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The Mullahs in Iran were brought into power by the Carter administration using the State Department, the CIA, the Pentagon and European allies (1977--1979). France and the UK playing a very active auxiliary role. Some things don't change that much. Paris became the base where Ayatollah Khomeini grandstanded from with the aid of the BBC world Farsi service, and STRATEGIC guidance and communication from the CIA....and their operatives in Iran to make the 'Islamic Revolution' possible. Most Iranians did not want an Islamic Revolution (Syria).....why would they????

US had extensive contact with Ayatollah Khomeini before Iran ...

The MOSSAD station chief in Iran joined the crowd in cheering and welcoming Khomenei at the airport.....on 1st February 1979.

Why did the Globalist Carter administration do this? Remove a trusted ally of 26 years who was designated by Nixon as the 'Policeman of the Persian Gulf'......who purchased like Saudi Arabia 100 of billions $ worth of arms from the MIC...usually overpriced...and $500 million worth of annual arms purchase from Israel; cheap subsidised oil for Israel.....and an obedient dog of the USA, which parked $10 of billions of its petro-$ in American banks.

Iran part of the SEATO military block against the Soviet Union, and set up by the Eisenhower administration in 1954. Iran containing many important military spy stations of the USA.

What could be sweeter for the USA? Great strategic historical Persia, a vassal state of the USA.

However, the USA itself is not an independent country. 

At the Grand strategic level, it is run by the Jew Rothschilds family of London via their lieutenants in the USA.

The Jew Rothschilds of London had a new great idea.

The new idea was to sponsor through the spooks, Islamic fundamentalist groups in the Greater Middle East in order to destabilise and further control the Greater Middle East, and set up the bear trap and give the Soviet Union its own Vietnam. 

All this destabilisation would also help create Eretz Israel.
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'The Arc of Crisis' 'Clash of civilisation' 'Operation Cyclone' all penned in Rothschilds London from the 1970's.

and sounded out in the Bilderberg group, CFR and various think tanks of America in the 1970's with the key critical role being played by Bernard Lewis a Jew super spy from the FO sent to the USA to spread the idea. ....perched at Princeton University. One of his disciples being Samuel Huntington a witless American professor....a front for this new idea.

The Republican Party would not accept such a plan of backstabbing allies and creating indeterminate chaos which would harm strategic American interests. However, the Democratic Party, always more 'GLOBALIST'.....the party which got 80% of the Jewish vote was open to this idea..... with directions from the Rockefellers....and after crying all day in the Whitehouse when Carter realised he had no real power, he brought in GLOBALISTS into his administration, namely Zbig Brezenski as NSA. 

The mullahs are bad, but bad mostly to their own people, that does not constitute a real threat to Israel which I will explain briefly later.

  • They have killed 10,000's thousands of Iranian political opponents inside Iran and abroad (excelling the CIA puppet Shah by a factor of 10 or 20)
  • 5,000,000 million mostly educated Iranians have left the country due to mullah rule; unprecedented since the exodus after the Arab invasion in 638 AD.
  • $1.5 trillion capital flight followed these educated Iranians emigrating.
  • 750,000 Iranian men and boys died in the Iran/Iraq war.
  • The Iranian economy is run as a corrupt mullah lottery, which is not stable. The protests recently were about economic issues above all else, and the regime in Tehran new this fact.
  • The inherent absurdity of primitive illiterate mullahs running a modern state.

What Bibi has to understand is that the Rothschilds of London want such a 'wonderful Kafkaesque state' to be unmolested fundamentally by anyone and everyone....as has been the case since 1979---for 39 years.

The mullahs are wary of the conventional armed forces, lest there is a coup. As such they are kept underfunded and small by global standards:

350,000    Artesh
52,000      Airforce.....with 100--200 jets that can fly???
22,000      Navy

About 3% of GDP spent on defence, even during the height of threats from the Bush II era which were pretty real, and came very close to real attacks. Israel 9% of GDP real defence expenditure; USA 5% of GDP real GDP defence expenditure; North Korea is around 25% of GDP defence expenditure.

Iran has no credible offensive capability...and more critically the mullahs don't want to give them any offensive capability. 

The only armed Iranian groups abroad are the Revolutionary Guard militia, devoid of any heavy equipment, but suited for lightly armed guerrilla warfare. 2,000 in Syria engaging ISIS (requested by the Syrian government to come in officially), 

and 1000 in Iraq from the Quds Brigade...invited officially in by the USA and Paul Bremer in 2004 (Shia vs Sunni meme).

AND what great feat have the 2000 Pasdaran achieved in Syria that has Netanyahu shitting in his pants?

4 of their generals have died in Syria due to Israeli/ISIS cooperation and coordination.

1000 IRGC members have died fighting ISIS and Israeli air attacks...in defence of ISIS.