USA backing ISIS.......whilst pretending and announcing that it will fight ISIS in Syria, Iraq Libya, and Afghanistan and else where.

The USA support of the barbaric evil ISIS terrorists has four pillars:

(i) Destabilization of the Middle East over decades to create Eretz Israel from the ashes of the surrounding Arab states. The USA, with plummy speaking officials has annexed itself to the policy of a far far right extremist racist Apartheid policy agenda from Israel, about which most Israelis aren't even aware of, or are able to discus openly because they are ignorant of it........AND like most extremists dreams it is something that will not be realized, but not before the world has suffered terribly for many more years.

(ii) Generate business and work for the military/industrial complex in the USA

(iii) Re-orientate the ISIS terrorists against other countries such as Russia (5,000--7,000 Russian ISIS terrorists in Syria/Turkey/Iraq....gaining work experience) and China (5,000 Chinese ISIS terrorists in Syria/Turkey ....gaining work experience for the eventual destination), eventually.

(iv) Scare the American people into accepting a police state, and the world into accepting American SECURITY GUIDANCE and guarantee. The USA is good, and is to be trusted in matters of security....and if you like you can buy some arms and expertise from them. The Americans can't do it themselves, and so they have allies such as the UK, Israel, France, Qatar, Turkey and of course Saudi Arabia. 'al-Qaeda' is now worthless as a propaganda tool so a new scare is created and that is ISIS.

The existence of ISIS created by the USA, means vital global matters cannot be progressed.....matters which have not been manufactured by the CIA..but require urgent attention. EXAMPLE:

Climate Change
Over population
Diminishing resources
Space travel
Trans national crime
Sustainable Development
International Trade

The world has become beholden to faggot, drug peddling, pedophile spooks who set the primary agenda for the world. This is not good for human civilization.

The Soviet Union collapsed just when the KGB took over its running, de facto after Brezhnev. 

The article below, whilst well written is misleading......the CIA is not groping around in the dark searching for allies.... 


Saudis Bankroll CIA Backing of Syrian terrorists

US Saw Scheme as Way to Channel Saudi Aid to Potential Allies

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com
While it’s no secret that the CIA has had a “covert” program supplying weapons to Syrian rebels for years, and it’s likewise no secret that Saudi Arabia has been throwing large sums of money and arms at rebel factions, it’s only now being understood how closely linked those two schemes were.
The administration is said to have seen the plan as a way to get control over the Saudi arms smuggling into Syria, fearing the Saudis would be willing to send arms to factions the US wouldn’t see as allies. This largely didn’t work, of course, meaning the US-Saudi arms ended up more or less everywhere.
The Saudis, meanwhile, saw letting the US in on their arms scheme as both a rubber stamp for continuing the program, and as a way to oblige the US to let them be involved in the final settlement talks on the Syrian War, and back Sunni Islamist factions.

The TOW anti-tank missiles and Chinese anti-aircraft missiles that ended up in the control of various rebel factions, including ISIS and other Islamists, were provided by and large through the CIA program, and sourced and paid for by the Saudis.