President Trump

So he will be inaugurated on the 20th of January 2017.

He was originally billed as the maverick who was supposed to sabotage the hapless leaderless, mediocre, conformist twin of the Demonic Neo-liberal Democratic Party. He was going to be a wrecking ball and an one trick extremist bizarre pony for the NE establishment and the Deep State who preferred, Neocon tried and tested corrupt Hilary, who would do the straight act in the long Jewish vaudeville known as the USA presidential 'SELECTION' race....and their desire for an one world government, without borders, without flags, without nation states, FTA's, globalism as defined by them, International Law as defined by them, International meetings and of course the all important SECURITY MEETINGS...to reinforce their benevolent power through the Secret Police(CIA,FBI) and the police in this New Jewish led global Utopia.

Of the 5 main reasons for 9/11 carried out by the USA Deep State with Israel...this was one of them,where these two would lead the world towards greater safety.The false flag of 9/11 is important because ever since then it is the hostage taker which defines the USA,both domestically and Internationally, intrinsically.

President Trump has to break with that meme if he is to make the 'USA Great again'.Refocus the USA on a more 'normal track' away from the faggotty meme of terrorism, constant ever elusive Security threats, false flag terrorism, covert ops, military ops, foreign wars, foreign intervention, destabilization, war, weapons, war crimes, genocide, ethnic cleansing, bear baiting, ISIS..'al-CIA-duh' the Patriot ACT, militarized over aggressive police working in 'fusion' centers with the CIA....Homeland Security....and the best one, the TSA gropers......and 'Jade Helm' marshal law warm up against the most likely first USA states to rebel against a Federal governments attempt at outright takeover.

But alas to our surprise this maverick one trick pony has won 232 for Hilary to his 290.A landslide in the corrupt digital electoral process of the USA.......perhaps he may have gained even more votes than those that were officially 'counted'....and counting still....perhaps 5 million?? were switched to Hilary especially in the NE. Who can say, when machines which can be hacked decides and counts the vote in the Great land of the Free and Brave.

So what will his first actions be like, when he is inaugurated next January?

He is not obligated, and perhaps it is wise not to make too many pronouncements until then, over and above what he has already said during the elections.

Obviously no hand over of taxpayer money to the big Jewish banks...small sums like the Bush administration in 2008, or big sums in the trillions like the Barack Hussain Obama administration in 2009 (Continuity-pass the baton Presidency), a few months later. His very first act as part of his change policy...sums that would disappear into the 40 trillion off-shore ether of the super rich elite.

A government takes money from the ordinary taxpayer and gives it to the corrupt super rich global elite who have no fealty to the USA, who then deposit the loot in foreign lands never to be seen again.....whilst promising the EARTH to ordinary Americans(President Peace Prize Hussain promised No more foreign wars for Israel's far right; roll back the security state; work for the 99% of the Middle Class and Working Class; greater investment in infrastructure; a more equitable healthcare system; greater justice and access to justice; and more investment and support for American business to stay in the USA)...But instead President Peace Prize Hussain Obama's very first act as President should have elicited a revolution, but Americans were subdued and calmed by the Jewish controlled media.

SSShhhh be silent...be still...hush hush now whilst we hand over YOUR money to the too big to fail Jewish banks, and their transfer to off-shore accounts.We will catch up with our promises to you later...trust us...I'm a constitutional law professor from Harvard; I have a great smile unlike ..I don't snarl like 2-brain cells Bush.I am an intellectual, cool, black and the mongrel by product of 2 CIA Field officers mating. 

Instead it was a steady slide and consolidation of Bush policies abroad with more wars against brown people, more security in the USA, and more money for the super rich.....more polarization of society...more crime....more wealth inequality....more people living in poverty....more of a police state.


Yes he will. But to what degree, we don't know. It depends on the charisma and real intent of Trump.

Certainly one hopes for the sake of the USA, he does not pour more money into the MIC. A former CIA research officer who became an academic, Chalmers Johnson stated that the USA in real terms spends about $1.5 trillion on security....MORE than the rest of the world combined. We hope Trump does not heap more money on this big problem.

$3 trillion is unaudited and unaccounted for from the Pentagon cook books (Maybe its $8 trillion--who can really say for certain), and when outside civilian auditors were appointed to trace and sort out the mess,an 'al-CIA-duh' 20 year old single offhandedly flew a modern computerized airliner into the Pentagon.....precisely into the section which housed the civilian auditors...no other section....How lucky and how precisely coincidental of 'al-CIA-duh' to help out the utterly corrupt Pentagon.

If the Pentagon was run as a modern enterprise it would be bankrupt, Enron style….but conspiracy, intrigue and crime keeps it going

A modern computerized sophisticated civilian Boeing plane requires a pilot (Usually called Geoffrey, or Terry  ...in his 40's or 50's upper middle class, educated above average, with higher than most IQ)  a co-pilot ditto, and a navigator ditto. Three highly trained people who are mature, intelligent and sophisticated(just look at pilots in airports)

Or execute such complex flight maneuvers just prior to the attack, whilst the 2 sides fight and struggle in the cockpit(It was a cruise missile more likely, which the Pentagon has plenty of in their stockpile---but a stretch to explain to the public even through the Jewish media how 20 year old CIA/FBI patsies could have access to state of the art Pentagon missiles )

So the Pentagon and the CIA committed 9/11.

Trump somehow has to manage this problem if he is sincere about making America great again.

He has to be sincere about helping the Middle Class and the Working class who make up the majority of the population.

He should not be another carbon copy of President Peace Prize Hussain Obama...out doing him to become the worst Presidency in the USA, but with a Celtic face.

So President Trump must somehow manage the Pentagon and the CIA.They must not manage him, and his Presidency.They are a major problem. The problem of them will not be solved by appointing Pentagon and CIA friendly insiders to SECURITY /policy positions in his administration so that the policies from 2001 can continue uninterrupted.

What Trump needs is outside the Beltway, outside the box thinkers.Non-conformist mavericks who have original views....unrestrained by IDEOLOGY..unlike the neocons..and a personality which is not GREATER THAN TRUMP....along with their stature...unlike Bolton, and Romney, Cruz...insider beltway types who are so woven into the SYSTEM, that their opinions and beliefs are more important TO THEM AND THEIR PEER GROUP, than the President elect of the USA...who defacto has won a landslide.

Insider beltway types are also dangerous for Trump because they know how to weave and manipulate the system to work for them, rather than the popular mandate and manifesto on which Trump was elected.

What is not wanted is where the President elect of the USA SAYS clearly in a language everybody understands...we should side/partner with Russia and the Syrian government to destroy ISIS, as its a common threat to all.(This isn't MIT astro-Physics rocket science)...However the beltway insider speaks a different language which is euphemistic, convoluted and publicly contradicts the President after he is briefed by the spooks, Mike Pence as Vice-President says no leave ISIS alone...instead lets declare a no fly Zone, and then attack the Syrian government repeating the mistakes of Iraq II.

That is the most blatant expression of public disrespect to the President..and should it repeat itself with other government officers, senior and junior, the Presidency becomes worthless.

Then there was George Shultz and Casper Weinberger in the Reagan administration. Their ideology and male ego's were so big they constantly bickered and argued PUBLICLY throughout the two terms of the Reagan administrations. The Reagan administration was otherwise quite successful, and yet these two probably unintentionally sabotaged the best efforts of their employer.

Should we promote women, like the President Peace Prize Hussian administration? I'm not so sure. I like women. especially attractive women with long milky white legs and pert body parts...but an all women administration will be a distraction.....a circus.

Then there is General Michael Flynn who has wormed his way into the affections of Trump as a trusted lieutenant. He like Trump is a fellow Celt, but surely this cannot be the sole basis for friendship, where the general is given an important SECURITY role. The general is the ultimate insider, starting his career in the 'Smoke and Mirrors' Military Intelligence of the corrupt Pentagon...from Wikipedia:

U.S. Army

Flynn was commissioned in the U.S. Army as a second lieutenant in military intelligence, in 1981.[1] His military assignments included multiple tours at Fort Bragg, North Carolina with the 82nd Airborne DivisionXVIII Airborne Corps, and Joint Special Operations Command, where he deployed for Invasion of Grenada in Grenada and Operation Uphold Democracy in Haiti.[20] He also served with the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield BarracksHawaii, and at the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort PolkLouisiana, and the Army Intelligence Center at Fort HuachucaArizona.[1]
Flynn served as the assistant chief of staff, G2, XVIII Airborne Corps at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, from June 2001 and the director of intelligence, Joint Task Force 180 in Afghanistan until July 2002. He commanded the 111th Military Intelligence Brigade from June 2002 to June 2004.[1] He was the director of intelligence for Joint Special Operations Command from July 2004 to June 2007, with service in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) and Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom). He served as the director of intelligence, United States Central Command from June 2007 to July 2008, as the director of intelligence, Joint Staff from July 2008 to June 2009, then the director of intelligence, International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan from June 2009 to October 2010.[1][21]

Defense Intelligence Agency, Director

In September 2011, Flynn was promoted to Lieutenant General and assigned to the 
Office of the Director of National Intelligence. On April 17, 2012, President Barack Obama nominated Flynn to be the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.[22][23] Flynn took command of the DIA in July 2012.[24] In October 2012, Flynn announced plans to release his paper "VISION2020: Accelerating Change Through Integration", a broad look at how the Defense Intelligence Agency must transform to meet the national security challenges for the 21st Century.[25] It was meant to emphasize “integration, interagency teamwork and innovation of the whole workforce, not just the technology but the people.”  

AND from Scot Creighton a slightly more honest appraisal of his patriotic work:

The Talk About Gen. Flynn’s “Islamaphobia” and his “Russian Ties to RT” are a Distraction from What Really Makes Him Horrifying

by Scott Creighton
If the fake-left MSM looks at the career of Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn and the worst thing they can say about the guy is he had dinner once with Vladamir Putin, they are either incompetent, lying or deliberately complicit in the normalizing of the crimes against humanity conducted by both sides of the fake political divide over the last couple of decades.
Lat night Rachel Maddow took a melodramatic departure from her script (or so we are told) to go on a rant about what she claimed was the clear and present danger that is president elect Donald Trump’s national security advisor pick, Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn.
Maddow, in her signature self-righteous delivery style, lamented about how “outside the mainstream” Flynn has been over the years of his service and warned her dwindling audience of fake-left lemmings of just how extremely dangerous this “different kettle of fish” of an appointment this really was:
“Mike Flynn calls Islam a political ideology hiding behind a religion. He calls Islam a malignant cancer. He really did sit next to President Putin and take money to go to a gala. He’s been a frequent guest on Russian state television, and says he sees no difference between Russian state television, and for example, MSNBC.”..
“He will now be the closest person to the president on a day-to-day basis on all foreign policy issues, on all military issues, on all national security issues, and he is way outside anything that anybody on the left, right or center might consider to be the mainstream, either in thought or temperament in terms of national security issues, and it’s done.” Raw Story
Al of her arguments against Flynn have been taken straight from the DNC talking points memo on the guy and in spite of her dramatic delivery, she told her audience nothing new. These bullet points that I highlighted in black above can be read on a hundred different propaganda megaphone outlets across the spectrum of the fake political divide in this country today.
What’s interesting here is that statement I have in red up there. Her saying Flynn was “way outside the mainstream of the left, right or center” and that is interesting because it is patently false.
Lt. Gen. Flynn is a scary individual. His history puts him at the center of some of the worst things this country has done in the shadows for decades.
You think Trump opposes regime change in Syria? You think he opposes hiring terrorist mercenaries to run regime change ops in other countries? You think he opposes supporting foreign dictators setting up death squads so they can kill their dissidents and make their countries safer for our “national interests”?
If you think all or some of those things, I want you to meet someone: meet Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn. A man who is so far “outside the mainstream” of foreign military policy he’s been placed right in the heart of it for decades by leaders “on the left, right and center”
Mike Flynn was with Special Operations since 1981. In ’94 he took part in something called Operation Uphold Democracy which was a military adventure in Haiti designed to retake the country from what we called ‘dictators’ that were installed in the ’91 CIA-backed coup that overthrew President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. You see, Aristide decided he was going to implement a different kind of “war on drugs” in his country, one that would actually work, and the CIA and Bush administration didn’t like that idea, so they formulated a coup with two guys, Chief of the National Police Michel François and Army General Raoul Cédras , both trained at the infamous School of the Americas, and they got rid of democracy in Haiti.
In the following years, thousands of Haitians were tortured and killed much like during the rule of Papa Doc. The US sat silently by and did nothing until ’94 when it appears the dictators decided they wanted a bigger cut of the narcotics money that was flowing into the CIA’s black-ops slush fund, so they got rid of them. Cedras lives in Panama to this day and the US has never gone after him.
Mike Flynn was all up in that crap back in those days and if anybody doesn’t know what the School of the Americas was, it was a training ground for leaders of death squads, assassins and dictators. Fascist at its heart, the SOA trained and released onto the world some of the worst monsters history has ever seen. That was it’s purpose.
Fast forward to 2004.
“Flynn was the director of intelligence for Joint Special Operations Commandfrom July 2004 to June 2007, with service in Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) and Iraq (Operation Iraqi Freedom)
In Sept. of 2004, they decided to take a new direction in Iraq in terms of dealing with the insurgency. They decided to start a kind of Salvador Option in the country. The first incarnation of this strategy was something called the Wolf Brigade (which still exists today)
The Wolf Brigade killed and tortured thousands of Iraqis. The idea was simple. Get intel on other dissidents by torturing more dissidents. And when you got info on others, go torture and kill them as well. Quite simple, right?
In 2004, the same year Lt. Gen. Flynn took over director of intelligence for Joint Special Operations Command, Donald Rumsfeld sent retired Col. James Steele over to Iraq to set up the death squads with our puppet regime in Baghdad. To pretend the director of intelligence of JSOC had no knowledge of this program would be the height of irresponsibility for any journalist. Of course he knew what was going on.
He even admitted he knew what was going on.
“Prior to serving as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn was director of Intelligence for the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time in Iraq, Flynn is credited with helping to transform JSOC into an intelligence-driven special forces operation, tailored to fight the insurgency in that country. Flynn was in Iraq during the peak of the conflict there, as intelligence chief to Stanley McChrystal, former general and head of JSOC. When questioned about how many Iraqis JSOC operatives had killed inside the country during his tenure, Flynn would later say, “Thousands, I don’t even know how many.” The Intercept, 2015
Flynn not only knew what was going on, he helped design and facilitate the program. He is often PRAISED by the likes of MSNBC talking heads for “remaking” JSOC during the height of the Iraq conflict, before they demonize him for hanging out with Putin one day.
David Petraeus was sent into Iraq to run the Salvador Option in 2004 with Steele and Flynn. Patraeus is currently tagged as someone who is being considered as Sec. of Defense.
You see how that works?
Now fast forward to Sep. 2011.
Flynn was assigned to the office of the Director of National Intelligence in Sept. of 2011. DNI heads up things like the CIA, Office of Intelligence and CounterintelligenceOffice of Naval Intelligence , Defense Intelligence Agency  and National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency .  He is the ultimate insider in terms of covert, black ops programs in this country.
The DNI position was created in 2005 in the wake of 9/11 to put one person in charge of the entire deep state foreign intelligence gathering/actions programs and to give you an idea of the kind of job it is, John D. Negroponte was the first DNI right there at the time of the Salvador Option in Iraq. Lt. Gen. James R. Clapper, took over in late 2010 and has held the position ever since.
It should be noted, James Clapper lied to congress about his office collecting information on American citizens and he has not been held responsible for illegally collecting that information or lying to congress.
Around the same time Flynn was sent to serve the office of the DNI, the Syrian regime change operation kicked off and things like the “Free Syrian Army” and the “Syrian National Council” were formed.
“On April 17, 2012, President Barack Obama nominated Flynn to be the 18th director of the Defense Intelligence Agency.[22][23] Flynn took command of the DIA in July 2012.[24]”
The Director of the DIA is the highest ranking military intelligence officer in the US military. If there is something to know, he knows it.
That means, when we started funding and arming “moderate” terrorists in Syria in our destabilization campaign, Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn knew about it and approved it. Or at least tacitly approved of it because the President, whom he was giving daily briefings, said or did nothing to stop it.
In 2015, Mike Flynn gave an interview to al-Jazeera. It is this interview that many point to in terms of trying to present Flynn as someone deeply embedded in the system, trying to sway leadership away from the hiring and arming of terrorists in Syria. They say that mainly because it seems to be Mike Flynn’s main goal of the interview. But if you know his history and look at the interview yourself, you will see, he really wasn’t as opposed to the plan to arm terrorists in Syria as some are trying to suggest.
Here is part of that interview.
Mehdi Hasan: And not just with Iraq, obviously there’s Syria. You’re on record as saying that the handling of Syria by this administration has been a mistake.Many people would argue that the US actually saw the rise of ISIL coming and turned a blind eye, or even encouraged it as a counterpoint to Assad. And a secret analysis by the agency you ran, the Defence Intelligence Agency, in August 2012 said, and I quote, “There is the possibility of establishing – 
Michael Flynn: [TALKING OVER] Not so secret.
Mehdi Hasan: – “declared or undeclared Salafist” – it’s not secret any more, it was released under FOI. The quote is: “There is the possibility of establishing a declared or undeclared Salafist Principality in eastern Syria and this is exactly what the supporting powers to the opposition want in order to isolate the Syrian regime.” The US saw the ISIL caliphate coming and did nothing. 
Michael Flynn: Yeah, I think that what we – where we missed the point. I mean, where we totally blew it, I think, was in the very beginning. I mean, we’re talking four years now into this effort in Syria. Most people won’t even remember, it’s only been a couple of years: The Free Syrian Army, that movement. I mean, where are they today? Al-Nusra. Where are they today, and what have … how much have they changed? When you don’t get in and help somebody, they’re gonna find other means to achieve their goals. And I think right now, what we have allowed is we’ve got – 
Mehdi Hasan: [INTERRUPTING] But hold on, you were helping them in 2012.While these groups are – 
Michael Flynn: Yeah, we’ve allowed this, we’ve allowed this extremist, you know, these extremist militants to come in and – 
Mehdi Hasan: [INTERRUPTING] But why did you allow them to do that, General? You were in post. You were the head of the Defence Intelligence Agency. 
Michael Flynn: [TALKING OVER] Well, those are – those are – yeah, right, right. Well those are – those are policy – those are policy issues, yeah. 
Mehdi Hasan: [TALKING OVER] I took the liberty – I took the liberty of printing out that document. This is the memo I quoted from. Did you see this document in 2012? Would this come across your table, one of your analysts wrote –
Michael Flynn: [TALKING OVER] Oh yeah, yeah, I paid very close attention to all those, sure. 
Mehdi Hasan: [TALKING OVER] OK, So when you saw this, did you not pick up a phone and say, “What on earth are we doing supporting these Syrian rebels who are -“?
Michael Flynn: [TALKING OVER] Sure. That, that kind of information is presented and those become – 
Mehdi Hasan: [INTERRUPTING] And what did you do about it? 
Michael Flynn: Those become – those become – I argued about it. 
Mehdi Hasan: Did you say, “We shouldn’t be supporting these groups”? 
Michael Flynn: I did. I mean, we argued about these, the different groups that were there and we said, you know, “Who is that is involved here?” and I will tell you that I, I do believe that the, the intelligence was very clear, and now it’s a matter of whether or not policy is going to be as clear and as defining and as precise as it needs to be, and I don’t believe it was. 
Mehdi Hasan: Just on what you’re saying, just to clarify here, you’re saying today – today my understanding is you’re saying we should have backed the rebels. You’re saying in government, you agreed with this analysis … 
Michael Flynn: [INTERRUPTING] We should have done more earlier on in this effort, you know, than we did. We really – we sort of kicked that can – 
Mehdi Hasan: [INTERRUPTING] But in 2012, but in 2012 which was –
Michael Flynn: [TALKING OVER] – we kicked that can, Mehdi. 
Mehdi Hasan: But three – we’re not – but three years ago, let’s just be clear for the sake of our viewers. In 2012, your agency was saying, quote: “The Salafists, the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda in Iraq are the major forces driving the insurgence in Syria.” In 2012, the US was helping coordinate arms transfers to those same groups. Why did you not stop that, if you’re worried about the rise of quote, unquote, “Islamic extremism”?
Michael Flynn: [TALKING OVER] Yeah, I, I mean, I hate to say it’s not my job but that – my job was to ensure that the accuracy of our intelligence that was being presented was as good as it could be, and I will tell you, it goes before 2012. I mean, when we were, when we were in Iraq and we still had decisions to be made before there was a decision to pull out of Iraq in 2011. I mean, it was very clear what we were, what we were going to face. 
Mehdi Hasan: Well, I admire your frankness on this subject.
Michael Flynn: [TALKING OVER] Very clear what we were gonna face.
Mehdi Hasan: Let me – let me just to, before we move on, just to clarify once more, you are basically saying that even in government at the time, you knew those groups were around. You saw this analysis –
Michael Flynn: [TALKING OVER] Sure.
Mehdi Hasan: – and you were arguing against it. But who wasn’t listening? 
Michael Flynn: I think the administration. 
Mehdi Hasan: So the administration turned a blind eye to your analysis – 
Michael Flynn: I don’t know if they turned a blind eye. I think it was a decision. I think it was a wilful decision. 
Mehdi Hasan: A wilful decision to go – support an insurgency that had Salafist, al-Qaeda and Muslim Brotherhood?
Michael Flynn: [INTERRUPTING] Well, a wilful decision to do what they’re doing, which, which you have to really – you have to really ask the President, what is it that he actually is doing with the, with the policy that is in place, because it is very, very confusing? I’m sitting here today, Mehdi, and I don’t, I can’t tell you exactly what that is, and I’ve been at this for a long time. 
By his own reckoning, Mike Flynn was part of the discussion to arm and train elements of Salafist terrorist groups AND AL-QAEDA to destabilize Syria through terrorism in order to facilitate the removal of the elected leader of that country, Basar al-Assad.
And he seems to say his biggest problem with the application of the program was they they didn’t go far enough in the beginning to kick it off right.
We should have done more earlier on in this effort
That is not the statement of someone who thinks we shouldn’t be hiring and arming al-Qaeda to use as a terrorist proxy army. I’m sorry Trump fans. That’s the statement of a Salvador Option veteran who has grown accustomed to seeing how useful thugs can be when no one is paying attention and they can’t be held accountable for their actions.
Whatever you think or want to think about the attack on Flynn in the fake-left media these days, understand this: every one of these outlets are cheerleaders for the various regime change operations conducted by President Peace Prize and not many if any have come out publicly and told Obama to stop reengaging in Iraq or stop hiring terrorists in Syria. Not one. Certainly not Rachel Maddow.
The hyperventilating accusations being leveled at Flynn right now are a distraction. They are a distraction from his extremely bloody history of being right in the midst of some of the worst crimes against humanity this administration and the previous one committed in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq over the last 15 years or so.
Though he’s no Rumsfeld, Powell or Clinton, Mike Flynn has been part of the atrocities committed in our names for quite sometime and for Donald Trump to select him to serve as his national security advisor is a rather telling and deeply troubling development. Like so many Latin Americans run through the School of the Americas, Flynn has been trained to see and react to the world a certain way. A way that is rarely if ever talked about in polite circles like those of the MSM.
In a moment of candor, Barack Obama said of Trump that one thing that reassured him about their meeting was that Trump was not “ideological” and more “pragmatic” in his approach to governing. That is a terrifying thought when you think about it.
If this is the kind of man who will be advising Trump, potentially a useful idiot in the White House(Trump), we could be in serious trouble. At a time like this, the new president needs to see the world through better eyes than those that belong to the likes of Mike Flynn. I don’t care who he had dinner with as much as I care about how many dictators, death squads and al-Qaeda terrorists he’s hired in the past.

He is the ultimate insider of the American Deep State which is leading the country into a downward death spiral, working with the likes of General ‘Betrayus’and Colonel Steele of the ‘El Salvador Option’death squads ilk….except the death squads were set up in Afghanistan and Iraq under ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’ and ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom’.Flynn represents the FAILURE of USA policies in those countries, as he was on the ground over there directing things,

In addition to committing war crimes. Under International Law when a foreign occupier invades and controls another country legally OR illegally, they are obligated to protect the people, and rebuild the country at the cost of the taxpayer of the occupying power. In  Iraq between 2003-2011……… 1.5 million Iraqis died, infrastructure destroyed, and the country divided along 3 ethnic lines, as boasted by the CIA director as an off the cuff comment recently, as if the CIA along with their much loved butt buddy special ops had achieved a great feat for Israel. THUS in the inverse bizzarro world of the present mess in Iraq  it is precisely what the USA Deep State desired along with Israel, whose personnel were embedded with the USA forces in Iraq. To the rest of the world it is an appalling mess……a failure of the USA in what they had initially stated, and what they had actually achieved in Iraq.

Flynn and his Special Ops peer group first set up Iraqi shia death squads who committed unspeakable crimes .THEN they set up Sunni Death squads who also to this day continue to commit unspeakable crimes. From these Sunni Death squads that Flynn and his Special Ops peer group set up spawned ISIS directed by the CIA in 2014, and backed by Turkey and the GCC to re-energize the flagging ‘al-CIA-duh’ meme.

‘al-CIA-duh’ is CIA with backing from Special Ops, and ISIS is CIA, with backing from Special Ops of Israel, certain European powers, Turkey, GCC, Russians 5,000-7,000, other Arabs and Chinese Uyghur’s 1,000 in battle and 10,000 in Turkey training.

The International Security scam is quite simple. After the Jihadis have done their work in Iraq and Syria send them back to the next hotspot, and cause destabilization in that target state. Then let the FBI or CIA turn up in the target state and state that they have the expertise to fight the terrorists, and there should be ‘cooperation’

In Afghanistan, the once isolated beautiful country that bothered nobody has been turned into a narco-state by the USA, and 100,000 civilians have died in addition under USA/NATO occupation since 2001. The Taliban is a ‘controlled opposition’ run by the Pakistani military ISI, which in turn takes their orders and funding from the CIA. But the Taliban and ‘al-CIA-duh’ are great cover stories, whilst the CIA and Pentagon turn an entire country into a huge narco-state plantation in the best traditions of the East India Company of the good ole colonial days. General Flynn as an insider of Afghanistan from 2002 would have known about such activities, and indeed participated in them through operation enduring Freedom, which set up yet more death squads, killing thousands of innocent Afghan civilians, and more significantly give the false impression that the USA military with the CIA were doing some really USEFUL WORK with a banner heading like ‘Operation enduring Freedom.

Thus, Flynn was at the center of the worst crimes committed In Iraq and Afghanistan which has caused the USA so much problems. Now, he is perched safely in the White House as security adviser, and with his management/administrative/deep state/special ops/Intelligence experience he will manage the Trump administration for the Pentagon/CIA LOBBY…defacto Wall Street.

The Martin Boorman point man in the shadows who managed the Nazi Party for the International Jewish bankers, and disappeared to Argentina at wars end with the help of the OSS/CIA.

Under the Nuremburg trial benchmark…Flynn would be tried and sentenced.

And just because he is a fellow Celt, with a nice Irish name, and Catholic?? Does not Mean he won’t turn on Trump SHOULD HIS real MASTERS in the Pentagon/CIA Wall Street so wish.

Like Trump JFK came to power with a lot of promise and new hope for the country. The Deep State colluding with the Deep State in the Soviet Union manufactured the Cuban Missile Crisis (Castro was a Jewish Cuban, a billionaire and a CIA agent….the richest man in Cuba, and handing over power to his brother) This was a challenge to Kennedy as it refocused his attention away from domestic to International issues. When the Deep State conducted the Bay of Pigs incident this deeply embarrassed his administration, what JFK stated his administration stood for, and what was the REALITY.

After the ‘Bay of Pigs’ incident Kennedy privately stated that he would tear the CIA into 1000 different pieces---was he venting his frustration or was he really going to do so, and follow through, and do the USA and the world a big favour? We don’t know. The CIA, and LBJ (a Crypto-Jew from Texas with an OTT ‘I’m a Texan manner) organized his assassination in Dallas, Texas using a Catholic, Irish, gay, Celtic shady CIA operative named Clay Shaw and his friends (gay CIA groupie weirdo’s).CIA Clay Shaw killed the first Catholic, Irish-American President….who in many respects was an all round good guy.

The CIA was founded by an Irish-American, named General James Donovan, and it contains large numbers of Catholic Irish and Italian Americans. But that didn’t stop them killing America’s first Catholic Irish-American President because, they felt in their little paranoid smoke and mirrors world they were a little threatened by an off the cuff, off the record private comment.

Thus, the appointment of Mike Pompeo as CIA director is the second big mistake by Trump. He is an insider who makes the right noise for the Deep Doo Doo State.

Why this hurry to fill the key state security positions, with Insider Deep doo doo state actors? Are we really into Obama CONTINUITY here?


Vice-President Mike Pence (Crypto-Jew)

Pleasant hazy meaningless empty platitudes that are soothing to the ear, served as pabulum to the USA masses……..develop an Obamaesque packaged smile….Be the safe continuity President ALL nice and easy with $20 billion in the bank instead of the current $10 billion, after 4 years, See the world at the taxpayers expense, and sample the women of the world, leaving the First Lady in the Whitehouse. Make personal deals for his business empire in the Ukraine…….so what if the situation gets worse in the country after 4 years of Trump CONTINUITY?

All that matters is me, and the gravy train.

Or, Trump can serve 2 terms, and be a GREAT PRESIDENT of a once again GREAT nation…and be loved and adored by his people, by history, by his legacy…….Be another Reagan who was a Celtic B-movie actor with Alzheimer’s, who became a great President after Vice-President Bush tried unsuccessfully to bump him off in the very beginning, in 1981.(Repeating Dallas 1963)

BUT President Trump can’t be both. He can’t be a bit off a continuity President, having dinner with Hilary, Bill, Obama and Dubya and be the Greatest President since Reagan.It will be like having one feet in two different boats in a fast moving river.