The previous wikilies "Leaks" seemed to have targeted PAKISTAN, and specifically the ISI.

In addition it bolstered and attempted to sell the lie that OBL the American agent was still alive, and active in that part of the world as a real threat to the world via his non-existent organisation.

Yes the ISI is bad (I was born in Bangladesh and was a witness to Pakistani military operations in that country in the Liberation war), and the Pakistani military does manage the Taliban who then go on to kill occupation soldiers in Afghanistan.

But that is only the partial narrative.

The ISI is controlled by the USA; it bankrolls it. The Taliban is an organization created by Pakistan at the behest or "orders" of the USA from 1994.

OBL passed away in December 2001, and was to the last an American agent of possibly crypto-Jew origin from Yemen/Saudi Arabia. David Headley the American agent who directed 26/11 is Jewish on his mothers side.

The primary objective of the USA military in Afghanistan is the harvesting of heroin, whose profits are then laundered in "The City" in London and NY high street banks.(East India Company/Opium wars redux). The USA military's primary MO and activity is narcotics, and arms sales....that has been the case since the 1960's.

It is NOT a noble institution filled with "warriors" who adhere to codes of honor.

Wikilies in the process of "Leaking" substantively nothing we did not already know, is reinforcing propaganda for the Pentagon. Which subsequently encouraged them to attack Pakistan more recently, in the long process of destabilizing that failed state run by the USA.

Wikilies very recent, with MUCH TOO MUCH HYPED "Leaks" about Iraq seems to be targeting IRAN. Few cogent points highlighted by Gordan Duff at Veterans Today:
  • Iraq is already awash with arms from Tanks downwards which can be very cheaply brought in the black market (Saddam stockpiles/Pentagon "oops I've misplaced" surplus). Iraqi insurgency, short of jet fighters and aircraft carriers don't need arms imports from Iran.
  • As the Americans have found out Iraqis are pretty good at fighting at an insurgency level, given the sheer number of men who went through extensive military training, and hard fighting experience. They wouldn't need Iranians to come into Iraq to show them how.
  • More logical and feasible for Iraqis to go into Iran for top up training and then come back with their new skills.
  • Given the level of ordnance experience by ordinary Iraqis (remember country alleged to be developing nuke, biological and other smart weapons) they wouldn't require Iranian experts to come into their country and show them how to build basic rudimentary improvised weapons.
  • Iraq is precisely at the juncture where Iran wants it exactly, dominated by Iran Loving Shia's. A country that has been dominated by Sunni Muslims for 1300 years. A historical milestone for Shia's the world over and their control of a very important Muslim country. IRAN WILL NOT be rocking the boat with a few silly random attacks on occupation troops. Iran is secretly pleased with America's efforts in Iraq....and in 2003 via Switzerland, just after invasion offered an across the board reconciliation package to the USA including recognition of Israel, efforts for Middle East peace; cessaton of funding for Hezbollah and other resistance groups and full cooperation with the USA in Iraq and Afghanistan. The USA on a MASTBATORY ROLL for war for Israel said no. Rather Iranian strategy in Iraq is this.......stability, de-Baathification, Shia consolidation.....and a farewell to American occupation eventually. Israel on the other hand........
  • Massive theft of oil from Iraq unreported by Western media, mainly via Turkey.
  • The role of Israel in destabilizing Iraq, and its peoples actions against occupation forces, including and especially American forces.
  • Genocide and war crimes in Iraq, UNDER AMERICAN OCCUPATION 2003---2010, which presumably have been documented. 1.3 million civilians killed, and 4.5 million made homeless.
  • The Iraq war was a total fabrication, carried out at Israel's behest.....with America as the junkyard Dog.
  • Saddam was an American agent recruited by the USA in the 1950's (Miles Copeland/Adel Darwish). Sent to Lebanon for training, and then to Cairo for his own safety, then back to Iraq into the corridors of power. America FOR ISRAEL (junkyard Dog) replaced and toppled one of its own long nurtured agents from the 1950's from a vital Middle Country in the pursuit of essentially Israeli objectives (smash Iraq into 3 ethnic blocks).
By highlighting such points we do not say the mullahs of Iran are all goodness and light deserving our support, far from it. But given the nature of the "situation", and the stakes involved we must be wary of sly Israeli tricks to sucker and corner America into yet another war of a very nasty kind in the Greater Middle East.

Revelations by Wikileaks mean very little if they are not actioned upon (Both International and in America), which also includes fundamental changes in American policy in the Greater Middle East. The most adverse description of such leaks would be that they tend to desensitise Americans to the real crimes of war, and a belief that such crimes are part of the natural order, and to be expected in the prosecution of war in the Greater Middle East for the long term American good.

How do you demonize Iran for Israel, so that the USA attacks the country? The traditional tools of demonizing used against Iraq are warily treated so you use alternative "cool" vehicles which pose as anti-establishment persecuted entities such as Wikilies.

Gordan Duff believes Wikilies to be an Israeli front.