Indian economy reaches $2 trillion

India's PPP GDP will reach $5.5 trillion this year 2015. The third largest economy on earth.

India's PPP GDP will reach $50 trillion by 2050.

China's PPP GDP will reach $85 trillion by 2050.

By that time China will lead the world, and India will play a passive second fiddle to China. This is not undesirable. 

The Jew in the West and their bizarre policies will become irrelevant by that time....and for that we must thank the Chinese. India is developing due to the role model of China. Asia is developing because of the role model of China.

China leads the world without fighting.


India is now a $2-trillion economy: World Bank report


By Times of India


India has become a $2 trillion economy now.

According to a World Bank report, India's GDP crossed the $2-trillion mark in 2014 and at present stands at $2 trillion.

 In just seven years, India has added one trillion to its economy.

Going by income, India is still in the lower middle income category.

India's gross national income per person has risen to $1,610, which converts to Rs 1,01,430 by present exchange rate.

India is among the world the fastest growing economies this year.

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Reserve Bank of India governor Raghuram Rajan said on Thursday that the Indian economy was in a recovery phase.

  "There are signs of pick up in capital investments," Rajan said.

Rajan also said that India's exposure to Greece was very, very limited. "The direct exposure is very limited for India. But there is some indirect exposure like how the Euro would react to the Greece situation." He added after the initial burst of volatility, investors will start differentiating. "Our growth prospects are good and the buffers that we have are reasonable, including foreign exchange," Rajan said.

He added that exports remained an area of relative concern but they have been weak across all Asian economies, barring China. On monsoon, the governor said the news on the rain front has so far been good. "The monsoon thus far has been above normal. Of course, there are varying predictions moving forward," he said.