Israel wants the Iran civilian nuclear deal to remain

The Mullahs of Iran were brought into power by the USA/UK with the aid of other European powers and CIA Gaddafi of Libya.....in 1979....using traitors inside Iran, some of whom would be later killed by the Mullahs or flee to the West.

So theoretically the so called 'West' want the Mullahs to remain in power.....since they have been basically unmolested by the paedophiles in the West for the last 37 years. Paedophilia and child sacrifice is a big thing in Western elite circles...especially in the UK...so I used that analogy.

The Mullahs of Iran who have been responsible for the death of 1,000,000 in the Iran/Iraq war...and at least 30,000 political executions inside the country...and the flight of 5,000,000 skilled Iranians to the WEST....and the flight of $2 trillion Capital out of the country, are considered wonderful people by many in the West.

The Mullahs are assets in certain Western circles.....the British for example spend a lot of money sponsoring Islamic studies for Muslim students in British universities ......this is not charity of course...it is evil destabilization designs of basically Third World countries and creating strife around the world.

For Far Right Likud Israel, medieval Mullah Iran is also a great asset, from which to milk a great deal of money, weapons and tea and sympathy from the West as the perennial little entity victim.

The Iran is good as far as the nuclear Deal is concerned but.............................
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Will Demand Major New US Sanctions on Iran, However

by Jason Ditz, antiwar.com
Israeli officials have told reporters that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is talking with his national security team on making plans for exactly what they’re going to demand President-elect Donald Trump do to Iran. Surprisingly, it’s not going to include killing the P5+1 nuclear deal.
After a solid year of railing against the P5+1 nuclear deal and pushing a Republican Congress to kill it over objections of President Obama, Netanyahu now seems finally to accept the idea that the US trying to unilaterally tear up a seven nation pact would neither kill the deal nor paint the US in a particularly favorable light.
Instead, he’s shooting for the US to shift their focus to imposing massive unilateral sanctions of Iran because of their conventional ballistic missile development, with officials saying Netanyahu wants to “stop Iran from becoming a superpower in the region.”
Israel’s push for sanctions on Iran is never meant to actually change Iranian policy, as they always oppose removing any sanctions irrespective of the reason. The false narrative of Iran’s “nuclear” program being a threat has simply shifted to missiles, and if missiles stops being a good enough excuse, they’ll come up with something else.