Nothing wrong with a centralised state.

If ever there was a good example of a GREAT centralized state that is CHINA.

If Modi is going to come good on his election promises, he MUST centralize power within the ramshackle ponderous state.

Ashoka had a highly centralized state as did Akbar the Great.

Modern, first world PROSPEROUS France is another example of a highly centralized state.

Centralized states only become a problem, when the bureaucracy is inefficient and corrupted, and the central government is also aimless and corrupted.

Then in such a situation, the central government becomes a burden on the rest of the state.

Not unlike the CIA(narcotics) and Pentagon(endless Wars for Israel) on the American Federal state.

Modi running an over-centralized govt: Chidambaram


By Times of India

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram on Thursday rejected Prime Minister Narendra Modi's veiled charge that Sonia Gandhi was an "unconstitutional authority" and instead accused the BJP and the government of "running to" RSS with a "pernicious" hidden agenda.

He attacked Modi saying he runs an "over-centralized" government and it will not go too far if it continues like this. In a dig at him, he said Modi has transformed from Chief Minister of Gujarat to Chief Minister of India.

Chidambaram, who held finance and home portfolios during the tenures of UPA government, dismissed criticism that Congress was adopting obstructionism in Parliament and said as opposition its duty was to raise issues.  

"They have not been able to point to a single instance, where Mrs Sonia Gandhi took any government decision. She was the president of the party. As president of the party she is entitled to give the party's view.

"Why do BJP leaders run to Jhandewalan and Nagpur? (RSS headquarters). You constantly hear four ministers meet at Jhandewalan, four ministers went to Nagpur," hes said in an interview.

He was asked about the Prime Minister's suggestion that Sonia Gandhi was an "unconstitutional" authority exercising "real" power over the PMO during the UPA rule.

Explaining Sonia Gandhi's role during the UPA government, Chidambaram said that a party is entitled to give its view.

"Every decision of the UPA was taken either in the cabinet or cabinet committee. You can criticise the merit of the decision. But, how can one deny that the decision was taken by the cabinet or cabinet committee concerned?" he said.

Reacting to BJP chief Amit Shah's statement that the party-led government lacked the mandate to address its core issues, the Congress leader said, "This Government and party in power are hiding their true colours. 

"From time to time, statements like the one made by Amit Shah bring out their true colours. Their pernicious agenda is still there. They keep it hidden for a while, but sometimes it surfaces."