security Services, notably MI-5.

If the UK authorities are serious about tackling race relations issues in a climate of wars being fought abroad, and economic woes at home, then perhaps one needs to tackle the issue of how a person such as Anjem Chaudary became a media personality in the first place, and the apparent spokesperson for angry Asian Muslim youths.......as with Pakistan's case and their fundie groups who also change their names frequently, Mr. Chaudary's group were known as Hizb-i- Tahrir initially, then Al-Muhairoun,
Al Ghurabaa and now Islam4UK.

So after being banned, presumably Islam4UK will change its name again to "al-MI5-chaudis".

The fundamental problem is not the name of the group, but:
  • The activities of its leaders , namely Ajem Chaudri and his close followers.
  • The freedom to operate in the UK, without the slightest bit of state sanctions against Mr. Chaudri name changing groups.
  • The media attention they receive.
  • The covert backing of MI-5.
The British State, within the limits of a Liberal Democracy, needs to find an avenue through which it can tackle the problem of Mr. Ajem Chaudary and his once flourishing legal career as a solicitor, and his race baiting staged events within the UK now, through the numerous meta morphed organizations he runs.

No, no ,no its not sour gripes, but how does a guy with such a background have a flourishing career as a lawyer, AND as a political activist running controversial organizations in the UK over so many years, OPENLY....COCKILY.
  • Why does the British State provide $40,000 a year Social Security benefits for him, OR $250,000 Social Security benefits over so many years?

  • Why does the British State provide 1,000 upon 1000's of prominent media platforms for Ajem Chaudri so that he can spread his repetitive, OTT school boy rants without fail? Why is this guy the GO-TO guy on ALL issues related to the "angry" disaffected Muslim.......when he only represents the views of about 0.1% of the 2 million Muslims in the UK. ..........On BBC, ITV, Sky and all the rest of the Jewish media?
  • Interview by Jewseph Myer of the BBC, with Mr. Ajem Chaudri:
  • "Mr. Chaudri, why do you intend marching through this controversial area?"
  • "Inshallah, I want Sharia law introduced into the UK"....Like thats going to happen any time soon, and the fact that most Muslims in the UK don't want it anyway.
  • "Mr. Chaudri, what are your views on Afghanistan?"
  • "Hamdullah,....Bismillah.....I want Sharia Law in the UK, and Sharia judges imported from Wahabi British installed Saudi Arabia.......AND I want my brothers to go and fight the infedals there........and I'm marrying my fourth wife soon, as is accorded to me by Sharia Law....and I will have many children who can in time claim even more Social Security....and the best Council Houses"
  • "Are you angry enough Sid at these worthless ungrateful Pakis? So why not do the decent and patriotic thing, and join the British Army? Serve Queen and country....and if ANY of that Ganga comes your way in Helmand Province, just coincidentally numero Uno ganga growing region of Afghanistan, whilst doing your patriotic duty; don't forget to import it through your military transport planes which don't have to clear "procedures" to get into the UK. As Delboy use to say you could be a millionaire next year "

  • (I'm being rhetorical of course as I know the real score......Britain has been using the likes of Ajem Chaudri's since the 19th century to implement their state policies as defined by sections of the mandarins to further British interests as they perceive it, and define it........The promotion and backing of the Saudi Wahabists in the Arabian peninsular, over the more moderate Hashemite clans of the Hejaz who were instead given Jordan, Syria and Iraq.......creating the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt in the 1920's to spike Egyptian nationalism.......and the cultivation of certain mullahs in Iran who were opposed to the Reform programs of the Shah in the 1950's if not earlier.......are some examples of the Ajem Chaudri's in foreign lands which have been created and sustained by the UK.
  • The "value" of Islamic Fundamentalists to the UK as they perceive it is that they tended to spike local nationalism in British colonies with heavy Muslim concentrations, which often had an anti-colonial anti-British political positions, AND whilst the local secular nationalists are FOCUSED on developing their country, with the implementation of programs to modernize their country.....Islamic Fundamentalist have a pan globalist agenda which is fluffy, fuzzy and very elusive......i.e the Caliphate as it existed in prior centuries is never going to resurrected.....but good to have people chasing after elusive dreams or spending their time, wasting their time thinking about it from the British point of view. Finally of course whilst the whole world moves forward, an Islamic Fundamentalist tends to look backwards to the a past that never existed as they define it.)
However Ajem Chaudri is different in the sense that this is happening within the UK, and not some foreign land in which the UK has a vested interest in destabilising, in the process of subverting the local nationalist movement. The 2 million Muslims of Britain came to the country to seek a better life, through hard work and honest endevour; AND NOT for the purpose of being used as mere pawns of the Jewish geo-strategic fantasies in the Greater Middle East which must also in turn remake the UK into a polarised Police State, of them and us...."the Other" penned into their ghetto's forever providing fodder for False flag terrorist ops..........followed by many many more security laws on top of the existing ones.....AND Mr. Ajem Chaudri the perfect high profile foil of such a negative development along with Captain Hook, and the long dead Tim Osman.

Otherwise given ones own experience of the issue of security and what is tolerated in Liberal Democratic UK, one must conclude that the British State overtly sanctions and approves of Mr. Ajem Chauhary's activities, and Mr. Ajem Chaudary is a paid agent of the British State.

Agent Provocateur in French: 5

Then maybe 2 million Muslims allowed to live in the UK, were only invited in by the British state to be used as mere race baiting tools against the majority, and nothing more.

Which in light of unfolding politics and history, with the addition of new perspective gained would not be such a surprise.


Similar theme on Youtube.com

Some more OTT cartoon scarecrows/agent provocateurs/and agents of Western intelligence:

Captain Hook aka Abu Hamza, managed and handled by British intelligence.

Tim Osman aka Osama Bin Laden, handled to the last minute until his death in December 2001, by American intelligence.

Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomenei, recruited, funded and handled by British intelligence since the mid--1950's.

Saddam Hussein...Recruited by American intelligence in the 1950's through the services of Egyptian intelligence. Initially taken to Lebanon for his safety and training, then later Cairo Egypt for further training. According to Adel Darwish, Arab journalist/writer based in London.

Colonel Qaddafi, recruited by American/British intelligence in the 1960's, installed into power through a coup. In power for 40 uninterrupted years, backed by units of Green Berets. Allegedly Jewish on his fathers side/lineage.

Mullah Omer, recruited by the ISI for American intelligence (American intelligence bankrolls and controls Pakistan's ISI) activated as a leader of the Taliban in 1994 as a way for America to control Afghanistan.


A response to Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi

When one points to the current flaws of the Iranian strategic defense strategy, over several years, one is not conducting a cunning psychological warfare which entices misguided nations to attack Iran prematurely. This was never the intention, ever.

The Americans since 2004 have war gamed the scenario of war with Iran, and it has always proved inconclusive......they do not know the ultimate outcome....a nation of 1,648,195 km2 with 75 million people, sharing the border with Iraq, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan and Armenia.

Little Israel is interested at least officially, making repeated threats since 2003 of attacking Iran contrary to International Law, but lacks the capacity to conduct a lone operation which will have any serious effect on Iran......However threats from paranoid Israel should never be taken lightly. Preparations by Iran must be made.

I myself would like to see the Mafia Mullah regime in Tehran vanish from the page of history, through the struggle of the Iranian people INSIDE IRAN. An attack on Iran now or in the near future must logically solidify the Iranian people in supporting the Mafia Mullah regime in continuing in power, thus under cutting the nascent movement which is mobilizing in fighting against the Mafia Mullah regime.

In this light we hope the American administration keeps quiet about Iranian internal matters as does the Prince.

My suspicion is that as with Hamas, a creation of Israel from the 1970's, the Mafia Mullah's
of Iran have covert linkages with Israel (Iran/Contra.....meetings in Rome more recently), and of course through the Crypto-Jew network within Iran which seems to predominate the Mafia Mullah regime (Ahmedinejad, Saeed Imami Deputy Head of Iranian Intelligence, until 1999).......and what we have here is a dangerous game of pantomime theater which could get out of control. The mullahs benefit from this dangerous pantomime because it deflects from the critical issues which substantively challenge Iran, and it benefits Israel because it allows Israel to be...well Israel.......cocky diminutive 18 year old in the full sense, in a sea of unchallenged brown, backed by a very big sugar daddy.

Whatever the mysteries of politics we know little about, one thing is clear, Iran is seriously misguided General if it bases it deterrence on a massive missile retaliation against Israel......using just 25 launchers and 400--600 missiles of dubious quality. Most of them will fly over Iraq, and there is a very good chance that the Americans can shoot a high percentage of them down....25 at a time........and then refueling for the next 25. Israel will finish off the rest. Saddam like threats should not be repeated by Iranian Generals at the very least, they sound silly and tin pot Third World. North Korean origin missiles tend to be unreliable, and rarely reach their target, and missiles unless they are nuclear tipped are and never have been a decisive weapon of war.......they are primarily a psychological weapon.

Now if you have 250 launchers, and some 6,000 missiles that can reach Israel then it is a different matter, but I hardly think basket weaving Iran with 10 million annual steel production, $850 billion GDP, with a low manufacturing base can achieve such a high production rate.

If you spend annually 3% of GDP on defense...... and in reality act and behave as if no attack could ever possibly take place against Iran then you could not ever achieve such high production targets of long range missiles required for a decisive response. Strategically it would NOT make sense turning ALL ordinance factories into producing long range missiles only, even if achieveable. Iran does not have the resoucres, and is not spending enough on defense.

Take my advice.......300,000 Revolutionary Guards full-time; 700,000 regular army, no conscripts; 50,000 airforce, and about 10,000 navy.......10% of GDP on defense annually, and not all the best equipment going to the Revolutionary Guard only. Focus on air defense.......12,000 LAA, 1,000 SAMS and 50,000 SAMs, and 20,000 Lt SAMS........and Don't block the Straights of Hormuz, it is an International Water......if you block it, the navies of the world will come to unblock it.

We note the navies of the world are combating Somali pirates not too far away.

Decentralized defensive warfare, nothing fancy.

Hoping that the Iranian people overthrow the Mafia Mullah regime before such a SAD outcome, the possibility of which may give erections to a few Generals and others but will be a major loss for all.


MI-5 and more mischief in the UK for Israel.

Yes, yes, yes,..........it really is quite simply about Israel, and its geo-strategic desires in the Greater Middle East mainly. Then getting its auxiliaries in the West to reinforce that strategy through false flag ops of the recent underwear kind (I am quite sure there is a in house spook joke in that staged event).

For the UK there are NO benefits to this Israeli narrative, led by Israel for Greater Israel, Eretz Israel..........a few misguided spooks of MI-5 might feel energized and self important for a while which secretly puts them in the center stage, but in reality there is absolutely no benefits to the UK state chasing after phantom falsely created demons of .......Israeli and Western intelligence ("AL-Qaeda") forever.
  • There were no strategic, economic, diplomatic, moral, cultural benefit for Britain in the invasion of Iraq. Instead what you had was a lot of lying by government officers, and twisting of facts which have been subsequently exposed, damaging the reputation of the state, in the pursuit of a policy, single mindlessly which was primarily desired by Israel. Israel since 1981 viewed Iraq as a regional threat.("A Clean Break" 1996)
  • Ditto Afghanistan.....save for the heroin profits which might be benefiting a small clique in "The City"...........But the cheap heroin is harming millions of British people, from the misguided inner city youth to sections of the middle class; through increases in crime and social disruption, police work; greater medical expenditure to deal with the problem....and actual lives destroyed. But how do you explain to ordinary British people, credibly, that the British army in Helmand province, numero uno drug province in Afghanistan, which has increased its heroin production a 1000 fold since the British army arrived................that defacto the British army is fighting an unnecessary war so that they can secure Heroin supply cheaply into Britain which than harms hundreds of thousands of British people, and benefits a few in "The City"???
  • Britain being turned into an Orwellian police state....who benefits from this? The massive increases in "security expenditure".
  • Creating a climate of a closed society which is dominated by fear, anger and paranoia of non-existent threats.
  • The UK is doing poorly in the economic league........this Israeli led narrative for Israel's benefit is not EVEN paying any economic dividends. The nations that are doing well economically, especially in Asia are the ones which keep a "safe distance" from Israel, and its set of particular security agenda's. CONVERSELY, the one nation which is closet to Israel, and fighting its wars, bolstering its false propaganda......its fake security policies is doing poorly in the economic field.....with a $12 trillion debt, 10.2 % unemployment....and many other woes, upon woes..............being led by the nose, by little Israel, unquestioning is no fun.
So now to the issue of patsies/informers...............................As already argued MI-5 work in this area is not making Britain safer, and better.....but quite the opposite, under mining the very foundations of the state, for the benefit of a little country called Israel.

Patsies come in various shape and form, and can be blackmailed and threatened as in the cases reported in the Independent..MI5 is 'still using threats to recruit Muslim spies'

Or recruited because they are mentally unstable, but easily manipulated and controlled to be used for specific events, but obviously not as informers.

Finally what I call the "Coalition of the Willing".......usually young impressionable people who are unhappy, and have been radicalized. Every nation from Norway to Angola has them, this is not unique...what is unique is when Intelligence agencies apropriate such youths, indoctrinate them, arm them, train them, organise them, fund them...and then use them for false flag terrorist ops...where MI-5 recruits and grooms them into the numerous fundamentalist organizations based in London and else where, sometimes without their knowledge that that they are pawns of MI-5. People such as Ajem Chaudary and Al Muhajiroun, and the London bombers would be in that category. Most of the London Bombers had some previous relationship with MI-5, and one must assume that Ajem Chaudary is a MI-5 tool to create the maximum amount of provocative tensions within the multi-ethnic sphere.

Though I have been harassed, threat made and tortured by MI-5 for the last 23 years, starting in 1985/6 and by their followers in other countries, it was not to do with the purpose of recruiting me ( I have not been recruited by any agency).........the harassment it seems was purely for harassment sake.....due mainly to the nature of my random scribbling which I have done for many years (no books published or articles published in significant journals mind you), sometimes covering contentious issues which MI-5 felt acutely about. And like the victims mentioned in the cases cited in the Independent, I have never been politically involved in any shape or form or even attempted to..............nor am I a VIP of any shape or form, but quite ordinary like the millions of victims of Israel's wars for empire articulated through the USA and UK primarily.

The only extra-ordinary part of the harassment against me by the British state is the time period of the threats and abuse...1986---2010, the means of harassment/threats......AND the ever changing multi-faceted justification for all this, covering over two decades.....AND the extent to which the British state has reached out to other nations to follow the British example in the manner of the harassment, threats and torture.


"Democracy" in Mullah Iran.


Elections are a sham in Iran; results are decided in advance by the Supreme Leader in consultation with other important clerical figures. In Iran Presidents are chosen by the Supreme Leader, rather than elected.

The beginning of the Islamic revolution instituted by the USA/UK/France/Israel set the tone around this matter. On April Fools Day 1979 a referendum was announced over the simple question of whether Iran should be an Islamic Republic or not:
  • 98.2 said yes.......voting style reminiscent of the old Soviet Union.
  • there were 24/25 million votes counted in a nation with eligible voters of about 15 million in 1979....population around 38 million people in 1979, with 60% youth, under 18.
  • A sophisticated nation with many ethnic groups and political fractions....Communist/Tudeh left alliance, Monarchists, constitutional Republicans, regional nationalists......and of course Islamists........ALL voting for an Islamic Republic???? Obviously not. Fixed referendum of course.
  • Referendums usually attract anything between 40---80% of voter turnout, NEVER 100%. Same with general elections. On this mathematical basis there should only have been about 11/10 million voters in the April Fools Day Referendum of 1979 in Iran. Of which at best 7 million might have voted for an Islamic Republic of Iran. What the mullah puppets did was clearly fake, and in line with present election frauds in Iran. This is known as "over egging the pudding" in English.
  • Election rigging is not a new phenomena in the world, but the true legitimacy of the "UNISLAMIC REPUBLIC" AND ITS ACTUAL ORIGINS IS A IMPORTANT QUESTION MARK WHICH THINKING Iranians MUST PONDER ABOUT.

Ahmedinejad the Jew was one such elected official, chosen by the Supreme Leader in 2005, USING THE ABOVE SYSTEM. The Supreme Leader liked him because he served in the Revolutionary Guards; worked for a while in the mullahs prisons torturing, raping and executing regime opponents; Then as Mayor of Tehran, and because he was of humble non-mullah background in a nation increasingly questioning of the legitimacy of the mullah regime, and finally obedient and loyal to the Supreme Leader as his pawn and front.

The Supreme Leaders relatives participated in Ahmedinejad the Jew's election campaign of 2005, and the Supreme Leader in the recent election last year was in a tremendous hurry to recognize his election victory yet again, barely before all the votes had been counted.

So whats the problem with Karoubi, Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Katami, they surely know how things "work" in Iran. Or did they think that Iran was actually a fully fledged Norway style democracy?

What are the real issues at play here?

The mullah have been in power for 30 years, and there are major problems in the country, mainly related to the ineptitude and corruption of the mullah regime kleptocracy. When people are unhappy they tend to protest in a variety of ways to express and advertise their problems..........very natural in most democracies.

In Iran not, because a protest movement can be a catalyst for regime change, of a weak corrupt regime which is up to no good, as had been engineered artificially against the shah in 1979. The mullahs understand this.

The mullahs for Israel want to focus on the narrow issue of nuclear power, and threats from Israel to attack Iran. The nuclear issue of a $800 million nuclear reactor doesn't require a lot of hard work on the part of the mullahs, or expenditure, or planning. The mullah's think they can reap political benefits from this one issue, and uniting the country behind them, without having to embark on a comprehensive programs to improve Iran for the ordinary people..........so we have Ahmedinejad the Jew....constantly shouting, and making politics about the nuclear power station.

On the other hand real Iranians, who are not puppets of foreign powers understand that the REAL PRESSING ISSUES OF NATIONAL IMPORTANCE ARE FAR more comprehensive which require focus and dealing with, then the mere politics of the nuclear reactor:

  • Corruption---Iran under the mullahs is one of the most corrupt regimes on earth. Endemic corruption destroys Real Economic Development, but under the mullahs corruption is allowed to flourish because many of the mullahs have become multi-millionaires and billionaires from this system of patronage, and corruption. Ahmedinejad the Jew pays lip service in fighting corruption, but not much else.
  • The Oil and Gas industry----Iran is a rich country which could reap huge economic benefits from the soaring oil prices in recent years. Instead what Iran has experienced is very mediocre economic growth, so one must wonder what the mullahs are doing with all that oil revenue? The ordinary Iranian people are not seeing any of the benefits of this oil boon. In addition the oil industry is monopolized by mullah cronies and the Revolutionary Guard, such that Iran a nation that once exported 5.5 billion barrels a year in the 1970's now exports a meager 2.4 billion a year and declining, for lack of investment from the corrupt mullah government swimming in petro-$ profits. Iran shamefully can't even process her own oil, but has to rely on imported fuels, with all the serious implications on security for such a policy. The poor levels of investment and maintenance, and corruption means that Iran's oil and gas exports will be seriously depleted in the next few years.........America just has to wait and watch for the regime to fall. The mullah puppets with their illusionary military force keep boasting that they can block the Persian Gulf at the Straights of Hormuz at a time of war, but is it not more logical and pertinent to state that an American naval embargo force can deny Iran significant fuels supply, so that Iran becomes isolated and economically destroyed, in a few weeks?
  • Political corruption----There are no real free and fair elections. Presidents are chosen by he Supreme Leader. There is no real transparency in government. Governments such as Ahmedinejad's are high on rhetoric, especially against Israel, but provide very little real service and benefit for ordinary Iranians. More significantly one must ask whether elected governments actually run Iran, or the powerful mullahs in the background who in the final analysis veto and guide the main substantive issues of state.....and the purpose of Ahmedinejad and his government is to provide mere facade to a political game run by the Supreme Leader and his whim of the day. Finally are the mullahs really qualified, having sufficient knowledge and skills to manage a modern state of 70 million people? It seems not.
  • Iran's security policy----I have covered this extensively before, so I am not going to repeat myself again. Suffice to say that the mullah security policy for Iran was written in a foreign hostile country which could have dangerous consequences for the country, if practiced in a real war. No nation has ever mobilized 20 million for war........militarily, logistically tactically such an outcome will be a disaster....Hezbollah is 5,000; the Iraqi resistance at one time was 30,000; the Mujaheddin against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan was about 70,000; and the Vietcong was about 500,000. Mullah IRAN should mobilize no more than 1,000,000 in decentralized commands system, made up of 300,000 Revolutionary Guards, and 700,000 army, 50,000 airforce and 10,000 navy, consisting of full-time professionals, not conscripts. The 1941 Persian army disintegrated and and did not fight when confronted with actual war. The 1979/1980 Persian army disintegrated and did not fight in the face of real war. Perhaps next time when Iran faces a real war we can have an actual Persian military which actually stands and fights. Iran has no air defense....1,500 AA guns, and a few SAM'S. Mullah Iran has not seriously attempted to manufacture these basic hardware, but rather has relied on imports from unreliable, over inflated sources....which were highly publicized.......giving the impression Iran was embarking on a massive air defense over haul. Which is clearly not the case. 30 M-Tors aren't going to make a difference, even if they are concentrated on one site......in a nation with 1,200 potential military targets. The stupidity of two competing security forces.....the military and the Revolutionary Guard, which is transforming itself into a business organization. When you face daily threats of attack from two of the most powerful nations on earth do you spend a mere 3% of GDP on defense........if you are a puppet regime of the UK/France YES YOU OF COURSE DO. In reality Iran should be spending 10--20% of GDP on defense given the security scenario around Iran.
  • The Drugs epidemic originating from Afghanistan, and the 3 million drug addicts of Iran.....the costs to society of this huge problem, and the complicity of the Revolutionary Guard, and others in government in this business.
  • Trafficking of Iranians into the Gulf by the Revolutionary Guard and others in the Iranian government.
  • Capital flight away from Iran------$800---$1,000 billion, because most Iranians have no faith in the unstable mullah economy so they take their money into foreign countries.
  • Human Flight----4/5 million mainly skilled Iranians choosing to live in foreign countries instead of Iran. Policies and actions of the mullah regime which is specifically designed to encourage skilled Iranians to live abroad. The mullahs like illiterate Iranian farmers who are mesmerized by their rhetorical politics of empty promises....and loathe the protesting organized middle class who can easily see through the bullshit. However for all the mullah politics a modern state must ultimately rely and build its foundation on a solid happy prosperous middle class.
  • Poor education policy, which relies on Islamic dogmatism, rather than on real education.
  • Soaring prices of rent accommodation, and food prices and general basic living costs.
  • Economy still based substantially on gas and oil industry, rather than diversifying the economy into other sectors, such as manufacturing/industry, and exports which are not based on oil and gas.
  • High Unemployment........The official figures for unemployment is 13%, but everybody in Iran knows the government manufactures artificial figures to hide the real rate of unemployment which are closer to 20%.

These are some of the main problems which Iran now faces which the mullah regime will never resolves given the fundamental nature, and rational for its present existence. Only a new government which is not mullah based, and has no linkages with the USA/UK/France/Israel can tackle the fundamental problems of Iran.

Therefore logically Iranians must strive to remove such a regime, and overcome ALL the hurdles that they may face. There must be a momentum of on going protests so that the mullahs understand that their present conduct is unacceptable. The street protests are an excellent catalyst for peoples power mobilizing the Iranian nation under a just noble cause.

If ordinary Iranians do not protest and eventually remove such a regime then the consequences for them and Iran later will be far worse.

The mullah regime is unique in that never has Iran been ruled by such people........unique in its level of corruption and unique in its level of repression of ordinary Iranians. This mullah regime is nasty, brutal and illegal......they came to power on a blood lust in 1979, executing many; then the civil war with the Tudeh in the early 1980's; then the 8 year war which claimed the lives of 1 million Iranians including the lives of many children ; Saddam sought peace in 1982 and the war could have ended in that year......but the mullahs wanted endless war forever into 2010.....sacrificing 2,3,4,5,6, million Iranians if necessary.........these mullahs are not mullahs but criminal shaitan backed by the UK/France now.............the war ended, with Iranian defeat, when the USA/UK stopped supplying via Israel/Chile/Singapore/Pakistan the arms and ammunition needed to fight against Iraq from 1987.........Why did the USA/UK stop supplying arms and ammunition to mullah Iran suddenly in 1987?........because a British Diplomat was assaulted in Tehran in 1987......and Iran started planting mines in the Persian Gulf, and attacking neutral oil tankers taking oil from Kuwait from 1987.....................Up until 1987 the Iran/Iraq war was a "managed" conflict between two puppet regimes of the West....Saddam recruited by American intelligence with Egyptian intelligence help from 1956/7 and trained in Lebanon, and Egypt......and Mullah Iran installed by USA/UK/France/Israel, with Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini being recruited and funded by UK intelligence from the late 1950's also Like Saddam.........with erratic Iranian behavior, the "controlled conflict" of the USA/UK came to an end, so they decided to end he war, with a marginal Iraqi advantage (Iraq by 1988 was the stronger military power).........the mullah's were shitting in their pants in 1988 at the close of war and in their panic killed 30,000 political prisoners, including women and children of the political prisoners. The endless political theaters and tricks to amuse and distract the masses from their misrule...from Salman Rushdie to now the nuclear question....and very recently the demand for reparations from the UK/Soviet Union for the invasion of 1941...Ahmedinejad knows there will never be any reparations unless he declares Iran a Jewish nation, but again as before with the Holocaust Conference, good mullah tricks and street theater to keep the Iranian masses amused and confused about what are the real issues that concern Iran.

Mullah Political gimmicks and tricks, lies and threats.

And so now the mullah regime again is fearful, and so it
instinctively issues threats yet again against ordinary law abiding patriotic Iranians, for the mullah has no other tool and weapon.......the mullahs in Tehran do not possess the weapon of logic, argument, debate, reconciliation, compromise or even constructive honest government. It is a Mafia regime backed by the UK/France

The protests against this regime must continue, but it will be pertinent, given the nature of this regime to build connections to security, especially members of the Revolutionary Guard who are unhappy at transforming themselves into businessmen, and members of VEVAK.

Protest alone will not change the perspective of such a criminal regime.

In addition one notes that there are about 130,000 mullahs in the country, and many of them are not happy about the current situation in Iran. It would be wise then in this situation, fighting fire with fire, organizing and mobilizing these anti-regime mullahs against the current mafia mullahs in Tehran who have become fond of their $, wealth and power.


China number 1 soon; America on the decline.

Once Great nations decline, and new nations take their place. This is how it is in history. It never fails.........though the sorry American empire will have only lasted a few decades since its true inception after WW II.

1. China's rise took place after Deng Xiaoping adopted a more pragmatic approach IN state policy, away from Mao's Communist dogmatism of the 1950--1970's which had destructive side effects (60 million dead? Great Leap Forward, and other such disasters).

2. China's economic development is taking place not merely because of the ingenuity and hard work of the Chinese, investing heavily in infrastructure, industry, and exports, but also because of the generosity of America with MFN status in terms of preferential trade terms, credit, direct investments and technological transfers from the USA, and the nod of approval given to America's colonies to do likewise........Japan (50,000 American troops stationed their + baseball playing nation), South Korea (38,000 troops +baseball).......Germany (70,000 American troops, and significant control of its security apparatus).

3. China is successful because it is a dictatorship which has effective control over the nation, its people and its resources, and the state if it has good intentions can direct the whole nation into their stated objectives........Singapore(Lee Kwan Yew).

4. Another reason China is successful is the reason that China has compromised on its Socialist dogmatism in favor of a more Capitalist mixed economy. China is not a true Communist state in that sense beyond the symbolism, and homage to Mao. It is a state that shows flexibility in order to develop economically if not politically.

5. The Communist Party of China seems to be fairly "Democratic", in that the Party which determines the affairs of the state has not been captured by a specific family, or a clan of people from a particular part of Manchuria, by way of one example. In that sense it is quite "Meritocratic" Pan-nationalist.

6. The Communist Party seems to tackle the issue of corruption quite seriously. Corruption that is carried out by high and low officials is not tolerated by the state, and everybody understands this.

7. The Chinese have a sense of historical destiny, as a nation which for much of history, along with India were the richest nations on earth, until the entry of European colonialism, and its destructive effects on non-European nations. This sense of history, and pride makes the Chinese strive for betterment from their present Third World status.

8. Communism/Socialism is a Jewish Pseudo religion. There is out there in the ether (if you have the resources and means to research to find it out) that certain Jews from London, and NY backed Mao's rise to power in China, just as they did the Bolsheviks in the Russian Empire from 1918. In that sense Mao's rise to power, his eventual control of China in 1949, AND China's recent ascendancy should not merely be seen as a glorious rise and struggle of a political genius and thus his nation, but a guided potent of certain very powerful people in the Western hemisphere.

In the next few years China with its present growth trajectory will be the largest economy measured by PPP, if not by actual currency exchange value. Its economy is close to $10,000 billion measured by PPP, and within the next 4--8 years China should easily overtake the American economy. It at present is the greatest industrial power. It already exports more than America nearing $1,500 billion, and is the unofficial banker of the world with FCR approaching $2,000 billion.

Logically like America, economic power translates into military power, and China will of course follow suit. Hypothetically if the Chinese economy is about 16 trillion by 2015, by merely spending 3% of GDP on defense which is the standard around the world, its defense budget in actual terms will be close to $500 billion..........add the ICBM'S, stealth submarines, aircraft carriers and bases around the world, then by 2015 China defacto will be a global superpower, with a military machine containing 2.5 million personnel.

Unfortunately Jewish Communism is a revolutionary aggressive ideology with globalist pretensions, and should China become number 1 in this decade with such an state ideology still in place, with the economic and military power the consequences for the rest of the world could be negative to say the least.

Nations do "Flip"....Japan for thousands of years never attacked any neighbor seriously, and yet into the 1920's and 1930's especially, "Militarism" and empire became the dominant state ideology of this otherwise peaceful Island nation.

America is bad enough, as a lone superpower unchecked, but a chauvinistic Communist dictatorship with globalist pretensions could be far worse for the world. The "niceness' of China at present should be merely seen as tactical, heavily borrowing from the experience and fate of the Soviet Union (over spending on defense 1985..16--19%).

Unless the Chinese state rediscovers its ancient heritage and Confucius roots, and gradually embraces Liberal Democracy, as has most of the world......and slowly phases out Jewish Communism as a state ideology, the consequences for the world and China itself could be dire.

The problem is Communism with global pretensions, not China or the Chinese people.

SO...........this article by a left-wing professor from the USA, who has published and written many great books about the plight and struggle of the Third World is published and commented on.


The US and China:

One Side is Losing, the Other is Winning

By James Petras

January 03, 2010 "
Information Clearing House" -- Asian capitalism, notably China and South Korea (Japan????.........they have zero ambitions??) are competing with the US for global power. Asian global power is driven by dynamic economic growth, while the US pursues a strategy of military-driven empire building.

One Day's Read of the Financial Times

Even a cursory read of a single issue of the Financial Times (December 28, 2009) illustrates the divergent strategies toward empire building. On page one, the lead article on the US is on its expanding military conflicts and its 'war on terror', entitled "Obama Demands Review of Terror List". In contrast, there are two page-one articles on China, which describe China's launching of the world's fastest long-distance passenger train service and China's decision to maintain its currency pegged to the US dollar as a mechanism to promote its robust export sector. While Obama turns the US focus on a fourth battle front (Yemen) in the 'war on terror' (after Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan), the Financial Times reports on the same page that a South Korean consortium has won a $20.4 billion dollar contract to develop civilian nuclear power plants for the United Arab Emirates, beating its US and European competitors.

(South Korea is where it is today because of American preferential economic treatment especially from the 1980's, before that it was a banana Republic run by military strongmen)

On page two of the FT there is a longer article elaborating on the new Chinese rail system, highlighting its superiority over the US rail service: The Chinese ultra-modern train takes passengers between two major cities, 1,100 kilometers, in less than 3 hours whereas the US Amtrack 'Express' takes 3 ½ hours to cover 300 kilometers between Boston and New York. While the US passenger rail system deteriorates from lack of investment and maintenance, China has spent $17 billion dollars constructing its express line. China plans to construct 18,000 kilometers of new track for its ultra-modern system by 2012, while the US will spend an equivalent amount in financing its 'military surge' in Afghanistan and Pakistan, as well as opening a new war front in Yemen.

(Obviously America seems like the White star which is about to implode into a black hole)

China builds a transport system linking producers and labor markets from the interior provinces with the manufacturing centers and ports on the coast, while on page 4 the Financial Times describes how the US is welded to its policy of confronting the 'Islamist threat' with an endless 'war on terror'. The decades-long wars and occupations of Moslem countries have diverted hundreds of billions of dollars of public funds to a militarist policy with no benefit to the US, while China modernizes its civilian economy.

(And if I told you there isn't a globalist Islamist threat would you believe me....but a contrived fiction for Israel's geo-strategic perceptions and need for a Greater Israel)

While the White House and Congress subsidize and pander to the militarist-colonial state of Israel with its insignificant resource base and market, alienating 1.5 billion Moslems (Financial Times - page 7), China's gross domestic product (GDP) grew 10 fold over the past 26 years (FT - page 9). While the US allocated over $1.4 trillion dollars to Wall Street and the military, increasing the fiscal and current account deficits, doubling unemployment and perpetuating the recession (FT - page 12), the Chinese government releases a stimulus package directed at its domestic manufacturing and construction sectors, leading to an 8% growth in GDP, a significant reduction of unemployment and 're-igniting linked economies' in Asia, Latin America and Africa (also on page 12).

While the US was spending time, resources and personnel in running 'elections' for its corrupt clients in Afghanistan and Iraq, and participating in pointless mediations between its intransigent Israeli partner and its impotent Palestinian client, the South Korean government backed a consortium headed by the Korea Electric Power Corporation in its successful bid on the $20.4 billion dollar nuclear power deal, opening the way for other billion-dollar contracts in the region (FT - page 13).

While the US was spending over $60 billion dollars on internal policing and multiplying the number and size of its 'homeland' security agencies in pursuit of potential 'terrorists', China was investing $25 billion dollars in 'cementing its energy trading relations' with Russia (FT - page 3).

The story told by the articles and headlines in a single day's issue of the Financial Times reflects a deeper reality, one that illustrates the great divide in the world today. The Asian countries, led by China, are reaching world power status on the basis of their massive domestic and foreign investments in manufacturing, transportation, technology and mining and mineral processing. In contrast, the US is a declining world power with a deteriorating society resulting from its military-driven empire building and its financial-speculative centered economy:

1. Washington pursues minor military clients in Asia; while China expands its trading and investment agreements with major economic partners - Russia, Japan, South Korea and elsewhere.

(Obviously 300,000 fighting AMERICAN men in Afghanistan as contractors and from the military this year eventually, pursuing about 10,000 local Taliban militia depending on the season, which in turn is run and controlled by the Pakistan military via the ISI, which is funded up to 50% of its budget by the USA taxpayer and thus controlled by America, borders on something.......speechless......Yes America is on the decline, if it sponsors and vigorously supports such situations with the straightest of New England faces and vocabulary)

2. Washington drains the domestic economy to finance overseas wars. China extracts minerals and energy resources to create its domestic job market in manufacturing.

3. The US invests in military technology to target local insurgents challenging US client regimes; China invests in civilian technology to create competitive exports.

4. China begins to restructure its economy toward developing the country's interior and allocates greater social spending to redress its gross imbalances and inequalities while the US rescues and reinforces the parasitical financial sector, which plundered industries (strips assets via mergers and acquisitions) and speculates on financial objectives with no impact on employment, productivity or competitiveness.

5. The US multiplies wars and troop build-ups in the Middle East, South Asia, the Horn of Africa and Caribbean; China provides investments and loans of over $25 billion dollars in building infrastructure, mineral extraction, energy production and assembly plants in Africa.

6. China signs multi-billion dollar trade and investment agreements with Iran, Venezuela, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Bolivia, securing access to strategic energy, mineral and agricultural resources; Washington provides $6 billion in military aid to Colombia, secures seven military bases from President Uribe (to threaten Venezuela), backs a military coup in tiny Honduras and denounces Brazil and Bolivia for diversifying its economic ties with Iran.

7. China increases economic relations with dynamic Latin American economies, incorporating over 80% of the continent's population; the US partners with the failed state of Mexico, which has the worst economic performance in the hemisphere and where powerful drug cartels control wide regions and penetrate deep into the state apparatus.

(China is ALL good , America stands for ALL that is bad........as you imply)


China is not an exceptional capitalist country. Under Chinese capitalism, labor is exploited; inequalities in wealth and access to services are rampant; peasant-farmers are displaced by mega-dam projects and Chinese companies recklessly extract minerals and other natural resources in the Third World. However, China has created scores of millions of manufacturing jobs, reduced poverty faster and for more people in the shortest time span in history. Its banks mostly finance production. China doesn't bomb, invade or ravage other countries. In contrast, US capitalism has been harnessed to a monstrous global military machine that drains the domestic economy and lowers the domestic standard of living in order to fund its never-ending foreign wars. Finance, real estate and commercial capital undermine the manufacturing sector, drawing profits from speculation and cheap imports.

China invests in petroleum-rich countries; the US attacks them. China sells plates and bowls for Afghan wedding feasts; US drone aircraft bomb the celebrations. China invests in extractive industries, but, unlike European colonialists, it builds railroads, ports, airfields and provides easy credit. China does not finance and arm ethnic wars and 'color rebellions' like the US. China self-finances its own growth, trade and transportation system; the US sinks under a multi trillion dollar debt to finance its endless wars, bail out its Wall Street banks and prop up other non-productive sectors while many millions remain without jobs.

China will grow and exercise power through the market (Thus is China really a Communist state? Economically certainly not. And if the essence of communism is centered around the means of production, and how wealth is redistributed.....China psychologically, socially and economically is not a Communist state); the US will engage in endless wars on its road to bankruptcy and internal decay. China's diversified growth is linked to dynamic economic partners; US militarism has tied itself to narco-states (Afghanistan, Kosovo, Israel), warlord regimes, the overseers of banana republics and the last and worst bona fide racist colonial regime, Israel.

China entices the world's consumers. US global wars provoke terrorists here and abroad.

(There is no "al-Qaeda", there is no global jihadi movement.....ALL these organizations are "Controlled Opposition" of Western/Israeli intelligence, but as with South America, parts of Africa, Asia, there are a lot of people especially in the Third World who hate the living date lights about America........but this is merely impotent rage.......as a well informed professor you should not sell the "al-Qaeda" myth.......In the name of this myth much evil and mischief has been done by America and its allies.........It would go a along way if well informed well meaning people like you finally began debunking this piece of malicious myth, which has become the byword and enabler of so much harm around the world, and within America itself)

China may encounter crises and even workers rebellions, but it has the economic resources to accommodate them. The US is in crisis and may face domestic rebellion, but it has depleted its credit and its factories are all abroad and its overseas bases and military installations are liabilities, not assets. There are fewer factories in the US to re-employ its desperate workers: A social upheaval could see the American workers occupying the empty shells of its former factories.

(America does manufacture, it is the second largest industrial power after China presently--------its a little silly, just for the sake of emphasising an otherwise valid argument to say that there is no manufacturing in America.

If there is a rebellion in America, the a full police state will be instituted.......and the American gulags in the mainland are ready. Did you think ALL those security legislation in America since 2001 was to combat "al-Qaeda"? Seriously?????)

To become a 'normal state' we have to start all over: Close all investment banks and military bases abroad and return to America. We have to begin the long march toward rebuilding industry to serve our domestic needs, to living within our own natural environment and forsake empire building in favor of constructing a democratic socialist republic.

(I would close Wall Street, but allow the small regional banks to continue. Then the confiscation of ALL Jewish financial houses, not just investment banks.......the problem is not investment banks alone, per se, but the whole area and concept of Jewish finance.

Their tribal mentality, and culture.

Jewish Socialism does not work.........much of the world is striving to be liberal democratic, and the most successful countries are liberal Democratic. I am not aware of a successful Socialist state, unless you think Colonel Qaddafi's Socialist Utopia is what America needs to copy, or Cuba....or Venezuela?)

When will we pick up the Financial Times or any other daily and read about our own high-speed rail line carrying American passengers from New York to Boston in less than one hour? When will our own factories supply our hardware stores? When will we build wind, solar and ocean-based energy generators? When will we abandon our military bases and let the world's warlords, drug traffickers and terrorists face the justice of their own people?

(When you have leaders who work for America. When you don't have pawns chosen by Jewish finance with their very peculiar world view.........

Give me the secret copy of the REAL objectives of Jewish finance in America and the world on just one A4 paper, and any well informed person with common sense can take these skewered secret objectives apart for their lack of humanity, common sense and national interest.........instead you are left with sacred numbers, Ouija boards, Nostradamus, private soothsayers, brown calfs.......and a very primitive North African religion practiced secretly and not so secretly by some of the most powerful figures in your country.........which thus must mean disaster)

Will we ever read about these in the Financial Times?

In China, it all started with a revolution...

(Well at least officially, but unofficially backed by Jewish London and NY, as with Bolshevik Russia in 1918)