China will fight with the Syrian armed forces to liberate NE Syria from CIA backed terrorists.

Such reports have been made before from 2015.

On the other hand China may wish to test its MILITARY hardware in a live war scenario, along with Russia.

According to Jane's strategic studies report in 2015, there may be between 5--10,000 Chinese nationals either fighting with ISIS, or being trained up to fight with ISIS in NATO Turkey.......with the idea that once these Chinese terrorists were battle hardened, and the mission is accomplished in Syria they will be transferred to AFGHANISTAN, by USA logistics, and then from there threaten Russia in Central Asia (Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kirghistan)..............and Western China.

6,000 ISIS terrorists according to Russian Intelligence has already been marshaled in Afghanistan for such a purpose.

These 6,000 ISIS terrorists did not go to Afghanistan through mullah Iran or Pakistan (since 1994 Pakistan HAS BEEN A SPONSOR OF THE Taliban). They were airlifted by the USA, evolving ever more new dreamy wholesome prospects for the good people of Afghanistan........who of-course love having their country transformed into one giant Opium PLANTATION.......courtesy of the East India Company, and hosting foreign forces who perpetuate nearly 40 years of foreign infused strife and mayhem.


The Syrian army after 7 years of war is not small, with many of its heavy equipment destroyed however.

China can therefore provide, Like Russia, heavy artillery support to the SAA. Land based artillery or jet fighters.....showcase to the world what Chinese military hardware is capable of.

BUT MOST CRITICALLY......WITH CHINA'S PARTICIPATION in Syria...we may see the first tentative steps of an Eurasian/OBOR/SCO integrated security structure.

As I have argued many times important economic cooperation and economic blocks have little meaning if it is not backed by a holistic security structure between member states.

China Willing to Assist Syrian Army in Idlib Offensive – Ambassador to Syria
By Suliman Mulhem

By "Information Clearing House
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Although China has provided political support to Damascus and is widely expected to play an important role in Syria’s post-war reconstruction, Beijing has so far shied away from offering direct military support to the Syrian Army.

Chinese Ambassador to Syria Qi Qianjin has suggested Beijing could soon deploy forces to assist the Syrian Army in its upcoming Idlib offensive, in addition to anti-terrorist operations in other parts of the country.

Speaking to Syria’s Al-Watan newspaper on Thursday, the Chinese diplomat said they are monitoring the conflict, adding that the Chinese military “is willing to participate in some way alongside the Syrian Armythat is fighting the terrorists in Idlib and in any other part of Syria.”

A source at the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) told Sputnik reporter Suliman Mulhem he wasn’t aware of plans for China to militarily enter the war, but said the Syrian government “welcomed any support” in its ongoing drive to dislodge terrorists from Syria.

Meanwhile, Chinese military attaché Wong Roy Chang told the Al-Watan newspaper there is “ongoing” military cooperation between the two countries and said China wishes to advance its relationship with the Syrian Armed Forces.

When questioned about the prospect of Chinese forces aiding the Syrian Army in its operation to liberate the Idlib Governorate, Chang said such an initiative “requires a political decision,” without elaborating.

Thousands of hardline Islamist Uyghur militants smuggled themselves and their families into Syria over the course of the multi-year conflict, with the bulk of them ultimately settling in Idlib province, alongside other foreign and domestic jihadists.

The Chinese government is undoubtedly concerned about the fate of these militants, as they pose a threat to China’s national security, but the deployment of a large contingent of forces to Syria would be surprising, especially as the war is nearing its end.

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