India Pakistan co-existence

If only greater trade could be facilitated directly between the countries rather than through the bizarre oddity transit of The UAE.

If only India accelerated a bi-lateral FTA with Pakistan, rather than every other country, but South Asia.

If only cross border INFRASTRUCTURE was accelerated between the two countries.

Rather than have photo ops about the same old stale agenda's.......Kashmir, ISI terrorism, counterfeit notes, human trafficking and Afghan heroin via Pakistan into India.

India perceptively needs to differentiate between the Pakistan military, and the nascent political class in that country....and modulate state policies once the difference is identified. There isn't one Pakistan, as much as there isn't one India.

India should engage and reward the 'progressive' elements in the Pakistani power structure.

Very naturally the failed Pudi Cunts (They exist in equal measure in both states)will carry out distraction exercises, but the Modi government must remain focused like a hawk and stead fast in their objectives. 


Modi-Sharif talks: Top 10 highlights


By Times of India.


India and Pakistan took a step forward in bilateral ties as Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif met on Friday in Ufa, Russia on the sidelines of SCO summit. Here are some of the major takeaways from the talks.

1. India, Pakistan agree to discuss all outstanding issues

2. Modi and Sharif condemn terrorism in all its forms.

3. India, Pak agree to cooperate to eliminate the menace of terrorism.

4. Both countries agree to find ways to expedite the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks trial

5. Pakistan agrees to India's demand to provide voice samples of the accused in 26/11 case

6. PM Modi accepts Sharif's invitation to visit Pakistan in 2016 for the SAARC summit

7. National security advisers of both countries to meet in New Delhi to discuss all issues related to terrorism.

8. Both countries decide to hold early meetings of DG BSF and DG Pakistan Rangers followed by that of DGMOs.

9. The two sides decide to release within 15 days fishermen in each other's custody and their boats.

10. Two countries agree to discuss mechanism for facilitating religious tourism.