Iran attack in October?


US, Israel plan joint military exercise to confront Iran

A US Army Patriot Missile launcher

A US Army Patriot Missile launcher(SAMs) Iran has only a few Hawke SAMs from the 1970's..150 and even fewer Russian SAMs...only 30. Total 230 SAMs.....far too few for such a vast country, with possible 2500 targets. About 1800 LAA. Iran needs to lease air-defense equipment from Russia and China. Iran has 190 combat ready planes out of 340 combat planes..and an airforce of 18,000 personnel, and 12,000 air-defense personnel.

By Presstv.com

Israel and the United States are planning to hold their largest ever joint military drill aimed at confronting Iran in October when the result of international sanctions against Tehran will be determined.

About 3,000 US soldiers and thousands of Israeli troops will take part in the drill.

In line with efforts to coordinate the details of the exercise, Commander of the US 3rd Air Force Lt.-Gen. Craig A. Franklin has recently paid a visit to Israel to establish a planning committee with the representatives of the US and Israeli militaries.

During the drill, Israel will deploy its upgraded Arrow 2 missile defense system for the first time while the US will bring its Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System to Israel and install PAC-3 Patriot air defense systems as a security network.

Security officials believe that the exercise sends a clear message to Iran which has announced that it will attack the Israeli regime in case of any act of aggression against its nuclear facilities.

Some analysts say the drill will be a test of the situation that may occur following the Israeli regime’s attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.

The United States and Israel have repeatedly threatened Iran with a military ‘option’ in an attempt to force the Islamic Republic to halt its nuclear energy program, which Washington and Tel Aviv claim has a military component.

Iran rejects the allegations, arguing that as a committed signatory to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and a member of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), it has the right to use nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

On Sunday, Commander of the Aerospace Division of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Brigadier General Amir-Ali Hajizadeh said the Islamic Republic will strongly confront any possible assault against the country.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has no interest in wars with other countries, but we will strongly confront the enemies’ possible aggression and will give them a response that will make them regret the aggression,” he stated.

Iran attack in October?

"Netanyahu has Decided to Attack Iran Before the U.S. Elections in November"

By Michael Carmichael at "Information Clearing House

-- Senior Israeli officials now confirm that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has, "decided to attack Iran before the U.S. elections in November."

Netanyahu's agenda is much broader than knocking out Iranian nuclear installations for his aim is to reshape the political landscape in the USA and Israel shifting everything to the far, far right in order to create a new comfort zone for religious fundamentalists.

Netanyahu's major backer, Sheldon Adelson, is now firmly behind Mitt Romney, and they are known to believe that an Israeli attack on Iran in September or October will displace Obama and many dovish Democrats in Congress and establish a hawkish regime in Washington.

Israel has agreed to restrain any attack on Iran until after the current round of five talks between Iran and the P5+1 that will come to an end in either late July or August:  
"U.S., Israel continue preparations for strike on Iran nuclear facilities.

The website cites U.S. defense contracts and Israel's new military preparations, suggesting that 'all sides are getting ready for whatever may come.'

Israel and the U.S. are pushing forward with preparations to jointly strike Iran's nuclear facilities, the U.S. blog Business Insider reported on Saturday.

"U.S. defense contracts, an Iranian F-16 acquisition, and Israel's new military preparations suggest that all sides are getting ready for whatever may come," the report says.

According to the blog, the U.S navy has recently signed a $338 million contract with defense contractor Raytheon to "provide the Navy with 361 Tomahawk cruise missiles in their most recent configuration. According to the website, the U.S. is either renewing its stock of missiles or planning ahead.

"On May 9," the report added, "the U.S. House of Representatives passed the United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act of 2012, which seeks to "reaffirm the commitment to Israel's security as a Jewish state; provide Israel with the military capabilities to defend itself by itself against any threats... [and] expand military and civilian cooperation."

A senior Israeli official recently told Reuters that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided to attack Iran before the U.S. elections in November." (Haretz, June 23, 2012, emphasis added)
Military experts have long agreed that the "sweet spot" for an Israeli attack on Iran will be this coming September or October precisely because of the timing of the US presidential election cycle.

For maximum political impact and minimal diplomatic responsiveness, the time of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC - September 3-6 comes within this window of opportunity as well as the days immediately prior to the US election - say from Halloween till the 6th of November.

It may be instructive to recall that Israel's Operation Cast Lead was timed to coincide with the transition between Obama and Bush and ended abruptly immediately before the Inauguration in January 2009.  

Presidential election cycles have played major roles in the design of military timetables.  For only one example, recall the Tet Offensive in early 1968 that drove LBJ out of the race for the White House.

This article was originally published at Global Research

Obama the misguided leader

There is gossip that Obama is a product of the CIA who nurtured him as their child from a very early age......indeed the gossip goes, Obama is a love child of two CIA agents, his mother and his unofficial CIA father (Not the Kenyan one).

When he became president so the narrative went, Obama liked to take his time over key issues, and weigh all possible angles and options. Gravitas and forethought of a true thinking President.

This was especially the case with matters pertaining to security, an area which he otherwise never pretended to understand or grasp..and he preferred to defer to the real professionals. After all he was a former constitutional professor at Harvard, who had just won a Noble Peace prize.......and clearly, the narrative went he was a different breed to that of Bush junior, who shot from the hip first and asked questions later.

On the other hand we have another narrative which says that Obama is a superficial shape shifting chameleon who is primarily backed by Wall street. 

Thus his first main act in power, in January 2009 was to give free public taxpayer money to the Wall Street banks so that they could feel better about their self induced calculated mistakes. $700 billion or was it $2000 billion...we will never know.........but certainly out-stripping the measured generosity of the Bush two administration in late 2008, when the financial crisis started.....and so that they could make more money at the expense of ordinary taxpayers.

In the latter context, his Afghan escalation makes sense, even though his nurturing mother, the CIA advised otherwise in 2009....as did his Vice President, and to a lessor extent the symbolism of European hope that he would be decidedly different and far better than Bush II in the realms of war and security.

Put simply Afghanistan makes huge amounts of money from the heroin trade for the Wall Street and London Bankers, and Obama as puppet of the bankers can't have any other policy than to sustain and even escalate American troop involvement in that fake non-war.

To these creatures it is irrelevant whether 3000 foreign occupation troops have died in that theater, or that many thousands of Afghans have died, or that the cost to the USA taxpayer is probably over $1000 billion for the "Afghan war" (2001--2012), or that the trade in heroin corrupts and compromises American security and the military. Or that the business in heroin harms many Americans when the Pentagon/CIA import it into the USA via private airfields or military bases in the USA.

Obama is a criminal, for whom the highlight of four years in office is the killing of a few misguided Third World individuals, far far away as duped patsies in a fake war run by American intelligence and the Pentagon. Bravo !

The Alternative in the Jew imposed vaudeville is a Zio-Nazi.

But logically based purely on his record the "House-nigger" should go vacate the Whitehouse in January 20th 2013.

The USA cannot sustain itself with leaders of this caliber.


Obama Ignored CIA Report Against Afghan Escalation

Biden Also Warned Escalation Wasn't Viable

by Jason Ditz,antiwar.com

Newly leaked memos related to the 2009 escalation of the war in Afghanistan have put President Obama’s decision in an even worse light, with the revelation that Vice President Joe Biden penned a memo warning him that the plan wasn’t “viable.” Even more shocking is the revelation that President Obama knew of a CIA assessment that warned against the surge, and “purposely did not read it” before approving the massive escalation.
The new information is included in the upcoming book Little America by Rajiv Chandrasekaran. The Associated Press got an advanced copy of the book and revealed the new information.

Biden’s memo centered on the idea that, while confident that more troops would be able to chase insurgents from villages, the Afghan government was still not credible, nor able to actual secure any of those “gains.” He recommended a smaller escalation.

In practice even Biden’s assessment was a bit rosy. 

The surge dramatically increased the death toll in Afghanistan, but here in summer 2012, all of the same problems present in summer 2009 remain, and perhaps have worsened in some ways. 

Though officials are publicly claiming “progress” the administration has signed a pact with Afghan President Hamid Karzai to keep troops on the ground in Afghanistan through 2024.


Which way to China?


Via the Pacific or through the Middle East and Central Asia.......The "Grand Chessboard" (1998) has some answers in this area of American geo-politics, written by Bzigniew Brzezinski.


US Struggles to Install Proxy “Brotherhood” in Egypt

Tony Cartalucci at Infowars.com

Were anyone to still believe the rhetoric of the so-called “Arab Spring,” one would be admittedly confused over the emerging political landscape in Egypt where the military establishment and the Muslim Brotherhood have emerged from what was supposedly a “pro-democracy” “popular uprising.”

However, if anyone understood that the “pro-democracy” protesters were in fact US State Department-funded, trained, and equipped mobs providing cover for the attempted installation of the Muslim Brotherhood amongst many other potential Western proxies, the current political battle would make perfect sense.
Image:  Mohammed Morsi (above) is the Muslim Brotherhood’s current presidential candidate. As evidence continues to mount against the Brotherhood, implicating them as overt proxies of Western foreign policy, their credibility took another blow as the US State Department’s April 6 Movement endorsed Morsi. Below, Egypt’s youth are once again duped by Western propaganda and fellow Egyptians conspiring against their own nation and people.
The Egyptian military, like in many developing nations, may accept money from the West, 

may train with Western forces, 

and may even participate in Western machinations of global domination, 

but are ultimately nationalists with the means and motivation to draw lines and check the West’s ambitions within Egypt and throughout Egypt’s sphere of influence. 

The necessity for the West of removing not only Hosni Mubarak who had refused to participate in a wider role against Iraq and Iran, but the grip of the military itself over Egyptian politics and replacing it with the Muslim Brotherhood who is already hard at work in Syria attempting to overthrow one of Iran’s primary regional allies, is paramount.

“Pro-democracy” movements, particularly the April 6 youth movement, trained, funded, and equipped by the US State Department, serve the sole purpose of giving the Muslim Brotherhood’s installation into power a spin of “legitimacy” where otherwise none exists. Those within these “pro-democracy” movements with legitimate intentions will be inevitably disappointed if not entirely thrown under the wheels of Western machinations as regional war aimed at destroying Iran, Syria, and Lebanon’s Hezbollah arch of influence slowly unfolds.

Muslim Brotherhood were, are, and will be Western Proxies

Despite the Brotherhood’s lofty rhetoric, it has from its inception been a key proliferator of Western foreign policy. 

Currently, the Syrian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood has been involved heavily, leading in fact, the US, Israeli, Saudi, and Qatari-backed sectarian violence that has been ravaging Syria for over a year. In a May 6, 2012 Reuters article it stated:
“Working quietly, the Brotherhood has been financing Free Syrian Army defectors based in Turkey and channeling money and supplies to Syria, reviving their base among small Sunni farmers and middle class Syrians, opposition sources say.”
While Reuters categorically fails to explain the “how” behind the Brotherhood’s resurrection, it was revealed in a 2007 New Yorker article titled, “The Redirection” by Seymour Hersh, as being directly backed by the US and Israel who were funneling support through the Saudis so as to not compromise the “credibility” of the so-called “Islamic” movement. Hersh revealed that members of the Lebanese Saad Hariri clique, then led by Fouad Siniora, had been the go-between for US planners and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

Hersh reports the Lebanese Hariri faction had met Dick Cheney in Washington and relayed personally the importance of using the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria in any move against the ruling government:
“[Walid] Jumblatt then told me that he had met with Vice-President Cheney in Washington last fall to discuss, among other issues, the possibility of undermining Assad. He and his colleagues advised Cheney that, if the United States does try to move against Syria, members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood would be “the ones to talk to,” Jumblatt said.” -The Redirection, Seymour Hersh
The article would continue by explaining how already in 2007, US and Saudi backing had begun benefiting the Brotherhood:
“There is evidence that the Administration’s redirection strategy has already benefitted the Brotherhood. The Syrian National Salvation Front is a coalition of opposition groups whose principal members are a faction led by Abdul Halim Khaddam, a former Syrian Vice-President who defected in 2005, and the Brotherhood. A former high-ranking C.I.A. officer told me, “The Americans have provided both political and financial support. The Saudis are taking the lead with financial support, but there is American involvement.” He said that Khaddam, who now lives in Paris, was getting money from Saudi Arabia, with the knowledge of the White House. (In 2005, a delegation of the Front’s members met with officials from the National Security Council, according to press reports.) A former White House official told me that the Saudis had provided members of the Front with travel documents.” -The Redirection, Seymour Hersh
It was warned that such backing would benefit the Brotherhood as a whole, not just in Syria, and could effect public opinion even as far as in Egypt where a long battle against the hardliners was fought in order to keep Egyptian governance secular. Clearly the Brotherhood did not spontaneously rise back to power in Syria, it was resurrected by US, Israeli, and Saudi cash, weapons and directives.

And most recently, as the West frequently does before elections it wishes to manipulate, premature claims by the Muslim Brotherhood of a victory during a presidential runoff were made headlines by the Western media in an effort to portray the Brotherhood as the victors and lay the groundwork for contesting any results other than a decisive win for the West’s proxy of choice.

US State Department-run Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty’s (RFE/RL) “Muslim Brotherhood Declares Victory In Egypt Election,” amongst many other articles attempted to give readers the impression that the Muslim Brotherhood had indeed already won the election. In reality the official tallies had yet to be given and it was merely the Brotherhood’s own rhetoric upon which the report was based. As election results were finalized, and the Brotherhood’s candidate, theUS-educated Muhammad Morsi, appeared not to have the decisive victory claimed by his party and the Western media, immediately accusations of voter fraud were leveled against the Egyptian government.
Image: From the US to Serbia, to Egypt and back again, US State Department-funded, trained, and equipped agitator Ahmed Maher poses at the scene of “Occupy D.C.” Ironically, Americans claim Maher and his “April 6″ movement have inspired them to rise up against their corrupt government, unaware that his movement was insidiously created by the US government. Photo: courtesy Ahmed Maher, Spencer Ackerman
The West is already combining its various proxy fronts for what it sees as a pivotal showdown and perhaps another opportunity to overthrow any remaining nationalist tendencies within the Egyptian military.  Despite the Muslim Brotherhood, allegedly being a theocratic sectarian party, the antithesis of what the secular April 6 Movement allegedly stood for, Ahmed Maher, the movement’s founder threw his full support behind the Brotherhood.

Maher it should be remembered, had been in the US, Serbia, and back again to the US for a series of training and networking opportunities arranged by the US State Department before during and after the so-called “Arab Spring.” What seemed like politically ideological opposites, between April 6 and the Muslim Brotherhood, in fact share a common denominator – they are instruments executing Western foreign policy.

Libya, Egypt, Syria and Beyond to Form United Front Against Iran

Weakening Egypt before NATO’s assault on Libya was a crucial step in ensuring the latter’s absolute destruction and the creation of what is now a Libyan terror-emirate shipping cash, weapons, and fighters east and west to destabilize and overthrow various governments on the Anglo-American’s long “to-do” list. The West’s ability to install a Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt, with it’s substantial regional standing and influence would be a serious blow not only to Syria, but to Iran as well. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt is already echoing calls by the US and Israel for “intervention” in Syria.

Along with Libya, Egypt and of course the Gulf States of Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE, and with the possibility of the Brotherhood coming to power in Syria as well, a united front against Iran would be formed and prepared to fight a proxy war on the West’s behalf against the Islamic Republic.

Such a reordering has not only been mapped out in US foreign policy documents like Brookings Institution’s “Which Path to Persia?” report, but mirror designs against China where all of Southeast Asia is slated for destabilization, regime change, and realignment to carry out the West’s ambitions to contain and even collapse a rising China.

Persia's defense

From time to time I comment on Iran's defense/security posture.

The first thing one must say is that the UK/USA installed the mullahs into power, for whatever reason in 1st February 1979, but generally NOT for good reasons. The puppet Shah had outlasted his usefulness to them.

Since then Iran singularly along with North Korea have become the greatest pariah states on earth, constantly demonized by the International Jewish media with considerable help from the puppet mullahs themselves, and their caricature puppet fronts (Ahmedinejad).

Iran is also an extremely corrupt un-Godly state. There is a considerable divergence between what the mullahs say and what they do. Mass Deception.

Real living standards have declined in Iran since 1979, and have never recovered to their 1979 levels.

In 1979 PPP per capita income was near $18,000 at present prices.....and now in 2012 it is near $13,000.

5 million mostly educated Iranians have left Iran, or have been squeezed out of Iran by the mullah regime. They have taken their vast skills with them mostly to the West.

The mullah regime NATURALLY has become a target of hate and military aggression by Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, USA, UK, little Qatar and even little Azerbaijan. This would not have happened under the puppet Shah......the mullahs are natural foils of hatred because of what they represent, and what they do, and what they often say through their backsides. The mullahs treat diplomacy as Friday sermons at the Mosque.

Naturally their defense/security policy is very very poor.

One the one hand the closure of the USA/UK/Israeli embassies in Tehran is excellent  for ensuring greater security of the country. However modern spies do not always operate from the embassy as embassy staff......Modern NGO's, journalists, businessmen, tourists can also act as very very good spies of the USA/UK/Israeli who come with bad intentions. 

Iran's borders are poorly managed, and the mullahs have not fully secured the Afghan/Pakistan/Iran borders......the Persian Gulf Coast, the Iraq/Iran border through which many criminality takes place....the Turkish/Iran border...the Azerbaijan/Iran border....the Turkmen/Iran order. 

There isn't a fully integrated radar system with local stations that cover the whole country, nor EXTENSIVE local bases for sending security personnel to infiltrated areas. In some areas it would take several hours for security forces to reach the area......even if detection of infiltration took place.

At a more general level conventional forces are weak. I am talking about the conventional forces that would do the bulk of the ACTUAL fighting against Israel/USA incursion/invasion.

The CIA Taliban in 2001, CIA Saddam in 1991 and 2003, and CIA Gaddafi in 2011 were defeated by one thing ONLY, they ALL had weak air power/air-defense, and the USA/NATO had strong air-power. Weak misguided puppets of the USA which with their poor security policy and close infiltration of their governments are attacked, and occupied by the USA.

According to Jane's IISS Military Balance, Iran has only 190 jet fighters that can take to the air and defend the country. These planes in themselves are mostly 3rd generation fighters from the 1960's and 1970's design. The mullahs for 33 years have not either bought in bulk from Russia or China more modern jet fighters or built one for themselves......or undertaken joint production with Turkey/Pakistan.

This is the first obvious stark FAILURE of the puppet mullahs brought into power by the USA/UK.

The mullahs boast every day about building aircraft carriers and sailing to the Atlantic, Mediterranean, or destroyers, frigates, BUT such projects are irrelevant to the REAL defense of Iran. The threat is on the Iranian land mass where jet fighters, AA guns and SAMs play the main role. Iran has about 1,800 AA guns and far fewer SAMs of USA origin and out dated (HAWK).

Iran requires 1000 serviceable 4/5th generation interceptor jets, and 100,000 full-time in the air-force. At least 20--30,000 AA guns of 20, 40, 100mm caliber. About 3000 SAM systems.....and another 100,000 personnel in air-defense capacity......full time personnel. If they do their job properly there will be no ground invasion, or even a threat of an attack in the first place. If they however look weak......where the Israelis and Americans think they can destroy them in a few weeks, then ground invasion or further air attacks against 2500 targets in Iran will take place which will comprehensively destroy the country, its infrastructure, with the addition of many civilian casualties and the eventual collapse of the regime. 

My intelligence states that clearly the mullah regime is a puppet regime brought into power by the USA/UK, and that even though these two predatory regime may not have embassies in Iran, never the less they have their "contacts" and "agents" in the country through whom false security is promoted. .....which diverts from the real military objectives of the country for 33 years of mullah rule.

The mere 3% of GDP expenditure on defense is another indication of this fact, along with the huge misuse of public funds into offshore accounts of the mullahs, and the massive corruption which is tolerated by the mullah run regime which is accepted as normal in public, with an absence of creating clear strategies for combating these crimes.

After air-defense/air-power is overcome in a few weeks 2/3, the next defense of Iran will be the army. Unfortunately the mullahs as puppets of the USA/UK have divided and thus weakened this area by creating two parallel and competing forces, with the politicized businessmen of the Pasdran given greater priority in terms of respect, responsibility and financial support. The Pasdran's performance against Iraq between 1980--1988 was extremely poor, but given the mass desertion from the Shah's conscripted army (70%) it is understandable why the Pasdaran was created THEN.

There is no excuse why the Pasdaran should still exist, and the Pasdaran and Artesh should have been integrated as one force from 1991, otherwise they NATURALLY work against each other at cross purposes. 

No other country in the world has two separately organized armies.

It would be reasonable for the regular army to be kept at 800,000 full-time professionals with no conscription, with a reserve of 700,000. They should be moved out with their equipment from their normal bases, and especially from the big urban areas. Focus should made on small scale fighting. The Pasdaran at 300,000 with no reserve, carrying out specialized ops outside of Iran when the need arises. 

The Bassej disbanded, as it is very dangerous to create a peoples militia...and where a high percentage of Iranian youths naively admire the USA....it will be very foolish to arm them and mobilize them in time of war......only to find out that a considerable number do not believe in the mullah paradise.

Hezbollah with 5000 fighters, The Iraqi Sunni resistance with 30,000 fighters, the Afghan Mujaheddin with 70,000 fighters and the Vietcong with 500,000 were relatively small Third World forces who fought well, irregular warfare, with very poor basic equipment. Iran does not need to go down that path as it is a significant state with significant state resources at its disposal which need to be used efficiently, effectively and wisely.


Larijani urges improving Iran defense power in proportion to threats
Iran's Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani
Iran's Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani has underlined the necessity for improving the country’s defense capabilities to the highest level and in proportion to enemies’ threats.

“We should pay attention to defense preparedness so that our defense capabilities meet the highest [level] as far as possible,” Larijani said Saturday in a Tehran ceremony marking the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Day.

He emphasized that other than cultural efforts the country must be defensively well-equipped as well and noted that “our defensive efforts must conform to our country’s terrain diversity as well as the enemies [military] capacities.”

Insisting that the country’s confrontation with the enemy in the international scene is multifaceted, Larijani added that at some cases our enemies engage in rogue political measures against us and in other instances they resort to other sorts of pressure to undermine our nation.

The present conditions as well as the country’s national interests call for the high deterrence preparedness of the Armed Forces, he concluded.

Reflection of its policy basis

Under International Law, if it still has some relevancy post Bush II, 9/11, American Full Spectrum Dominance, Project for a New American Century 2000, and GWoT, a state which is a neighbor of a nation under going popular revolution or occupation by a foreign power must shelter, house, feed, arm and train the Freedom Fighters of the nation experiencing revolution.

This part of International Law was painstakingly developed over many decades post 1945, and eventually recognized, in clear recognition of the anti-colonial struggles of many African and Asian nations in the 1950, 1960's and 1970's even.

However states which find themselves as neighbors/hosts of revolutionary struggles must always make rational judgments before they support ANY anti-state struggles in neighboring countries under the very broad and subjective principles of "Self Determination."

One basic logical question would be the nature and composition of the revolutionary anti-state groups:
How did the organization begin?
Who are its leaders?
What are the basic ideological principles of the revolutionary group?
What kind of state do they intend to imposed if they are eventually victorious?
What impact will such a revolutionary government have on the host?
Do they represent a genuine section of the population of the country which they want liberated?
Do they have just cause, morally?
Is the present government in the country against whom there is a revolt, extremely bad, corrupt, inefficient, run by thugs with no intentions of negotiation and compromise or reform.......therefore there is no other option but armed struggle?

In the case of the Turkish backed "al-CIA-duh in Syria" carrying out the "Salvador Option" on behalf of the USA/NATO with direct help from the USA/NATO personnel on the ground in Turkey........where evidence has been explicitly shown (deliberately chosen words), then one would state that the revolt against the otherwise moderate, secular, socialist, popular, and thus legitimate government of Bashar al Assad in Damascus is not justified.

The Bashar al Assad government is not perfect, but then few governments in the world are perfect. The Canadian government is not perfect run by Neocons for two terms. The UK government is not perfect run by criminals of a mass order, who think they are anointed to meddle in the world whilst simultaneously the country itself fails in all respects......The American government is not perfect...run by the Wall Street Mafia with a penchant for permanent war, drugs trafficking and laundering, whilst a feudal society cum police state is created on the sly in the JEWSA; A grey dark bleak state run by Jews as a pose to the shining beacon of hope and light unto the world that its founders envisaged.

Living standards are far too low with PPP per capita of just $5000 in Syria after 42 years of Ba'athist rule. Living standards and PPP per capita income should be closer to $16000 after 42 years of Baathist rule. Syria exports some oil, and has received generous aid from the former Soviet Union .....this capital and wealth should have been used to create a PPP economy of $315 billion and not a mere $105 billion as it is now (2012). The Ba'athist government of the Assad dynasty has thus clearly mismanaged the family run economy, without really benefiting the people.

Another criticism is that the Assad's belong to a minority, the Alawite Shia who constitute just 13% of the overall population of Syria....and therefore not truly representative of the whole population.

However it must be stated that in many of the 194 nations of the world the leaders are more often than not drawn from exclusive groups which are not representative of the whole population. In the UK for example the leader of the country must be from a "Public School"---cold showers, homophilia, no girls, Upper Middle Class, detachment from normal society, Victorian racist education, talentless mediocre dumb asses who have been turned and compromised. In Pakistan either from the military or the Zamindars/Tamindars land owning families which are backed by huge block vote constituencies........and so on. In Egypt the military generals...Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak.

So Assad's Syria is not perfect, BUT.

What will "al-CIA-duh in Syria" with the "Salvador Option manifesto" bring to Syria? 

One hazards a guess that it will not be anything stellar and promising for the good Syrian people, but positively grim and dark. In short, worse than the Assad regime. Much worse than the Assad regime, CLEARLY. It will become a perfect foil for future further NATO/USA "liberation" on the ground, as with Iraq and Afghanistan, and repeated Gaza like Israeli intervention, once and if heaven forbid "al-CIA-duh" is installed in Damascus as the legitimate government.

What does the Turkish state get from such a scenario/outcome?

What benefits did Turkey get from Libyan Liberation, by the NATO/USA and 'al-CIA-duh' in Libya? 

What benefits did Turkey get from Tunisian Liberation, by the NATO/USA covert destabilization ops and 'al-CIA-duh' in Tunisia?

What benefits did Turkey get from Egyptian "Liberation", by the NATO/USA covert ops and 'al-CIA-duh' in Egypt? 

Has Turkish companies won huge new contracts in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, or far greater direct influence in the new post revolutionary governments beyond handshakes and symbolic PR ego related photo-ops in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt? 

Does Abe Libya, Tunisia and Egypt have a good safe future in the present circumstances?

Did some European powers promise Turkey entry to the EU, if it attacked Syria? If so is that a logical basis for EU entry?

Abe Turkey and Erdogan the crypro-Jew must think hard before facilitating 'al-CIA-duh in Syria' through the "Salvador Option' of the USA.

One thinks a string of "al-CIA-duh' governments in the Levant and Med is not good for the future stability and prosperity of modern secular Turkey.

If "al-CIA-duh' governments are installed in several Near East states will the Turkish armed forces  participate with NATO/USA/Israel in liberating these very same regimes further in the future?

It is time for Doenme Turkey and crypto-Jew Erdogan to think clearly and seriously about the general trajectory of Turkish foreign policy, and criminal involvement.


Iran urges Turkey, Syria to exercise restraint in downed jet issue
Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi


Iran's Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi has called on Turkey and Syria to exercise restraint with regard to the issue of the recent downing of a Turkish fighter jet by Syria.

In a Saturday telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Ahmet Davutoglu, Salehi called on both sides to remain calm, and expressed optimism for the peaceful settlement of the issue through restraint and calm.

Syria on Friday confirmed shooting down a Turkish fighter jet flying over its territorial waters, stressing that it engaged the jet in its own airspace “according to the laws that govern such situations.”

According to a military statement issued on Friday, the F-4 Phantom was downed in Syrian territorial waters west of the village of Om al-Tuyour in Lattakia Province, 10 kilometers from the beach.

Ankara had earlier said that its military lost radar and radio contact with the jet over the Mediterranean after it took off from Erhac Airport in the eastern Turkish province of Malatya.

The Turkish military provided no details about the mission of the jet.


"al-CIA-duh" Salvador Option in Syrian Turkish border


Syrian Rebels Accused of Massacring 25 People in Northern Village

The dead and mutilated bodies are dressed as shabiha, the term for pro-Assad militiamen

by John Glaser at antiwar.com
At least 25 people have been killed and their bodies mutilated by what Syrian state media described as “terrorists,” as a video was released showing the bodies piled on top of each other and being described by the cameraman as a pro-Assad militia.

“These are shabiha of Bashar al-Assad’s regime,” the narrator said, referring to the opposition’s name for pro-government armed gangs, and adding that they had been killed by the rebel Free Syrian Army (FSA) after clashes in northern Syria.

The SANA state news agency cited sources as saying the victims had been abducted earlier on Friday from Darat Izza, a village in Aleppo province. Activists said 26 government supporters had been shot dead by rebels.

As with most news of massacres from either side, little about the incident can be independently confirmed. But this type of behavior is consistent with earlier findings, like those from the UN, which describe crimes and atrocities being committed by the opposition fighters, including extrajudicial killings and torture.

Still, these are the groups to whom the Obama administration has directed the CIA to funnel money. Covert operatives are reportedly working in neighboring Turkey to coordinate the delivery of arms and heavy artillery to parts of the opposition deemed to be suitable.

But no so-called “vetting process” could ensure the weapons wouldn’t be used by unscrupulous groups. Even if it could, arming one side in a virtual civil war would not be a legitimate, or a prudent foreign policy.

As Joshua Landis, director of the Center for Middle East Studies at the University of Oklahoma and an expert on Syria, wrote in Foreign Policy this month, “Let’s be clear: Washington is pursuing regime change by civil war in Syria. The United States, Europe, and the Gulf states want regime change, so they are starving the regime in Damascus and feeding the opposition.”

George Washington University professor and Middle East expert Marc Lynch has argued that “arming the Syrian opposition, would likely spread the violence and increase the numbers of Syrian dead without increasing the likelihood of regime collapse.” Also, as we saw in Libya, “fighting groups will rise in political power, while those who have advocated nonviolence or who advance political strategies will be marginalized.”

The potential for this meddling to escalate the violence and exacerbate the suffering is very, very high, and recent UN investigations suggest the Syrian rebels have committed atrocities in recent weeks. The humanitarian concerns in Syria are real, but military intervention does not offer a compelling alternative, especially since Washington would undoubtedly be getting involved in a geopolitical game against Iran, as opposed to for humanitarian concerns.


The Muslim Brotherhood are Western Intelligence proxies


Muslim Brotherhood are Western Proxies

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Joins US-Euro-Israeli Chorus for War in Syria.
by Tony Cartalucci

One would expect allegedly "outspoken" critics of the US and Israel to represent the antithesis of any joint US-Israeli foreign policy, especially when it involves mass-murdering large numbers of fellow Arabs to expand Western hegemony across the Middle East. Yet the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood has done the exact opposite, after a long campaign of feigned anti-American, anti-Israel propaganda during the Egyptian presidential run-up, the Muslim Brotherhood has joined US, European, and Israeli calls for an "international" intervention in Syria.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak recently called for international intervention in Syria citing the alleged Houla massacre, echoed by Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood spokesman Mahmoud Ghozlan who stated the same. The Syrian arm of the Muslim Brotherhood has been involved heavily, leading in fact, the US, Israeli, Saudi, and Qatari-backed sectarian violence that has been ravaging Syria for over a year. In
a May 6, 2012 Reuters article it stated:
"Working quietly, the Brotherhood has been financing Free Syrian Army defectors based in Turkey and channeling money and supplies to Syria, reviving their base among small Sunni farmers and middle class Syrians, opposition sources say."

While Reuters categorically fails to explain the "how" behind the Brotherhood's resurrection, it was revealed in a 2007 New Yorker article titled, "The Redirection" by Seymour Hersh, as being directly backed by the US and Israel who were funneling support through the Saudis so as to not compromise the "credibility" of the so-called "Islamic" movement. Hersh revealed that members of the Lebanese Saad Hariri clique, then led by Fouad Siniora, had been the go-between for US planners and the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

Hersh reports the Lebanese Hariri faction had met Dick Cheney in Washington and relayed personally the importance of using the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria in any move against the ruling government: 

"[Walid] Jumblatt then told me that he had met with Vice-President Cheney in Washington last fall to discuss, among other issues, the possibility of undermining Assad. He and his colleagues advised Cheney that, if the United States does try to move against Syria, members of the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood would be “the ones to talk to,” Jumblatt said." -The Redirection, Seymour Hersh
The article would continue by explaining how already in 2007, US and Saudi backing had begun benefiting the Brotherhood: 
"There is evidence that the Administration’s redirection strategy has already benefitted the Brotherhood. The Syrian National Salvation Front is a coalition of opposition groups whose principal members are a faction led by Abdul Halim Khaddam, a former Syrian Vice-President who defected in 2005, and the Brotherhood. A former high-ranking C.I.A. officer told me, “The Americans have provided both political and financial support. The Saudis are taking the lead with financial support, but there is American involvement.” He said that Khaddam, who now lives in Paris, was getting money from Saudi Arabia, with the knowledge of the White House. (In 2005, a delegation of the Front’s members met with officials from the National Security Council, according to press reports.) A former White House official told me that the Saudis had provided members of the Front with travel documents." -The Redirection, Seymour Hersh

It was warned that such backing would benefit the Brotherhood as a whole, not just in Syria, and could effect public opinion even as far as in Egypt where a long battle against the hardliners was fought in order to keep Egyptian governance secular. Clearly the Brotherhood did not spontaneously rise back to power in Syria, it was resurrected by US, Israeli, and Saudi cash, weapons and directives.
PR Roll-out of Orchestrated  Regional War

To the general public, the violence in Lebanon seems to have "spilled over" from Syria, with characters like Saad Hariri, a leading figure in an effort at fueling regional bifurcation between Sunni and Shi'ia Muslims, being suddenly "involved" in the ongoing violence. To the general public, because of a willfully deceitful mass media, the Muslim Brotherhood's sudden backing of US-Euro-Israeli and Gulf State calls for foreign intervention seems like a spontaneous reaction to the so-called Houla massacre.

In reality, for those who are informed regarding the true back story of the geopolitical reordering of the Arab World, it is nothing more than the public roll-out of an orchestrated conspiracy years in the making, with each actor having long practiced their roles backstage together before coming out on stage and being introduced to the audience. 
Indeed, the Muslim Brotherhood and Saad Hariri have been working together with the United States, Israel, and Saudi Arabia for years. The Muslim Brotherhood's political resurrection was solely owed to the US-engineered "Arab Spring" and torrents of cash and backroom diplomatic support. The US State Department on record had been preparing since at least as early as 2008, with Egyptian protest leaders flown to New York, trained, equipped, and funded courtesy of US taxpayers before being sent back to destabilize Egypt beginning in 2010 and culminating in the 2011 "Arab Spring." 

And while the Muslim Brotherhood is busy feigning hatred and belligerence toward the US and Israel, they in turn have feigned fear and displeasure at the Brotherhood's rise amidst political destabilization the West itself created and perpetuated solely to place the Brotherhood back in power. This gambit is perhaps best exposed with
the rise and fall of another Western-backed proxy, Egypt's Mohamed ElBaradei.
Those who "hate" most... 

In fact, the more unreasonable and frothing one's anti-American, anti-Israeli rhetoric becomes, the more likely they are in fact working directly with the West and using such rhetoric as a smoke screen. Mohamed ElBaradei, for example, attempted to ride the wave of anti-Western sentiment by regularly pointing out the odds he was at with America over Iraq and Iran. Israel and the US in turn accused him
of being an "Iranian" agent, and ElBaradei would regularly threaten to make war with Israel, should he be elected president of Egypt. We will see just how absurd this entire charade really is.

Photo: From left to right, ICG members Shlomo Ben-Ami, Stanley Fischer, Shimon Peres, and Mohamed ElBaradei. Despite claims that Mohomed ElBaradei is "anti-Israeli" or "anti-West," it is a documented fact that he is indeed an agent of the Wall Street-London corporate-fascist global oligarchy, and a member of the International Crisis Group which includes several current and former senior Israeli officials.


In reality, ElBaradei sits as a trustee of a US corporate-financier funded think-tank, the International Crisis Group (ICG) along side convicted criminal and billionaire Wall Street speculator, George Soros, geopolitical adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, suspected financial criminal Lawrence "Larry" Summers, and Neo-Conservative Richard Armitage. Additionally, sitting around the same table with ElBaradei is the President of Israel, Shimon Peres, Stanley Fischer who serves as governor of the Bank of Israel, and former-Foreign Minister of Israel Shlomo Ben-Ami.

Beyond even this evidence, and before the "Arab Spring" even unfolded, another US corporate-financier funded think-tank, the Council on Foreign Relations, pointed out the necessity of manipulating public perception to maneuver client regimes into power. In a March 2010 article titled,
"Is ElBaradei Egypt's Hero?" published in CFR's "Foreign Affairs," it stated:
"Further, Egypt’s close relationship with the United States has become a critical and negative factor in Egyptian politics. The opposition has used these ties to delegitimize the regime, while the government has engaged in its own displays of anti-Americanism to insulate itself from such charges. If ElBaradei actually has a reasonable chance of fostering political reform in Egypt, then U.S. policymakers would best serve his cause by not acting strongly." 

Clearly, both Western and Israeli press not only refrained from "acting strongly," they feigned immense displeasure at ElBaradei's rise in Egyptian politics, while simultaneously showering his enemies and opponents with support to taint them in the eyes of an emotional, and apparently easily manipulated global public.

In this light it is hard to take ElBaradei's feigned anti-Western sentiments as anything more than an absolute coordinated deception, to mask the fact that he indeed is a direct representative of these very insidious manipulators. Likewise the Muslim Brotherhood is playing a double game, capitalizing on carefully cultivated hatred verses America and Israel, while in reality leading sectarian extremists toward fulfilling rather than balking Western machinations. Not only is this apparent in the propaganda game played by both the Brotherhood and their counterparts in Washington, London, Doha, and Tel Aviv, but demonstratively as the Brotherhood's agenda now overtly converges with that of the US and Israel verses Syria, as stated would happen in 2007 by Seymour Hersh. 

It seems almost unimaginable that any Arab, regardless of their opinion of Iran, Syria, or Hezbollah in Lebanon, could believe that eliminating this countervailing force vis-a-vis the West and Israel will be to their advantage, especially as it becomes clear their "new" "Arab Spring-installed" leaders are in fact working with, not against Western hegemonic expansion across the Arab World.

Arab Spring Brings Western Client Regimes. 
In addition to the Muslim Brotherhood's rise in Egypt and Syria, in Tunisia serving Western interests is the recently installed Moncef Marzouki, formally of the Tunisian League for Human Rights, a
US National Endowment for Democracy and George Soros Open Society-funded International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) member organization. Marzouki, who spent two decades in exile in Paris, France, was also founder and head of the Arab Commission for Human Rights, a collaborating institution with the US NED World Movement for Democracy (WMD) including for a "Conference on Human Rights Activists in Exile" and a participant in the WMD "third assembly" alongside Marzouki's Tunisian League for Human Rights, sponsored by NED, Soros' Open Society, and USAID.

In neighboring Libya, Marzouki's counterpart, NATO-installed Prime Minister Abdurrahim el-Keib is listed
as a "Professor and Chairman" of the Petroleum Institute, based in Abu Dhabi, UAE and sponsored by British Petroleum (BP), Shell, France's Total, the Japan Oil Development Company, and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. Both Marzouki of Tunsia and el-Keib of Libya have vocally supported Western efforts at regime change in Syria, with Libya additionally supplying cash, weapons, and fighters drawn from the US State Department-listed terror organization, the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG).

Clearly with regime change on the table
since the first Gulf War during the 1990's, specific calls for regime change as early as 2002, and an articulated conspiracy to use sectarian militants to overthrow Syria, Hezbollah in Lebanon and in turn, undermine and destabilize Iran, on record since 2007, all hinged on the creation of a front of Western client-regimes across the Arab World. The US-engineered  "Arab Spring" has demonstratively created such a front, which in turn has demonstratively contributed to the goal of isolating, undermining, and violently overthrowing Lebanon, Syria, and Iran.

For the Arab World, it should be clear that the "enemy of my enemy" is most certainly not "my friend," especially when that "enemy" is the result of an artificial strategy of tension created by those posing as "allies." 
Sunni Muslims share a common enemy not only with their Shi'ia neighbors, but with all peoples, races, and religions from Africa to Asia. That enemy is Anglo-American imperialism which has perpetuated itself for centuries by nothing else other than its ability to divide, destroy, and conquer nations pitted against nations, north verses south, one religion verses another, one tribe against another. This is how they subjugated huge swaths of Africa, Central and Southeast Asia, and this is exactly how they are now conquering the Arab World.

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are Western Intelligence puppets.

From organized chaos you can re-order the system according to your dictates.

As has been stated before there are those in Western Intelligence, the idea of which began in London circles, that by installing Islamic Fundamentalists you can control Muslim majority societies far more decisively.......AND that the sum total of ALL these Islamist regimes pose no REAL military threat to Israel given the combined might of Israel/USA/NATO.

ie: Israel is a Oasis of peace, tranquility, rationality, democracy and Western civilization...whilst the Muslim hordes are primitive heathens forever protesting, shouting screaming, waving the Koran and their scimitars......get the picture?

But do we need a world full of permanent war, where the American President makes war/security/Israel his primarily election issue........because of CIA backed proxies installed into power originally.



Apparently, the CIA, Mossad and the Muslim Brotherhood are all close friends.

All of the people quoted below are controversial, but some of what they say may be true.

1. "Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan, speaking at the 2012 Presidential Conference in Jerusalem, expressed cautious optimism about the potential outcomes of the Arab Spring, saying that 'we are in a very unique position that has never been seen before.'

"Dagan said that 'the radicals in the Arab League are no longer there and a range of mutual interests that require regional cooperation provide an incredible opportunity for fostering peaceful relations.'

Former Mossad Chief: Arab Spring 'Incredible Opportunity'; Former ...

2. "Former Mossad chief Meir Dagan asserted that the Arab Spring and changes taking place in the region could have a positive effect on Israel's chances to improve its relations with Arab states, speaking on a panel at the Presidential Concerence in Jerusalem Wednesday."

'Israel in a unique place to make peace with Arabs'

3. "Also speaking at the conference was Dennis Ross who criticized ousted Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak..

"He said that if the Muslim Brotherhood realize they need outside help they will be required to adhere to international guidelines and preserve the peace with Israel."

Dagan predicts Arab Spring won't reach Jordan

4. On 19 June 2012, a CIA-linked group, calling itself the Mujahideen Shura Council of Jerusalem, claimed responsibility for a cross-border attack along Israel's southern border with Egypt's Sinai Peninsula that killed an Arab construction worker, according to the SITE Intel Group.

In videos released
by the Ibn Taymiyyah Media Center, a group of masked men stand in front of al Qaida-style flags claimed responsibility for the Sinai incident.

The group dedicated the attack to the CIA's Osama bin Laden. "We present this blessed invasion ... to the soul of the lion of Islam, the reviver of jihad, and the raiser of the banner, Sheikh Mujahid Osama bin Muhammad bin Laden."

Al-Qaida/CIA group claims responsibility for attack on Egypt-Israel border

5. In 2006, John Loftus, former US government prosecutor and former Army intelligence officer, wrote (The Muslim Brotherhood, CIA, Nazis and Al-Qaeda):

"I learned that many of the Nazis that I had been assigned to prosecute were on the CIA payroll...

"The Muslim Brotherhood was a fascist organization that was hired by Western intelligence that evolved over time into what we today know as al-Qaeda...

"In the 1920s there was a young Egyptian named al Bana. And al Bana formed this nationalist group called the Muslim Brotherhood. Al Bana was a devout admirer of Adolph Hitler and wrote to him frequently...

"At the end of World War II, the Muslim Brotherhood was wanted for war crimes...

"Instead of prosecuting... the Muslim Brotherhood, the British government hired them... 

"What the British did then, they sold the Arab Nazis to the predecessor of what became the CIA...

"The idea was that we were going to use the Arab Nazis in the Middle East as a counterweight to the Arab communists...We kept the Muslim Brotherhood on our payroll...

"Nasser ordered all of the Muslim Brotherhood out of Egypt...

"During the 1950's, the CIA evacuated the Nazis of the Muslim Brotherhood to Saudi Arabia. 

"Now when they arrived in Saudi Arabia, some of the leading lights of the Muslim Brotherhood like Azzam, became the teachers in the Madrasas, the religious schools. 

"And there they combined the doctrines of Nazism with this weird Islamic cult, Wahhabiism.

"Everyone thinks that Islam is this fanatical religion, but it is not...

"The Wahhabi cult was condemned as a heresy more than 60 times by the Muslim nations...

ALI in Azhar Park Cairo Egypt
By SWAIDAN ✈ to Syria ● G.W.L.K_

"Islam is a very peaceful and tolerant religion. It has always had good relationships with the Jews for the first thousand years of its existence...

"In 1979 the CIA decided to take the Arab Nazis out of cold storage...

"We told the Saudis that we would fund them if they would bring all of the Arab Nazis together and ship them off to Afghanistan to fight the Russians...

"To this day there are branches of the Muslim Brotherhood all through al Qaeda.

"The organization you know as 'Hammas' is actually a secret chapter of the Muslim Brotherhood... 

"Saudi charities fund the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas... al-Qaeda. 

6. Excerpts from Chapter 10: The Iran/Iraq War: Big Oil & Their Bankers, by Dean Henderson:
"The Eight Families banking cabal much preferred the mullahs to the leftists... 
"The US was ... helping Islamic extremists... to exterminate the Iranian left...  
"The Israeli Mossad ... in 1978 ... allowed the fundamentalist Hamas to become the only Palestinian group registered in Israel...
"The Israelis found Hamas a convenient bludgeon which they could deploy against Yasser Arafat whose Palestinian Authority had emerged from Fatah and the PLO, both of which put forth a secular left of center political agenda based on Arab unity and nationalism...

Beautiful girl
Egypt. By
"The right-wing Israeli Likud uses Hamas to sew division among the Palestinians...

"The Saudis favor Hamas...
"Many House of Saud members are members of the secret society Muslim Brotherhood-Benoist-Mechin.
"Hamas is an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood...
"According to former Mossad case officer Victor Ostravsky, Mossad armed the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood with mujahadeenarms from Afghanistan in 1986.  
"Mossad even told these Islamic Jihad terrorists which targets to hit...  
"In October 1991, angered at the Bush Sr. Administration’s willingness to mediate peace talks in Madrid between Israel and the Palestinians, Ostravsky says Mossad used three Hamas extremists in an attempt to assassinate Bush in Madrid...

Midan Salah ad-Din 

Egypt. By upyernoz

"In 1982 the socialist government in Syria put down a revolt led by Islamic militants.  One of the revolt’s leaders was Abdallah Azzam, who later supervised the CIA training of mujahadeen in Peshawar...
"Hassan Turabi, leader of the Sudanese military government, is backed by the leader of that country’s Muslim Brotherhood offshoot known as the Islamic National Front...  
"In the US the Muslim Brotherhood coalesces around Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam..."