Each Year 800,000 American Children disappear.

Some leave home to become destitute and in despair.

Some leave home to become criminals.

MANY MANY are abducted by criminal gangs, secret sects and cults and of course the GOVERNMENT.............................. OF THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH.

Far too many become victims of paedophiles, satanic cults and subsequent murder.

Many have their body parts sold to criminal gangs (organ harvesting) blood banks, body tissue and actual limbs inside the USA, THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH, and some of the body parts are sold abroad.

In the GREATEST NATION ON EARTH, many of the little kids flesh will be used for the meat industry of the USA.

AND WORSE........still.

Hollywood, from where this movie is from and it cryptically touches the subject, is part of this process.

PRESIDENT Trump cannot do anything about this colossal crime, as he is after one year in office is still building his administration and credentials. He is still building his power base, and his victory in the mid-terms will give him greater leverage to manoeuvre and deliver on REAL ISSUES.