Israel's butt buddies

Ahmedinejad's speeches at the UN are always GUARANTEED good Jewish vaudiville acts, presumably that is why the leader of a Third World country that is not overly significant is allowed to perform in the global platform of the UN, smack BANG BANG in the middle of Jew York, over the speechifying requirements of other leaders around the world that have something slightly more constructive to say; there are after all 57 other Muslim majority countries with leaders who shall we say are a little bit more balanced than Ahmedinejad and Gadaffi. Two regimes installed by the USA/UK in the first place. ............thats why faggot, cross dressing eccentric Gaddafi, leader of an unremarkable desert state of 4 million has remained in power for 40 years without being particuarly effective as a leader or as regime, with so much controversial history..................the same with the mullah's of Iran in power for 30 years, with so much controversey behind them, and a deeply unpopular ineffective regime that renmains in power through coercive force, threats, torture and out right murder.

The Clash of Civilisation meme coutesy of British arch agent academic Jew Bernard Lewis, stoked from the 1970's is waning, and so what better way to remind the world of the "problem" then invite these installed clowns to Jew York to perform their usual acts of sheer theatrics.

Beyond the tireless predictable threatics, these staged stunts smack bang in the middle of Jew York are informative in another way..............they indicate to us the level of "control' Israel and the Jew exercise over particular countries around the world. We know the type of speech Ahmedinejad is going to deliver, so why be suprised? Its not as if this is the first time he has made such speeches. So the walking out by certain diplomats of certain countries is an indication to us which are the true "butt buddies" of Israel, since Israel has ordered these First World countries which Third World country is now a mortal threat to Israel.

However the type of "butt buddies" of Israel varies, there are several categories. Generally speaking most of Israel's in bed closet "butt budies" are in Occidental countries where significant Jew populations reside, and the Jew through the Rothschild banking network initially were able to build a power base in certain Western countries, over the last 200 years, just after the Napoleonic wars.

Category 1 "butt buddy"

The USA state: 8--9 million Jews in the USA, The Israel lobby, the prominant position of Jews in USA politics...Teddy Roosevelt, possibly the first Crypto-Jew president and the beginning of the American quest for empire; FD Roosevelt; Truman; Eisenhower; Lyndon Johnson; Clinton regime being the most Jewish...1993---2001.....since then an emphasis on having Jews of Israeli origin with Israeli citzenship credentials, serving and servicing Israel extensively through sensitive positions of the American state such as in the Defence/Pentagon, and State Department. Backed by Christian Zionists made of 30 million religious batshit wacko's( a really queer paradox in a modern state), who are conditioned into believing that by supporting Israel they are fulfilling a religious mission for Jesus's second coming and the present existence, and on-going wars in the Israeli hinterland and final "sacrifice" of Israel is a key to that; the FBI implicated in ALL false flag ops in the USA........The USA media.......the key brainwashing mechanism over the rest of the helpless 98% American gentile population.

The French State: Especially so since Mossad agent Sarkozy was elected President. Unoffically 1 million Jews live in France.

Category 2 "Butt buddy"

UK state, German state, Denmark state, Holland state, Spain, Switzerland state, Ukraine state, Hungary state, Turkey state, Pakistan state, Iraq state, Afghan state, Iran state, Uzbekistan state, Italy state, Austria state, Poland state, Georgia.

Category 3 "butt buddy"

Russian state( historically Russia with the Ukraine had the largest Jewish population mainly through conversion during AD 800---1000.................), Indian state (via RAW/BJP/aspects of Indian media), Sri Lankan state, Indonesian state, Cambodian state.

Whats the problem with being Israel's "butt buddy"? Well as the allegory suggests if you are not Israel then in such a relationship you are in danger of being seriously "shafted". With the Jew there is no such thing as equality, reciprocity and live and let live........true friendship.

Nations cultivate normal "relationships" with other nations which last for many years.........Germany with Austria; the UK with Portugal; Norway with Sweden; The USA with Canada........because there are good wholesome reasons for such relationships between the countries.

Jew control of the media in a given gentile country, of political interfence through local and foreign agents in a given gentile country, of "cooperation" with the security of a gentile country does not a make true friendship which has mutual beneficial consequences for ALL; never does................it is the gentile country that ultimately always gets shafted by the Jew....that is how it has to be.

Russia is the classic example of that.........starting from 1918, and the Bolshevik revolution. Those countries that do not have large Jew populations presently, however should not be overly unguarded......The Jew now is a global phenomenon, with their particular agenda's. If Israel cultivates relationships with a state which is very unlike itself then it is because they have ther own agenda's to fulfill, which invariably ultimately will clash with the interests of the host nation.


Desert Fairy Tales.

What is in the bible, and believed at different degrees by Muslims and Jews as people of the book, are purely desert fairy tales ..........but it is amazing the extent to which the greater part of the worlds population believe in such nonsense. This is the testament to the power of a good story sold to the masses, and the level of indoctrination with propaganda which mesmerizes so many people.........the modern fairy tale stories that Saddam's Iraq was a mere 45 minute's away threat to America, or that the ancient, reclusive, isolated, 4th world, and medievel state of Afghanistan was ever a threat to the USA or the world, which America with NATO had to be occupied for 8 years or more as a failed narco state in order to protect the world.

All desert fairy tales.

From Mike Rivero at What Really Happened.

Egypt is literally littered with the ruins of the ancient temples and palaces of her rulers. As much as has been found, it is estimated that only 1/3 of Egypt's archeological wonders have been uncovered to date. A newly discovered temple was uncovered while digging a sewer line, and a cache of finely preserved mummies was literally stumbled over by a cow in a pasture.

Iraq's ancient heritage was enshrined in its ancient sites and museum. As a result of the war, many of those sites have been damaged or destroyed. Part of the ancient city or Ur now lies underneath a US air base runway. The treasures of the museum have only partly been recovered. The treasures from the looted archaeological sites have been scattered to the world.

Likewise, Iran has a rich archaeological heritage marking its place in history.

All of this wealth of archaeological treasures must of course annoy Israel. We are raised from birth with Old Testament tales of the greatness of the ancient Israelites, of the powerful kingdoms of Solomon and David and the first temple. Yet Israel, while rich in antiquities, is almost totally devoid of artifacts from this supposedly glorious time in her history. The existence of the fabled First Temple was supported with just two artifacts, a carved staff ornament in the shape of a pomegranate and the Jehoash tablet. Both of these artifacts have been exposed as frauds. We are told that once there was a magnificent temple on that hill, but it "all went away." The wonders emerging from the soil of Egypt, Iraq, and Iran serve as a constant reminder that ancient buildings of such a scale as we are told the First Temple was simply do not vanish without a trace.

There is considerable reason to suspect that the tales told in the Old Testament are just that; tales. The Bible is not science, it is the collected stories of a primitive tribal people reminding each other how important they are. And like fishermen talking about the one that got away, or Ramses with his temple carvings of the did-not-really-happen victory over the Hittites at Kadesh, the writers of the ancient testaments assumed that the people they were telling stories to had no way to verify the claims for themselves. So "embellishment" was a low-risk activity.

We do know from the available archaeological evidence that the Exodus probably actually happened to the Hyksos, not the Israelites. We know that the story of Moses is suspect because no Egyptian princess would hide a Hebrew child inside Pharaoh's household, then give the kid a Hebrew name ("Moses" is actually an Egyptian title meaning "Prince" and is included in the names of many Pharaoh's names such as Tut-Moses, Ah-Moses, Ra-Moses (Ramses) etc.)

Likewise, the story of Masada may be less than accurate. The remains found on the mountain were buried with pig bones, something no proper Jewish funeral would tolerate, which suggests that the bodies found and venerated as heroes of ancient Judea were actually those of dead Roman Soldiers.

But a good story is a good story and the writers of the ancient texts were probably not thinking much further into the future than the guys who pen the "Celebrity dates space alien" stories you see at supermarket checkout lines. The fact that the celebrity is a real person does not prove the space alien exists. It's just a story.

Given enough time, even a simple story written in jest can take on a life of its own. Scientology began as a bet between two science fiction writers; look how wide spread that has become in just a short time.

But, over time, entire religions with attendant wealth and power structures have been built on the premise that these old testament stories really happened exactly as written. And today, here in the 21st century world, science has started to catch up with these ancient legends and call many of them into doubt.

So, for a nation that justifies its existence on the writings of the Torah, the plethora of sites and artifacts confirming the ancient histories of Egypt, Iraq, Iran, etc. etc. etc. must seem a dire political threat for a nation whose own ancient history seems to have left little if any traces at all.

........Ouch!!!!!!!!!!!!........Your in danger of encouraging Israel in the wrong direction.

But presumably the Romans did interact with a type of Jewish peoples whose identity had evolved into a form of Judaism which might not be recognized by modern Jewish standards and practices, 2000 years ago (see "The Last Temptation of Christ" to get a glimpse)........and presumably they were freed from slavery and captivity in ancient Babylon when the Persians invaded the area in 538 BC, unless these are also desert fairy tales too........as to Esther saving the lives of countless Jews, celebrated around the Jewish holiday of Purim.......again no historical basis, or evidence around that.

So in sum total the Jewish race that came out of what is now Israel is real enough, and according to professor Shlomo Sands many dispersed around the world after the Romans sacked Jerusalem, but as many were also converts from other races in Western, and Arab countries.........a good deal of the modern Palestinians are of Jewish origin, but for the fact that they converted to Islam from Judaism.....not a big jump in religious faith and practices (see the modern Samaritans at prayer......which represents the old form of Judaism).

The colorful amazing stuff such as 40 years in the desert of Sinai, a non-existent Moses parting waves, Salomon...David...Sampson........blah, blah blah that's the fairy tale propaganda.......and why blame them? Don't all races and nations mythologize to a greater or lessor degree about themselves?

As long as it does not lead to any harm hey; around misconstrued ideas, EGOs and false ambitions?


The question of Jinnah and the BJP.

Yes I have been following the saga, not in great depth, but it is worth commenting on as I am doing now.

What is the significance of the saga for India, for Pakistan.....for South Asia generally?

Not significant? Just a couple of old farts, in the twilight of their political life lamenting and reflecting on a long past insignificant story, candidly in the way old farts do as they trace their life history...............babbling on without proper political timing, coherent context and singular political purpose???? (Advani and Singh )

Or something more sinister and Machiavellian?...............By painting Jinnah as a secular man, who was very moderate and reasonable.....someone who was accommodating and flexible (all good things), they are trying to insinuate that the sad traumatic unnecessary partition of India for ALL was the result of Congress and its leadership failures, and specifically Nehru. If that were so, then that would be really sad, and low in politics, never mind that politics does attract a lot of the low, sad, criminal sort, especially in India, or maybe I should say especially South Asia.

I instinctively NEVER thought when Advani published his book in 2005 and came out with the "Jinnah was secular" meme Advani was taking a dig at Congress.......it was an auto biography by a man who had a lot of rich memories and by writing the autobiography presumably Advani was attempting to come to terms with his life, the highs and the lows, and sharing those experiences with a wide an audience as possible, surely? Isn't that why the great and the good write auto biographies....to set the record straight as it were, rather than as vindictive retributive tools?

Obviously when you are a high profile political/public figure, people invariably can gauge secondary, or multilayered meanings which simply may not exist in the original text......but this is the hazard of being a prominent political person........your every words are scrutinized, and examined...and this is how it is every where. But I do not believe the intentions of Advani and Jaswant Singh were in this direction for one moment; just old men perhaps reaching a position of greater wisdom, genuinely lamenting the partition of India............which I too regret genuinely. I do genuinely regret the partition of India....it was unnecessary, wasteful and destructive...and if Pakistan is occupied by the Americans proper, the situation for South Asia will get worse, in the manner of Bengal in 1757, and a certain Mir Jafar. History can repeat itself, sometimes.

Let me briefly enlighten you on how my perspectives about Pakistan, India and partition changed........gradually over time, slowly. In doing so perhaps you might begin to understand why L K Advani and Jaswant Singh from the BJP of all parties made their statements as they did through their books respectively, more recently.

I have mixed both with Pakistanis and Indians socially and they have been mostly good experiences. When you interact with others socially you begin to see them as just another human being, and you begin to focus on the similarities......what inerests you both.....basic function of socialisation. Then when I began writing about Pakistan securty post 9/11, I came to the conclusion that Pakistan was the aggressor nation viz India........this would be around late 2003, not 20 years ago, or even 10 years ago. Then I considered the Pakistan state....a failed state, which seems to be incapable of providing the basics for its people...........but on the contrary quite often in a rather casual manner kills millions of its own people. A state that has been involved in American sponsored schemes/mischief around the region which have a tendency to boomerang onto the country.......but they never seem to learn this hard fact.

So what is the justification of such a state? To be sure India is not a shining beacon of light which I am yearning to rush to work and live in BUT, what if partition did not happen? What would have been the benefits of such an outcome for South Asia generally?

For all my meager wisdom, unlike Advani and Jaswant Singh, I think the outcome for South Asia of a united India would have been far far better, than it is now.....at the moment the spat between India and Pakistan running over 62 years is a total farce......a dangerous time consuming wasteful argument which has involved three wars, and as many near wars, without any solutions.

It is in that broader sense, with all the cost and damage to the region, with Pakistan being used as a security ops proxy by outside alien powers.....with ALL the consequences........... that I regret the partition of India. I regret what Jinnah did.......looking at the situation in hind sight. I regret that he partitioned India, knowing that he was only going to get a moth eaten rumb statelet which was going to fail. I regret that he pushed for Pakistan when he knew he wouldn't live long to see it and realize it himself. I regret the destruction of cultures and communities which had co existed for 1000 upon thousands of years.......this was the work of Jinnah and nobody else.

I have even gone further and suggested that he was a Raj spy, maneuvered into place to effect their agenda, and I stand by that accusation.

It is in that sense that I think praising Jinnah especially now is wrong. In the context of BJP politics and their responsibilities to their party and to their country I am quite sure that there are far more current and urgent issues which the BJP as a party in opposition needs to focus on rather than get side tracted into non-issue matters of history, thick with emotion for many, but of very little relevance to the present. These sort of things are best discussed within the confines of the proper intellectual circles within the party, rather than bring them out in the open.

BUT if by praising Jinnah one is attempting some kind of rapprochement with the "other side" than I accept it as a good intentioned gesture. But not as a political tactic to take a dig at the Congress Party; there are other more OBVIOUS ways one can criticize the current Congress Party, without being so cryptic.

Nehru was not a great leader, he had faults....and he made many mistakes. As to Gandhi imagine India now if his ideology were taken in its literal form and translated into India's foreign policy, defense policy and economic policy.............utter, utter disaster would have ensued in India, and the Congress Party knew that, that is why they never instituted a significant portions of his ideas into state policy.........be that as it may, they cannot however be blamed for the Partition of India..........that sad occurrence was the work of Jinnah, and if one believes ones instincts, the Raj manipulated Jinnah through their numerous agents in India...........that is why they were in such a "hurry' to leave India, without actually leaving........independence would have been too late for them in 1948, after being in the vicinity of the subcontinent for 200 odd years. Samje?

So on to Mr. Jaswant Singh. To challenge ones cherishly held ideas every now and than and reflect upon them requires quite of bit of courage and a great deal of reflective thinking.....so his comments and his book I thoroughly commend and recommend. I hope he visits Pakistan and makes it his second home. When he visits the country he should reach out to a wide an audience as possible.........and in between book signings he should:

1. Lecture why for all the reasons the partition was morally, economically, politically, socially, culturally, psychologically and militarily wrong....he shouldn't babble on but have specific sound bites that are genuine in content. Clear precise answers.

2. What in his opinion were the true role of the Congress, the Raj and Jinnah with the Muslim League in the partition of India. This should definitely not be a Congress bashing session.

3. How India and Pakistan, specifically NOW can come closer together in all respects. What practical ideas does he have for this important task.


Bhai saab, Pakistan isn't another Iraq under "American declared LIBERATION and DEMOCRACY" is it yet?


Al-Maliki of Iraq can definitively state that the Zio-Christian fundamentalist mercenary out fit of Blackwater is not in Iraq, and that it definitely does not recruit Israelis in its ranks. Al-Maliki can further conform that they won't be roaming Iraq killing top scientists in the country who were connected to the former Saddam regimes WMD programs.

America is in Iraq ONLY to spread peace, love, democracy, transparency, reconstruction, economic development and effective governance, after decades of Socialist Ba' athist dictatorship under Saddam.

Al-Malaki swears all this supreme truth publicly, and openly without a second of hesitation to his beloved countrymen on the Koran and upon the honor of his family name, and they must believe him surely.(the actual speech was prepared at the American embassy)

Al-Maliki further states that no Iraqi bases are being used to launch missiles controlled by the USA which kill mainly Iraqi civilians, and not much else. (the missiles are part of a psych war specifically directed against Iraqis to demonstrate American technical and racial superiority, never mind that 95% of the casualties list published by the Iraqi government show to be innocent civilians)

Al-Maliki and his colleagues affirm the sovereignty of Iraq and the independence of the people to choose their own destiny. Al-Maliki fully supports and believes in the proud heritage of his country from the dawn of time, to the present as the "Cradle of civilization"....and that no foreign power great and small have the right to interfere with its internal affairs........especially a country like the USA, a rogue dangerous power run by mad Jews with agenda's.....and very little mercy. Al-Maliki does not have a second home in America, and has no foreign bank accounts.

Al-Maliki can definitely confirm that the biggest USA embassy in the world will soon not be in Bagdad, containing 1800 personnel........including military personnel.........and nobody should show any concern or alarm about this strange development least of all the Iraqi people.

It is absolutely normal for America to have big big embassies in small failed states.......please believe me, stay calm and watch some telly to pass the time.

Al-Maliki can further confirm that there aren't over half a dozen bases in the country which contain American Military personnel, including bases near highly sensitive sights close to Sargoda.

America equals love and peace..........as in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mean while a few years later.............2012.

The Chimp in chief at his palace in Islamabad says that he hasn't amassed $10 billion........he is a poor man of the people, who ONLY thinks of his people in Pakistan. But he requires American security to protect him because he says "al-Qaeda" working through various name changing umberrla organisations is very active in that area.......that is the only reason he has allowed the 3,000 strong American embassy next to his presidential palace.

The Chimp further adds that there simply is no evidence that 5 million Pakistanis have been killed through sectarian violence........attributed to the Liberating American Forces and their institution of "Operation Peace and stabilization" program from 2010.

The Chimp in chief denies that 20 million Pakistanis have "escaped" to India as refugees. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that the women in these refugee camps are selling their pudi for 1 rupee a go..........The president says he knows because his own intelligence told him the going rate is 4 rupee a go, and he makes 20% on all such transactions.

But, but, but Pakistan is a nuclear power....which spent $20 billion on the project, defeating and overcoming a concerted Zionist effort to prevent the country from acquiring the bomb over several decades, with the sacrifice of lives and deep effort by the great many from the country.....50 warheads........800,000 in the military....and 300,000 paramilitary........2,500 tanks...2,000 artillery...450 jets.....how can America overpower such a state? If North Korea is independent, why can't Pakistan be so?

The fundamental problem of the state is the Pakistan military (always has been from day one of independence in August 1947), especially the top brass lacking in strategic and moral courage, and their all too close alliance with the USA. In addition their destabilization of Pakistani politics over many decades in order to stay in power.

They never came to the simple truth that Jew run America could never be friends or a real realiable ally of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan........that any such relationship would be fake and to the disadvantage of Pakistan generally.....always as subsequent experience has shown.

Its not as if the Pakistani chamcha chaud military have had great experience with the Americans either........America destabilized Field Marshal Ayub Khan from 1965---1969...perhaps that is why he titled his autobiography "Friends not Masters" (1967)...reflectively. The American's killed General Zia and the entire top brass...and destabilized General Musharaf out of power more recently, and installed the Chimp in chief Zardari.

But these sad kuta chauds in uniform do not learn....they repeat the mistake for themselves and so their country, again, again, again and again. They look stupid, act stupid, no Izzat, sharam or tamiz against their own brothers and sisters.

The Pakistani military is the true and main enemy of the Pakistani people. We do not blame Jew America using Pakistan for its own ends cynically.

The Pakistan military itself does not have a glorious record; it fights its bloodiest wars against its own people in East Pakistan, Baluchistan and now the NWFP....where in there are other more civilized options in dealings with ones own kith and kin and fellow countrymen....but I bet a trillion $ any day that when the Americans finally decide to fully invade and occupy the country the Kuta Chaud Pakistan military will not resist and fight so vigorously as they have done against their own people in the past and present......kuta chaud....kuta chaud....kuta chaud.........the Turkish military have a good fighting record; the Vietnamese military have a good fighting record...........and to an exten the Indian military have a good fighting record, against Pakistan mainly.....examples of Third World states which have produced fine institutions which the people can be proud of.

The Pakistan military on the other hand operates as a service center for USA geo-strategy in the Greater Middle East and South Asia.........training up groups against Iran, Afghanistan, China, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka....and so on, and the ordinary Pakistani society will feel what gratitude they get from America eventually.

And so in the future when the American slowly take over Pakistan and a terrible civil war ensues as in Iraq......the above Mir Jafar's will be retired some where in America, playing golf, exchanging old stories with the MOSSAD agent Busharaf, and sadly reflecting on the fact that they can no longer play their games with Pakistan.

So what is the solution?

The Pakistani people cannot rely on their corrupt inept political leadership, and the even worse military to save them from American "Liberation" with all the dire consequences of what might then ensure in the country..........I suggest you read all the "alternative reporting" from Iraq, and as a Pakistani you will get a idea of what might follow.

Pakistanis must organise around alternative leaders who are not tainted like the present sad lot............in doing so they must not scuumb to Islamic fundamentalism, and the politics of the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The Taliban are run by the Pakistan military at the behest of the Americans since 1994...........in machiavellian politics the Taliban are known as "Controlled opposition" .....they provide the justification for the Americans to be in Afghanistan, and soon as it is developing in Pakistan since 2001. The same with al-Qaeda......in this machiavellian Jewish/American game the Pakistan military have played a central pivotal role, more than anybody else around the world, and in Pakistan itself. They have both sustained the al-Qaida myth, and continue to train, arm, finance the Afghan and Pakistan Taliban.....whilst purportedly fighting them to the end................this is quite a machiavellian achievement, no doubt guideded by the American embassy.

Most Pakistani generals....the 130 or so serving and retired are guaranteed millionaires; businessmen, hustlers, wheeler dealers..............NOT military men with honor or dignity.....if the price is right they can sell their own grandmothers, no problem saab! They have sold 700 mainly innocent civilians to the Americans as "al-Qaida" since 2001....INNOCENT because the Americans themselves have subsequently released many of them..........and if you follow the arrest patterns of these "al-Qaeda" people, you will see that the pattern is usually linked to American domestic political needs and requirements.....so the show is a total charade.........the same with the capture of the 5 Taliban leaders in Swat very recently......you guessed on 9/11..."celebration day".

..................So when these Mir Jafar kuta Generals are finally brought to account, and stripped of their rank, and medals...........when they have been tried and executed..........their bodies must be burnt on a funeral pyre............and an invited low caste hindu priest from South India must read the last burial rights for them, and their ashes spread in either Israel or America, NOT PAK--I---STAN.

Pakistanis, through peaceful means must reclaim Islamabad first and foremost from the quiet American occupation/invasion....then they must de-select by whatever means the present corrupt regime, and then elect a more effective regime there after.

Pakistan zindabad!