False Flag terrorism by the FBI


Boston Bombings: Photos of the real Tamerlan Tsarnaev

(The so called FBI MONITERED “terrorist” was young, had style, drove a nice car, had a great looking girlfriend, liked America… and was doing what he loved.  All that he gave up … to kill random Americans… and get his younger brother killed…  for WHAT reason?)

from Mike Rivero, What Really Happened

A rather different look at Tamerlan Tsarnaev, quite a contrast to the blurry and dark images used by the corporate media to demonize the suspect. He was a martial arts star and according to the caption for the above image drove a Mercedes!

UPDATE: “Someone” does not want the public to see Tamerlin Tsarnaev in any kind of positive light. As soon as I posted this link to his photos showing him as a regular guy doing martial arts, driving a Mercedes, doing quite well for himself (he was a Golden Gloves contender and had ambitions to compete for the US in the Olympics) that page of his photos was taken down (Mike Rivero--of what Really Happened site).

Not to worry… here is the side of Tamerlin they don’t want you to see!

A guy with this much going for him; good education, scholarships, lovely girlfriend, heading for the Olympics, no prior indications of animosity against the American people, just doesn’t simply decide one day to carry out a mass bombing.

Why aren’t the FBI looking for this guy?