American exceptionalism for Israel

By Information clearing house

The main geostrategic problem in the world:

500,000 people killed in Syria by the USA

1,000,000 people wounded by the USA sponsored war against Syria.

6,130,000-6,320,000 external refugees (based on UN estimate, March 2016)[2]

7,000,000 are internal refugees.The population of the country is only 23 million....so you can guess the extent of the effect and damage of the war.

$200,000,000,000 worth of physical damage to the country caused by the USA sponsored war.

The reason why the USA is undertaking this war is to help create a Greater Israel....ethnic cleanse the country of Arabs to make way for Jews.( sort of confirmed by Hilary's emails)....what happened in Palestine but on a bigger more ambitious scale, this time helped by the might of the USA, and its ability to create networks of various dogs....to participate in this proxy war.

The interim objective being to install mad mullah Islamists in the country in Damascus to further destabilise the country.