Donald J Trump the man and the President.

There are various articles and rumours that President Donald J Trump has dispatched 2200 elite unit of the Marines to Langley, Virginia to forestall yet another Bush led coup against a serving President around Christmas 2017.  

(JFK 1963, Watergate Nixon 1973, The October Surprise 1980, Hinckley Reagan 1981, Iraq War 1990/1991---in this particular case helping to sell a serving American President by duping CIA Saddam into invading Kuwait. WTC 1993 {fbi} Waco Texas 1995{fbi-Israelis} to reinforce a police state under the Clintons, and friends of the Bushes......AND finally, of course 9/11 (Israel/CIA) again conducted with the tacit cooperation of the Bush administration to promote NWO, which would be led by a muscular aggressive American policy around the world.....including permanent 100 years war.

In ALL the above the CIA played a central organisational role. The Globalist and criminal cabals could not have achieved the above, without the central organisational role of the CIA. The CIA is the critical gofer of the evil criminal Globalists.

The CIA rather HELPFULLY, IN PUBLIC, IN THE OPEN....has been threatening to topple Trumps administration since November 2016, for daring to win the Presidential elections gifted by divine intervention and the WILL of righteous European American Christians, shocked by the destruction of their country by the Globalists.

The CIA said that the election was a fraud........this is the same CIA which fixes elections in banana republics and first world countries like Japan and Australia. Trump must have fixed the vote counting machines, so they argue.

The CIA then said the Russians hacked and helped Trump win.

The CIA then said that the President-elect of the USA better shut the fuck up...or else...an American President is known for being talkative....speaking his mind with the people.

Then the CIA organised BLM and right-wing neo-Nazis led by CIA operatives (Like Ukraine currently) to destabilise and blemish Trump as a racist bigot and an unsophisticated red neck.

Then the CIA organised with FBI collusion FALSE FLAGS in Las Vegas, Texas church shooting and NY using Iranic looking Uzbeks.....MURDERING YET MORE innocent American citizens, many solid Trump voters to divide and destabilise the USA, and directly threaten Trump.

Finally, the CIA went on CNN and in clear terms threatened to kill Trump.

JFK threatened to shred the CIA into a thousand pieces (DISMANTLE IT FOR GOOD) after the Bay of Pigs fiasco and other factors....in 1962. He was murdered by the CIA a year later after that threat. JFK foolishly went around telling everybody, and Lyndon Johnson that he was going to smash the CIA for good in his second term in 1965/66.

Trump after 10 months in power---February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and November....appears FINALLY to be dealing with the CIA. Of course, surrounding the CIA with Marines is a stop-gap measure. Ultimately President Trump will have to dismantle the organisation for good and for his own survival, and the survival of the USA. Very hard to sift on a gold pan the 'few bad apples' from the good eggs. Impossible and Sysiphean IMPOSSIBLE.....better just de-legislate it. 

Jimmy Carter tried to reform the CIA in 1977-1978, but it turned around and bit his ass, in the wake of the Church commission reports.

The USA did wonderfully well for the first 164 years without a cloak and dagger smoke and mirrors CIA.

The fundamental problem of the CIA

Founded and modelled on the COLONIAL BRITS and the critical role of Hitlers Nazis as a pseudo-mentor of the OSS at its foundation in the 1940's, with its methods, psychology and ideology. 

1. It participated and played the central role in the killing of a serving American President. Such a crime cannot be redeemed merely by reforming the CIA. From the American perspective going around and killing foreign leaders and on the other hand the consequences of killing a serving American President should be very SERIOUS (if you are American). 

2. Drugs/narcotics

3. Promoting the British Empires political Islam

4. Internal political intrigue, as above

5. Vast 10,000 fusion centres, all over America for spying on Americans (Thats not their mandate)

6. Child trafficking for Globalist elite murder ritual sacrifice, and drinking their blood.

7. Counterfeiting currency, and Industrial espionage against America


9. Subverting American culture at the expense of the tax payer---

10. Murdering media stars in the USA.

11. Operation Mockingbird--Buying up and controlling the Western hemisphere media (one of its earliest illegal operations, as a self promotion marketing ploy---CIA is great, the USA needs the CIA)

My university dissertation, 'The relationship between the state, the security services and the law'. published in March 1996 in the UK. a mediocre analysis that elicited 58 out of 100 marks.

My letter to President Barak Hussein Obama, warning of the threats of the Securit State as a Leviathan latter day Pretorian Guard destroying the state, and the analogy with the Soviet Union in its last days before the collapse.