Failed State Punjabi Pakistan making another major strategic mistake.

Pakistan is a Failed State that needs to mind its own business....al a Taiwan...Switzerland...and CONCENTRATE on making the country moderately successful.....as it continues to FAIL for itself, and its neighbors into the 21st century.


Approaching 67 years of 'independence" where the illegal nation was created by the Nawab elite dominated Muslim League, which was in turn created by the British Raj and the British agent Jinnah.........the country has FAILED its people since 1947.

Salutary experience might tell us that bits of money thrown at CORRUPT Pakistani governments, where small individuals in the political/military/bureaucratic system enrich themselves does not fundamentally help the FAILING nation state of 190 million, and 380 million by 2050. A nation where people are dying for lack of food. A nation where people die from Punjabi military/ISI terrorism in the non Punjabi provinces of NWFP/FATA/BALUCHISTAN/SINDH. A country which can't EVEN protect its 'sovereign' territory...because the Punjabi military don't want to. 

BUT has the TIME and ENERGY to poke its Chamar Chamcha Chutia nose into the affairs of other countries for Jewish Saudi Arabia and gora Sahib in the West.

So called civilian governments offer no hope for the country. 

The above are powerful arguments WHY Pakistan should not exist at all.


Saudi Arabia And Pakistan Are Paying A Political Price For Leading The Talibanization of Syria

By Saman Mohammadi "Information Clearing House
This photo is from a protest in Pakistan against US attacks on Syria that was held last September. Since then, Pakistan's government has provided weapons and training to the foreign terrorists in Syria who are kidnapping innocent people and massacring peaceful villagers because of their religious beliefs, or lack thereof, and their ethnicity.

The governments in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are controlled by the dumbest, and most short-sighted leaders in the Middle East. 

Naturally, they won't survive much longer. Their policy of supporting international Jihadist terrorism and religious extremism in Syria will backfire. Syria will not be another Afghanistan. Here are three simple reasons: the people of Syria are more educated, Syria is led by semi-competent leaders, and history is at a different point than it was in the 1980s. So Pakistan and Saudi Arabia are investing time, money, energy, and political capital in a losing cause. 
But, hey, it's a free world, so go for it. But a price will be paid.

Slave soldiers of the Pakistan Punjab military.
Read the articles below for concrete information and analysis about the support for Jihadist terrorists in Syria by the governments of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.

GAY Pakistani soldiers into BDSM...AGAINST unarmed Pakistani civilians. 

An excerpt from, "Saudi Arabia woos Pakistan with $1.5 billion grant. Why now?" by Taha Siddiqui, The Christian Science Monitor, March 28, 2014:

Pakistan announced last week that it received a $1.5 billion grant from Saudi Arabia, which it termed a “friendly gift” and an “unconditional grant.”

Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have long had warm ties, but the no-strings-attached gift sparked immediate concern from Pakistani journalists, security experts, and opposition politicians, who question whether the grant is part of a behind-the-scenes deal for Pakistan to provide weapons for Syrian rebels.

“There are no free lunches in foreign diplomacy,” says Baqir Sajjad, a journalist at Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper, which has published articles questioning the deal. 

An excerpt from, "The Saudis and Pakistan’s strategic shift on Syria" by Ahmed Rashid, Financial Times, March 5, 2014:

More GAY Pakistani soldiers arming, training, supporting Islamic terrorists...500,000 for GORA sahib, and then killing some of them for GORA sahib. Then sending them all over the world especially in the Greater Middle East.
"At the behest of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan has made a strategic shift from its so far neutral position on Syria’s civil war – to one that portends to back the Syrian rebels and even provide them with arms through Riyadh.

Media reports say that the Saudis would buy small arms from Pakistan’s arms industry and that it would recruit more Pakistani retired soldiers and policemen for the Gulf state of Bahrain that has been facing long months of unrest as Shia protests against the Sunni ruling family have escalated.
The Sharif government has denied these reports, but western diplomats say the shift in Pakistan’s policy is real. Islamabad has maintained a policy of non-interference in the internal affairs of Muslim countries, which makes any intervention in the Syrian conflict on the side of Saudi Arabia hugely controversial.

All the major opposition parties have already slammed the government for what its leaders called “a policy about-turn”’ and there is uproar that the government refuses to outline its intentions."
An excerpt from, "The Talibanization of Syria" by Kevin Truitte, Global Security And International Policy, November 14, 2013:

There is a real threat that Syria will become the next Afghanistan. Sunni extremists from across the world have streamed into Syria to mix with Syrian rebels and fight in what they believe to be a holy struggle against an “apostate” Shiite/Alawite dictator. This has played right into the hands of al-Assad, validating his claims of rebels as “terrorists” and “thugs,” even though these were initially untrue and used to discredit the opposition. Syria is in the throws of a war that has no signs of slowing down and has extreme elements on both sides throwing money and weapons into their side’s survival. With Iran and Hezbollah fighting and financing the regime and its allied militias, and with Sunni Gulf States’ citizens funding al-Qaeda affiliated groups on the other, the violence and level of bloodshed will inevitably increase, and the country will continue to see strife and civil war.
An excerpt from, "For Pakistan, Siding With the Saudis on Syria Is a Bad Idea" by Saim Saeed, The American Interest, March 15, 2014:

Pakistan has a habit of renting itself out to other powers. But its latest transaction, supporting Saudi efforts to remove Bashar al-Assad in Syria, could be the most dangerous foreign policy “sale” the state has made yet.

Professional Soldiers or Jihadis?
Pakistan as a state has pretty much been available for rent since 1947, thanks to the conviction of its security establishment that only vast quantities of foreign money can buy an adequate defense against India. But the country’s latest transaction, supporting the Saudi effort to topple Bashar al-Assad in Syria, is potentially much more dangerous than previous instances of the old rental policy.


The Failing Empire


Neo-liberalised Banker Ukraine

I don't see how and why the majority of Ukrainians accept the illegal puppet government in Kiev, and ALL its significant decisions relating to the country.


Ukrainian Junta Concedes to IMF Looting Plan


Plan will impose austerity measures rivaling those decimating living standards of the Greek people
By Kurt Nimmo at Infowars.com

Ukraine’s Parliament at first rejected on Thursday an “anti-crisis” law proposed by the IMF. It later adopted the legislation when 246 of 321 MPs voted in favor.
Average Ukrainians want a say in plan that will decimate their standard of living.

The bill will impose austerity measures rivaling those currently decimating the living standards of the Greek people. The draft law kowtowing to the IMF was proposed by the coup government of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a former central banker who runs a foundation propped up by the U.S. State Department, the National Endowment for Democracy, NATO, Chatham House, Horizon Capital, Swedbank, and the German Marshall Fund.

Prior to taking the IMF deal to Parliament, Yats, as the State Department calls Yatsenyuk, said Ukraine has “no other choice but to accept the IMF offer” that will force millions of Ukrainians into poverty. He told legislators the IMF austerity package “is very unpopular, very difficult, very tough” and includes “reforms… that should have been done in the past 20 years,” prior to the U.S. funded and organized Orange Revolution and later rule by series of kleptocrats, including former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, who went to prison for embezzlement, and subsequently Russian supported President Viktor Yanukovych. Tymoshenko announced she will run for president on the same day the IMF plan was considered by Parliament.

The IMF plan will jack up income taxes, levy a freeze on wages, curtail old age pensions, and raise energy prices. Prior to conceding to the IMF plan, Kommersant-Ukraine noted social benefits will be targeted first.

“The Finance Ministry has prepared a plan for optimizing budget expenditures, which implies budget sequestration is to be in force before the end of March. For this purpose, in particular, it has been proposed to reduce capital costs, eliminate tax schemes and preferences and to cut social benefits, for example, 50 percent of pensions to working pensioners,” it reported.

The Jews have seized yet another WESTERN nation. the stupid, Jews-media brainwashed sheeple of Ukraine including the traitorous nationalist party Svoboda have worked with foreign interests and elements to hand their own nation over to transnational Jewry who will now seek to label the people racist.

svoboda party ukraine

“Welcome to the Jew-EU Ukraine!”
For the Jew all this is nothing new, it’s what Jews do, it’s what the Jews have done for thousands of years. “It’s just business Mosche!” Arranging and rearranging and moving the Jesus-minded, naive, innocent Goyim around like so many draughts pieces on a board, so many sacks in the merchant’s storeroom.
 merkel jew

Gas prices will lead the way in deconstructing Ukrainian society: “State energy company Naftogaz announced this week that household gas prices would rise 50 percent beginning May 1 in what it said was part of efforts to make utility costs economically viable for the state by 2018. Some analysts have estimated prices might have to double for consumers,” CBS News reported on Thursday.

“The increase in fuel and transportation prices will inflate costs of production,” notes Michel Chossudovsky. “Combined with the impact of the devaluation of the hryvnia, it will have an immediate impact on the retail prices of essential commodities. Moreover, the phasing out of subsidies on basic food staples is also contemplated as part of the IMF framework.”

Chossudovsky said the “IMF package will trigger a significant overall increase in the prices of essential consumer goods, thereby contributing to the impoverishment of a population which has already been impoverished.”


It will disassemble the Ukrainian economy and soften it up for targeted neo-liberal looting (That which happened in Russia by the International Jews........where a staggering 200,000 factories worth trillions of $ were sold for pennies to well connected mafia Jews, with obscure non-business backgrounds through the tools of organized chaos; Structural Adjustment Programs SAP; False flag terrorism by Russian Intelligence, using Chechen puppets...and converting a good stable cradle to grave Socialist economy into a Medieval Feudal society, with a Middle class of just 15% and many rich Jewish Oligarchs, at the top. The consolidation of Jewish power in Russia connected to International Jewish Predatory Capital ). The IMF deal is conditioned on the deregulation of the foreign exchange market, rolling back regulation of the forex market based on “enhanced exchange rate flexibility” – in other words, it will open the floodgates for speculative trade in the currency markets – and devaluing the hryvnia, the Ukrainian national currency.



The American Empire


Three Who Made A War


By Paul Craig Roberts at "Information Clearing House 

- The Spanish-American War was caused by three people: Teddy Roosevelt, Henry Cabot Lodge, and William Randolph Hearst. The war, which killed a number of Spaniards and Americans, including some prominent Harvard “Swells,” was based entirely on lies and machinations of these three men and served no purpose other than their personal needs. Princeton University historian Evan Thomas calls these three monsters The War Lovers.
Hearst needed a war to build his newspaper circulation. Roosevelt needed a war to sate his blood-lust and desire for military glory. Lodge needed a war to reinvigorate American manhood and to enlist American manhood in his “Large Policy” of American Empire. Between them, thanks to the ignorance and stupidity of the American people, they pulled it off.
Their adversary was Speaker of the House, Thomas Brackett Reed, “the Czar,” the most powerful politician in Washington.
Reed, an honest and incorruptible politician, saw Lodge’s policy of “American exceptionalism” as naked imperialism that stood in total opposition and in great danger to American purposes. Reed saw Roosevelt’s war lust as a diversion of national purpose from the reconstruction of an economy that increasingly served a shrinking minority at the expense of the American people. But Hearst, Roosevelt, and Lodge made “peace” an epithet. The American people, whose gullibility is never-ending, were captivated by war-lust. Reed lost confidence in the American people whom he so well served. Reed could find no moral purpose in pushing the country toward war over nothing but fake news reports by “yellow journalism.” 
Only a few years previously, Reed had had to halt the Cleveland administration from going to war with Great Britain over a British boundary dispute with Venezuela concerning mineral-rich land claimed by British Guyana. Somehow this boundary dispute, which had no more to do with US security than Honduras, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Georgia, Ukraine, and the South China Sea have today, was seen as a “threat to US national security.”
Roosevelt and Lodge were ecstatic over the possibility of War with Great Britain. War was its own goal. Roosevelt wrote to Lodge: “I don’t care whether our sea coast cities are bombarded or not; we would take Canada.” Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, hard facts prevailed over American war lust. The American navy had 3 battleships. The British had 50. If only Washington had gone to war with Great Britain over a British boundary dispute with Venezuela. The total destruction of the American navy and coastal cities might have taught Americans a lesson and made the population less lustful for war and more suspicious of Washington’s war lies: the Gulf of Tonkin, Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction, Iranian nukes, Assad’s use of chemical weapons, Russian invasion of Crimea, etc.
Roosevelt and Lodge searched for a weaker adversary than the British navy and settled on Spain.
But how to bring about a war with a declining and tired 400-year old empire far removed from American interests?
Hearst, desperate to sell newspapers, knew what to do. He hired the artist, Frederic Remington, a painter and sculptor much worshipped by American conservatives today. Remington provided a drawing, filling half of the front page of Hearst’s New York Journal, of a comely nude young woman surrounded by sinister Spaniards. Hearst alleged that three lady passengers on the US mail steamer Olivette were strip-searched in the Harbor of Havana, Cuba, by leering Spanish males.
America had a rare moment of rational thought and philosophical reflection during the brief period of its Founding Fathers. Ever since America has been a country of pulp romances and court histories written as “chivalric derring-do.” Hearst asked where were the knightly American males who would rescue womankind from these indignities at the hands of cruel, wanton, Spaniards.
Hearst repeated the story with Evangelina Cisneros, “a beautiful young woman from the gentlest of families.” In Hearst’s story Evangelina went to the Island of Pines to beg for her elderly father’s release from the cruel Spaniards. As she resisted the sexual advances of the leering Spanish prison commander, she was thrown into a squalid prison for prostitutes.
Having created his heroine, Hearst rushed to rescue her. Hearst hired the son of a Confederate cavalry colonel, Karl Decker, to rescue the fair lady. Thousands of words were printed to describe Decker’s daring rescue, but what really happened is that Hearst bribed the Spanish guards to let her go from her comfortable hotel room. Having freed “one Cuban girl,” Hearst wanted to know “when shall we free Cuba.”
Teddy Roosevelt wanted to be the star of the event. Senator Lodge and the American newsman Richard Harding Davis made it so. Teddy charging up the hill, leading the Rough Riders, not urging from behind, defeated the Spanish all by himself and won the war.
What did it mean for the Cubans, a mixed and varied peoples, who had been fighting the Spanish for independence for years before self-righteous, self-serving Americans saw the opportunity to advance their interests and careers?
For Cubans, it meant swapping one master for another.
General William Shafter, the American in charge of the invasion force, declared: “Why these people [Cubans] are no more fit for self-government than gunpowder is for hell!” Calixto Garcia, who had been fighting for thirty years for Cuba’s liberation from Spain, was not allowed to be present when Spain surrendered Cuba. It was purely an American show devoid of the revolutionaries in whose name the war had been fought.
Roosevelt wrote home that the Cubans had fought badly and were not responsible for their liberation from Spain. It was Teddy and his Rough Riders who brought freedom to Cuba. The Teller Amendment passed by Congress in 1898 guaranteeing independence to Cuba was superseded by the Platt Amendment of 1901. The Platt Amendment gave Washington the right to intervene in Cuba whenever Washington pleased. 
It finally dawned on Cubans that “civilization,” a word used by Americans, meant “denying the darker races the power to govern.” In 1908 Cubans who had fought against Spain formed an independent political party. They were massacred by the thousands by the Cuban government now more sensitive to pleasing Washington than to the voice of its own people.
The story of American intervention is the same everywhere. American intervention has never benefited any peoples except those allied with Washington and American corporations.
Hearst’s rival in yellow journalism was Joseph Pulitzer, whose name ended up on a prestigious journalism award. Today the entire US print and TV media engage in the yellow journalism of the Hearst/Pulitzer era. Yellow journalism has helped to keep America in wars as nonsensical as the Spanish-American war ever since the 21st century began. The neoconservatives have resurrected Lodge’s “Large Policy” of American imperialism justified by the doctrine of American exceptionalism. 
If Americans were to read three history books, they could free themselves from their self-righteous delusions that endanger all life on earth. Those books are: A People’s History of The United States by Howard Zinn, The Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone and Peter Kuznick, and The War Lovers by Evan Thomas. 
No one who reads one of these books will ever again believe that the US government in Washington is the “light unto the world,” the “exceptional and indispensable” government that brings “freedom and democracy” to the conquered provinces of the American Empire.
Washington is the home of warmongering self-interested parties that have no concept of compassion or justice and serve only their own power and enrichment. Americans are as indifferent to the populations that their government bombs as Teddy Roosevelt was to the prospect of his own country’s coastal cities being bombarded. As Russia’s President Putin reminded the world on March 18, 2014, the US prefers the rule of the gun to international law.
Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. His latest books are, The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and How America Was Lost. http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/


Pedophile gay UK


'TOP BOY LOVERS' by aangirfan

Field Marshal William Slim (above), the former Governor General of Australia, reportedly molested young boys.

Admiral of the Fleet Louis Mountbatten (above) liked boys in their early teens.

Field Marshal Horatio Kitchener (above) was reportedly a pedophile.


Field Marshal Douglas Haig (above), who was reportedly gay, liked to have young lads around him. 

Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery (above) had "romantic friendships with young boys" including the 12-year-old Swiss lad Lucien Trueb.
The third sex that sustained the Empire - Telegraph

Fairbridge Farm School, Australia
Field Marshal Viscount William Slim reportedly molested young boys as they sat in his Rolls-Royce.
Reportedly Slim molested boys at the Fairbridge Farm School, in Australia.

In testimony to Australia's royal commission into child abuse, one former victim, Bob Stevens, says Viscount Slim arrived at the school and 'the next minute we were sitting on his knee and he's got his hands up our trousers'.

65 'victims of abuse' have taken action against Fairbridge Farm School, of which Viscount Slim was patron.

Britain's 'finest WWII general' accused of child sex abuse in Australia - Telegraph





The New "Leader" of Ukraine is a ZIONIST JEW....backed by Neo-Nazis, Israelis and Zionist Jews in the State Department.

This smells a bit like Germany 1933--45, so expect war, turmoil, economic hardship, terrorism and the division of Ukraine, WHILST GLOBALIST CAPITALISM makes its profits along this process of exploitation and destruction OF beautiful Ukraine.



"Ukraine's agriculture lands will pass into the hands of American agribusiness."

The Looting Of Ukraine Has Begun

Economist John Williams says if Russia sells its U.S. dollar holdings, it could it collapse the financial system of the USA.

Russian Dollar Dump Could Crash Financial System

US Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said on Ukraine:

"What I’d do is not have USAID and the National Endowment for Democracy working with U.S. taxpayers’ money to knock off an elected government in Ukraine, which is what they did. 

"I wouldn’t try to force the people of Ukraine into a deal with NATO against their interest or into a deal with the European Union, which is against their economic interest."


Target: Ukraine – How Foreign Intervention is Tearing the Country Apart.
The CIA-NATO coup in Ukraine is making life much worse for the people of Ukraine.

Pensions in Ukraine are to be halved

Kiev’s newly-appointed deputy head of south-eastern Ukraine has shared his recipe of how to calm protesters in Crimea opposing the self-proclaimed country’s government: “Give the scum promises, guarantees and then hang them.”

‘Hang scum later’ – Ukrainian deputy governor on Crimea protests

According to the latest opinion poll, conducted for the ARD TV and Welt newspaper, 72 per cent of Germans oppose economic sanctions being applied to Russia.

Ukraine turmoil LIVE UPDATES

USAID, the US Agency for International Development, "played a major role in funding opposition groups" prior to the toppling of the President of Ukraine.

US Government Caught Funding The Coup In Ukraine.
USAID is well known as a front for the CIA.

Billionaire IRANIAN-AMERICAN..........Pierre Omidyar, founder of ebay and First Look Media, launched its first online publication, called The Intercept on February 10, 2014. Greenwald serves as editor, alongside Laura Poitras and Jeremy Scahill.

"A large percentage of the rest of the funding to those same groups came from a US billionaire ...Pierre Omidyar."

. US Government Caught Funding The Coup In Ukraine.

Pierre Omidyar is the founder and chairman of the eBay auction site.

This political cartoon suggests that the CIA-NATO coup in the Ukraine, "which has been formented by the Neo-Con Kagan family and their Zionist masters, will fail in the Ukraine." 

- Christopher Bollyn : Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine

Victoria Nuland, of the U.S. State Department, with (right) Arse Yatsenyuk (Zionist Jew), the new Prime Minister of Ukraine.

Yatsenyuk came to power with the help of Victoria Nuland, an official of the U.S. State Department who is married to Robert Kagan.
"The Kagan family, Lithuanian Jews of Khazar ancestry, seems to have a permanent fiefdom at the State Department.

"Robert, Fred, and their father, Donald Kagan, were the founders of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC 2000), which aggressively pushed for war against Iraq during the Clinton and Bush administrations."

. Christopher Bollyn : Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine

Above we see the Jewish Arseniy Yatsenyuk (left), his close friend Oleh Tyahnybok (centre) of the neo-Nazi Svoboda party and the 'Zionist-Nazi' Sen. John McCain.

We should remember that the the Zionists and Nazis share the same philosophy.

Above we see 'Delta', one of the Jewish leaders of the Neo-Nazi Svoboda forces who helped to put the Jewish Arseniy Yatsenyuk into power.

'Delta' is an Israeli and a veteran of Israel's Givati infantry brigade, according to a report from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency.

Delta's gang which helped to topple the President Viktor Yanukovich of Ukraine includes a number of former Israeli soldiers.

Delta says he takes orders from activists connected to Svoboda.

Nuland in Ukraine.

Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department chose Arseniy Yatsenyuk to be the prime minister of Ukraine.

. Christopher Bollyn : Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine

When Victoria Nuland phoned the U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, just before Yatsenyuk was appointed prime minister, she said: "I think Yats [Arseniy Yatsenyuk] is the guy who's got the economic experience, the governing experience." 

The CIA-NATO coup in Kiev made Oleksandr Turchynov(above) the acting President of Ukraine.

Turchynov is a pastor or an elder at his church, the Word of Life Center in Kiev.

"The Word of Life is a Zionist organization posing as a church. 

The Word of Life church in Kiev - Christian Zionists.

"It was established by a Swedish Jew named Ulf Ekman, who created a church called 'Livets Ord', which established evangelical churches throughout the former Soviet Union in the early 1990s with the express purpose of finding and funding Jewish emigration to Israel."  

Christopher Bollyn : Understanding the Crisis in Ukraine

The snipers, who shot at both the protesters and the police in Kiev, in February 2014, were reportedly hired by the NATO forces who toppled the President.
This is according to a leaked phone conversation between the EU foreign affairs chief Catherine Ashton and the Estonian foreign affairs minister Urmas Paet.

Kiev snipers hired by Maidan leaders - leaked EU's Ashton phone tape - 5 March 2014.

Estonian foreign affairs minister, Urmas Paet

The Estonian foreign affairs minister, Urmas Paet says to Ashton: "There is now stronger and stronger understanding that behind the snipers, it was not Yanukovich, but it was somebody from the new coalition."

The Maidan in Kiev, capital of Ukrtaine. 94 people were killed and another 900 injured during the standoff between police and protesters at Maidan Square in Kiev.

Paet recalled his conversation with a doctor, Olga Bogomolets the main doctor for the Maidan mobile clinic, who treated those shot by snipers in Kiev.

The doctor said that both protesters and police were shot at by the same people.

Paet said: "Olga told as well that all the evidence shows that the people who were killed by snipers from both sides, among policemen and then people from the streets, that they were the same snipers killing people from both sides...

"So that she then also showed me some photos she said that as a medical doctor she can say that it is the same handwriting, the same type of bullets, and it’s really disturbing that now the new coalition, that they don’t want to investigate what exactly happened."

Olga Bogomolets

Olga Bogomolets turned down the position of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine for Humanitarian Affairs offered by the new pro-NATO regime.
The Estonian Foreign Minister has described the sniper issue as 'disturbing' and added, "it already discredits from the very beginning" the new Ukrainian power.

He said that the Ukrainian people don't trust the Maidan leaders, with all the opposition politicians slated to join the new government “having dirty past.”

The file was reportedly uploaded to the web by officers of Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) loyal to ousted President Viktor Yanukovich who hacked Paet’s and Ashton’s phones.

(Reportedly, Olga Bogomolets has now been arm-twisted into altering her story.)

According to journalist Alexander Zhilin the new government in Ukraine is preparing false flag attacks on its own military.


"According to reliable sources in Kiev, foreign military advisers and the new authorities are preparing provocations against Ukrainian troops.
"The aim is to organize a night attack on a military unit and then blame the Russians."


An agreement made by Ukraine and Russia in 1997-9 allows Russia to have 25,000 troops in Crimea.
Russia allowed to have 25000 troops in Crimea since 1999
Russian troops have been stationed in Crimea for over a decade.

According to Russian political scientist Alexander Dugin, Greystone Limited, a subsidiary of Academi (formerly Blackwater), has its mercenaries in Ukraine.

"Mercenaries arrive in groups - dressed in civilian clothes and carrying bulky packs - at Kiev airport, from where they are apparently sent to Odessa, in the southern part of the country."

www.voltairenet.org/article182499.html.  В Киев для зачисток Юго-Востока.

"According to veteran US intelligence sources", the terrorist snipers in Ukraine come from the fascist militia known as UNA-UNSO (shown above) which works for NATO.

UNA-UNSO, according to veteran US intelligence sources, is part of NATO's 'Gladio' organization.

UNA-UNSO was involved in the the Chechen War, the break up of Yugoslavia, and the 2008 war in Georgia.

Gladio was responsible for the terrorism in Italy, Greece, Belgium and other parts of Europe.

Ukraine: Secretive Neo-Nazi Military Organization Involved in Euromaidan Sniper Shootings. /
OUR SECRET GOVERNMENT / Gladio-style terror in Istanbul, New York, Jakarta, / Michael Ledeen, Gladio and 9 11.

Want to Know What Russia Wants in Ukraine? Listen to What Russia Says.

• The Kiev regime announces general mobilization; only 1% to 1.5% of conscripts bother to turn up
• A dozen major cities - pretty much everything southeast of the line that runs from Kharkov to Odessa - are flying the Russian tricolor

ClubOrlov: Reichstag Fire in Kiev

One of the new leaders of Ukraine, put into power by Obama.

The new government of Ukraine, put into power by Obama, has fascists in control of the armed forces, national security, the economy, justice and education.

Andriy Parubiy (above) is the new secretary of the National Security and National Defense Committee, Oleh Makhnitsky is the new prosecutor-general of Ukraine, Serhiy Kvit is the new education minister...

Andriy Parubiy founded the neo-Nazi[5] Social-National Party of Ukraine together with Oleh Tyahnybok.[2]

Photo apparently taken in the Crimea region of Ukraine in September 2013, at a training camp run by a group called the International Law Enforcement Training Agency. http://www.smh.com.au/
NATO may have miscalculated when it used its armed gangs to take over Kiev.

Obama warned Putin that he should accept what was in effect a NATO coup.

Nikolas Gvosdev is professor of national security at the US Naval War College.
He says: "Obama effectively set down the US red lines. Putin has gone right through them."
. Obama now appears to be in a weak position.
. Ukraine crisis gives NATO, West no good options - Reuters‎ 

Ukraine's Acting President Oleksander Turchinov (L), Defense Minister Ihor Tenyukh (centre), Prime Minister Arse Yatseniuk (R). Oleksander Turchinov once served as head of the agitation and propaganda division of the Communist Youth League Committee. Ihor Tenyukh  graduated from the Foreign Language Institute of the USA Department of Defense. Arseniy Yatsenyuk is Jewish.

When the Obama regime toppled Mubarak, the main objective may have been to weaken and break up Egypt.

Egypt is Israel's main enemy.

Obama's objective in Ukraine may be to weaken and break up Ukraine, with Western Ukraine becoming part of NATO.

Obama may be close to achieving his objective and Zbigniew Brzezinski may not be too unhappy.

Energy from Russia
"Europe remains hugely depend on Russia's energy, importing a third of its gas from Russia.

"And while the trade between the United States and Russia is limited, there is a huge presence of some U.S. companies, such as ExxonMobil XOM.M and Boeing (BA.N), in Russia.

"'Is Russia going to be cut off from the world? That is very unlikely given what Russia provides to the world, which are oil, gas, raw materials,' Alexis Rodzianko, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in Russia, said."Russian assets

On 2 march 2014 "the majority of the Ukrainian armed forces deployed in Crimea passed to the side of the (pro-Russian) authorities of the Crimean autonomous region. 

"The transition was absolutely peaceful, without a single shot fired either by the military or by the forces of self-defense," an unnamed source told RIA Novosti news agency.
Most Ukrainian troops dispatched in Crimea switch to region's side – sources
Facts you need to know about Crimea and why it is in turmoil

Left, the Commanding Officer of the Ukrainian Hetman Sahaidachnyi Frigate ; centre, the Chairman of NATO's Military Committee General Knud Bartels ; right, Colonel General Volodymyr Zamana, Ukrainian Chief of General Staff

Ukraine’s Navy flagship, the Hetman Sahaidachny frigate, has reportedly come over to Russia's side.

Ukrainian Navy flagship takes Russia's side – report.

Ukraine updates: Shenandoah 


Ukrainian special forces say that a 'Third Party' shot at people during the demonstrations in the capital of Ukraine.
"We did not kill anyone", said the commander of the special forces Anatoly Strel'chenko.

Colonel Sergei Asavelyuk claims that shots were fired from the roof of the hotel "Ukraine".

Former chief of intelligence Skipalsky Alexander said that on Independence Square a 'third force' was trying to provokes both sides.

"Omega" say they were not doing the killing.

Before the president of Ukraine was toppled, Ukraine semi-officially accused NATO of killing its citizens during the disturbances in Kiev.

Member of Parliament Evgeniy Balitskiy said: "This operation was thoroughly planned by professionals disguised in civilian clothes."

2003. Left to right: Admiral Ihor Kabanenko (Deputy Chief of Defence, Ukraine) with Major General Anatolii Petrenko (Military Representative to NATO for Ukraine)

On 29 February 2014, it was reported that Russia has taken control of the Crimea region of Ukraine.

Russia executes de facto takeover of Ukraine's Crimea region - Haaretz

However it would appear that the conflict began when NATO troops organised the toppling of the elected president of Ukraine.

Ukrainian lawmaker Oleg Tsarev has claimed that there may be up to 1,000 NATO troops in Western Ukraine.

This is according to Moskovsky Komsomolets.

Войска НАТО высадились во Львовской области - Новости ...

"NATO troops landed in the Lviv region

"Hundreds of NATO troops are located in western Ukraine"

According to Oleg Tsarev a NATO exercise in the Ukraine was planned for March 2014 but the NATO troops arrived early.

Two American warships, the missile destroyer USS Ramage (DDG- 61) and the flagship of the U.S. Sixth Fleet Mount Whitney, are in the Black Sea close to Ukraine.

In the above video, a Ukrainian Member of Parliament says that NATO snipers appear to have shot at both sides during the recent events in Ukraine.

. Zionists working with Nazis?

What has happened in the Ukraine looks similar to what happened in Tunisia:

1. Certain generals within the Tunisian military were working for the CIA and NATO.

2. NATO forces stirred up trouble and then shot at both sides.