American Intelligence Media---Obummer ran a GLOBALIST crime syndicate in Washington.

SUPERFICIALLY, for propaganda purposes, he 'circulated' the gossip that he hated the Evil British Empire for what it did around the world, especially in Africa and Kenya during the Mau Mau insurgency-------BUT, where it mattered most....

Obummer INCREASED the power of the CITY of LONDON crime syndicate by bolstering the UNELECTED ALL POWERFUL BOLSHEVIK COMMISSARS........KNOWN AS SES, Obummer secret army in Washington to run the government there.

The SES is run by SERCO a city of London, Rothschilds front company.

Smooth talking Obummer says one thing and does another (that another is usually not good---hidden agenda)

With Trump there appears to be a level of sincerity---even though his detractors talk about the fact that he surrounds himself with GLOBALISTS, RETARD OCTOGENARIANS MOSTLY, billionaires, GOLDMAN SACHS, SWAMPERS.

1. Obummer CREATED ISIS (Rothschilds London), Trump disarmed them----despite the globalist talk that they will make a comeback.

2. Obummer/Billary armed the NK state from the 1990's and then set the ALLEGED DEEP STATE PUPPET REGIME in North Korea on a course of war with the nationalist Trump (As soon as Trump was elected North Korean suddenly became belligerent---follow the timeline).......NOW Trump is going to MEET with the North Korean leader.(Rothschilds London----LORD JACOB ROTHSCHILD STATED THAT NORTH KOREA SHOULD BE DEALT WITH HARSHLY)
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3. Obummer/Hilary armed Russia with hypersonic weapons funding a SUPER SILICON VALLEY NEW CITY OUTSIDE MOSCOW---'The reset"----then sanctions---then Ukraine against Russia---then initiate WWIII against Russia either VIA UKRAINE or SYRIA, once EMPRESS HILARY THE I was elected by FB, CAMBRIDGE ANALITICA, ERIC SHMIDT.....and election hacking.(Rothschilds London)-----Trump will not initiate WWIII with Russia, but in fact will meet Putin. 

4.  The GLOBALIST Carter regime (Rothschilds London---Brezinski as point man) brought the mullahs of Iran into power, whilst simultaneously talking about punishing the Deep State for its crimes around the world, and upholding Human Rights (Globalist Orwellian Double Speak------"Ghee St. Jimmy of Peanuts, how do you promote Human Rights by covertly backing Extremist Islamic movements in Iran 1977--1979, Afghanistan 1979 ). ..........It is he who initiated the 'Clash of Civilisation' meme from (Rothschilds London) via Sir Bernard Lewis a British super spy seconded as a teacher at PRINCETON UNIVERSITY from the early 1970's. 

However, President Trump will...........

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Exposing George Webb, Jason Goodman Possible Deep State ...

No need to get your knickers in a twist, and huff over a fifth column operator (MOSSAD)....focus on the battle.