Zardari Bhai


. When you've got foreign handlers installing you into power in Pakistan, rigging the elections through the ISI in February 2008, and low voter turnout, and sympathy for the wife. Never mind the fact that your bibi's party's does not like you, never did, and the nation never really liked you. How could they? What redeeming features do you have?

But then what worries can you have? Indeed you smile ear to ear at every opportunity, reassured by their $billions, 10% for you or maybe 20% now.

Fuck Pakistan, fuck the inflation. Fuck the rising food prices. Fuck the power outages. Fuck the meaningless attacks against the historic and noble Pashtuns, using Pakistani bases....fuck all else in Pakistan.
You are a puppet, a bought puppet of them............so where is the problem? You have safe houses in London and the Gulf which you can run to should the people rebel against you, and $billions stashed away in the usual places. They who installed you into power reassures you that you are OK; all is well with you in power. Oh people must respect you? You are the President after all "elected" by the people? And so I see.


Zardari Jokes.

Robber: Give me all your money! Zardari: Don't you know who I am? I am Asif Ali Zardari! Robber: Okay. Give me all my money! (TOI)

To commemorate the ascension from jail bird to the Presidency, Pakistan Post has officially launched a new Rs. 100 stamp. People of Pakistan are confused which side on the stamp to spit on!!!!



Sacred numbers, Qui Ja boards and private soothsayers.


In the Middle Ages if you had enough charisma and some basic fighting skills, but you did not belong to a host society, then no problem if the ambition and will to lead was there, not an issue in an age where one was either a Christian, Muslim or some other religion. The concept of statehood had not fully evolved, and therefore for most travelers it was not impossible for usurpers from the outside to takeover another nation which by birth and upbringing was not naturally theirs.

There are so many examples in Europe where this happened, and in other parts of the world.....and out of sheer interest you can study these instances of such occurrences from the pages of history from the past, long ago.

Since the evolution of the concept of the modern state such things are near impossible save a very few places and America. Our identity is defined by first and foremost by where we are bought up and born, the schools we attend, and our first language of communication. Despite the best advancing efforts of globalization, where the significance of the state is allegedly waning, the modern concept of the state, which defines who we are and where we are from still remains true, generally.

Or to put it in a more obvious, clear relevant way a person suddenly cannot become Iranian, Indian, or Russian if that person, as stated clearly above, was not bought up and originally born in that society first. Not possible. And if you are not from those societies originally then you cannot become leaders in those societies, even if you did decide to join a mainstream party in one of those countries, because you will always be considered an "outsider" by the locals given the modern strongly held concept of nationalism....................................just won't happen! You can dream as much as you like, with your silly little costumes of faux Cyrus, turn entire countries upside down, and this and that, but the absolute reality is it won't happen, ever.

But I understand, or at least I understand that often as humans we judge others, and see others through our own perceptions, habits, prejudices and thoughts without realizing it. For a certain international community with no fixed allegiance to any country, save their own where one can be born British, become a naturalized Australian and then finish this off as an important official in an American administration. ........................................easy, no problem.

And for this international community the flavor of the month varies according to their whims. At one time they can be ardent supporters of Imperial Japan, funding its war against Russia ($200 million 1904). In another time aggressive supporters of the Soviet Union building up its strategic industry in the critical years of the 1920's and 1930's (interesting history, do the research)..............or Nazi Germany, helping the Fascist Party ascend to power from the 1920's..............................or.........................and so on and so on.

In their "International world" there are no countries merely pawns and tools which are used for their agenda's gauged from their sacred numbers, Qui Ja boards and private soothsayers.....with a little bit of Human whim thrown into it all. In their International world, a family member can be head of German intelligence at one time right through the war shepherding the Kaiser, whilst another member runs the American federal reserve, printing the cash for the war against.............Germany............And that same money being used to buy materials for the German war effort through neutral Holland, and Sweden. Bizarre, or what?

No not bizarre if seen through the prism of their peculiar logic and interests, gleaned from their sacred numbers, Qui Ja boards, private soothsayers and very often their mood and whims for the day.

But for the rest of us who do not belong to this international community, we are who we are, where we are brought up and born, that is all. We do not need sacred numbers, Qui Ja boards or private soothsayers to tell us this, but the application of simple common sense.

The BJP in the post election crisis.


I wanted Congress to win but not with that kind of a margin of victory. It makes them complacent and lazy, as if they weren't all ready.

Its the right party for India, because its amorphous, appealing to all sentiments to a greater or lessor degree, accommodating, corrupt, a do nothing party, fat and bloaty, promises more than it delivers, no clear mission or objectives, but a mishmash of sloganeering and statements .......... otherwise a typical status quo Indian misgoverning party that delivers a certain degree of reassurance and therefore appropriate for the diverse Indian society.

I personally thought the April-May 2009 elections were rigged, in favor of the Congress Party, but that's another story. There are numerous fringe sources of how elections are bought in India if you want to follow up on that. But first you must over come the bias that India is not a pure democracy. Indeed the idea that most nations are pure democracies.

So on to the BJP.

A healthy democracy requires a strong opposition. Knit picking and attacking the ruling party. Congress can't, won't win the next election in 2014, but the BJP can if it gears itself up and gets it act together within the next five years. The BJP is less corrupt compared to the Congress Party (or so I like to think), and I tend to think it is administratively more effective, when in power. Unlike Congress it tends to be more focused, and follows through on its programs. It is a party which is not ashamed of being Indian, and most of its leadership aren't foreign educated products with alien ideas implanted into the Indian political system (Manmohan Singh, Sonia Gandhi..........) Finally its leaders are democratically elected by the party; its not a kleptocracy dynasty structured party where the heirs are anointed due to their family lineage.
(Congress Party)

Lord Macaulay had stated "We must at present do our best to form a class who may be interpreters between us and millions whom we govern-a class of persons Indian in blood and color, but English in tastes, in opinions, in morals and in intellect."--------Through the Congress Party, and its Dynastic politics neo-colonialism rules. India in order to become a proper self respecting power needs to detach from that, obviously.

So thats the pleasing part about the BJP.

The bad part, well rather obvious and I guess the reason why the under rated common Indian voters chose not to vote for them. You can't eat national flags, or patriotic sloganeering...............indeed such things are rather irrelevant to a dirt poor farmer in say Madhya Pradesh, burdened by debt, or a city slum dweller without real wage earning work. The Indian Middle class, and lower middle class I suppose will "buy" the flag waving and sloganeering for a while; their basic needs have been met....but even here, the core of BJP voters...the same slogans and same message heaved out of the BJP shed may not appeal to the same extent as they did before.

Not that I am saying Indian elections are about issues, with the common voter reading every word of the party manifesto's....but the general blurry gist has to meld with the overall national sentiment, otherwise...NO.

Varun, adolescent Varun, "we Hindus aren't soft touches" Varun, I'm really looking for a fight Varun, Varun hero of the BJP, the new generation vanguard, Ram temple, Ram temple, and some more Ram Temple, Varun, and Varun, and some more Varun, Bring back black money from Switzerland, Varun, Ram Temple, Hai Ram, ...............all packaged under a 81 year old geriatric leader was never going any where, with a bit of election fixing.

Quite simply for the BJP's sake, for the country's sake, the party has to change before it disappears into oblivion and irrelevancy in the Indian political scene, back to its 2 member seats of the 1980's a mere two decades ago..........................what a shame that would be. To be sure I was never happy about the BJP's communalism, how could I be? The problems of India aren't encapsulated by 160 million Muslims, or Pakistan, or anybody else. The fundamental problems of India, which require addressing sooner or later derive from the flaws of Indian society generally.

It is sheer intellectual laziness to suggest that somehow all the myriad of complex national problems within India are enshrined in a narrow platform of "the Muslims".

The problems/challenges of India are problems/challenges many Third World societies face, and the more successful, intelligent, thoughtful, organized Third World societies are diligently working with their people to solve such national problems----NOT bashing a bottom of the basket minority, and creating the false illusion that that will somehow ultimately solve ALL the countries problems eventually.

No true Indian leader should suggest or hint in that direction, by words, gestures or deeds. Otherwise you are doing a disservice to the nation by playing the misleading pied piper taking the gullible down the wrong alley, into the wrong solutions.

The challenges:

1. Terrorism......NE, Maoist and Pakistan backed.
2. Religious Intolerance/BJP.
3. Water Shortage/non monsoon season especially
4. Unequal economic development....poor economic planning. 840 million with minimal income surviving on 20 rupees a day. 55 billionaires.
5. Corruption.
6. Capital flight-----$1.5 trillion to $3 trillion.
7. Devalued Currency.
8. Unemployment.....hiring system. Colonial era/Socialist era employment laws.
9. Low Education.investment......poor quality education....poor quality teachers....poor quality students.........loss of the best to foreign countries. Lack of investment into research...R&D.
10.Weak Foreign Policy.........inconsistent foreign policy....the failure of SAARC, and relations with neighbors especially Pakistan. Aspires to be the regional power, is the regional power but no clear leadership.
11. Poorly performing agricultural sector./farmer debts/low investment and innovation.
12. RAW misadventures.
13..............Failed state characteristics/wikipedia/duplicate.
14. Foreign interference...USA/UK.........behind the scenes through the post-colonial elite.
15. Rapid population growth-----------largest population soon--2030?...........Unfortunately some of the big players and policy makers in India, and so called touted experts keep repeating that a continued population growth along the present trajectory is somehow good for India's future providing a youthful future generation who will increase productivity and demand for the future..........misses the fundamental point that any nation with X amount of resources, and Y level of effective governance can only deliver Z amount of goods and services which satisfy the overall population. My contention is, and I say this most emphatically that given the experience of the last 60 years it is highly unlikely that the "Indian state" will be able to satisfy even the basic needs of most of its people..............................there WILL still be a lot of poor people in India by 2030, never mind any additional new population (500 million more ????), and therefore logically India should very seriously with the zeal of Indira Gandhi think about containing the population growth meaningfully, comprehensively and quickly...............otherwise the overpopulation of India will create failed state characteristics such as those in Bangladesh (no real threat to anyone except as a liability to itself...........300 million by 2050)........and Pakistan about 400 million by 2050, a failed state slowly sliding into anarchy and war, especially in its Western parts.
16. Poor governance.....political parties/bureaucracy/poor leadership.
17. Poor environmental policies/ enforcement and awareness by public--state and national.
18. Post colonial elite...which has no fealty to India.......exemplified by capital flight.
19. Poor infrastructure.
20. Small industrial base.............28% of GDP...low investment in this sector.
21. Weak financial system.
22. Indian bureaucracy...............red tape.
23. Backward society and the inherent problems of any backward society, culturally and psychologically........religious obscurantism and fatalism...........Problems of society explained away as Karmic etc.
24. Indian colonial era police......corruption and criminality.
25. Cultural stagnation....crass, trash Western copy Bollywood/Hindi movies etc.
26. Social harmony and value......soaring crime rates etc....standard social norms.
27. Inconsistent defense policy---low defense expenditure; dreams of a great power mixed up with the true needs of India's defense.
28. Legal system, legal codes, and justice system over burdened, irrelevant and unIndian....does not meet the needs of the ordinary Indian.
29. Poor sanitary and health standards generally.
30. Poor nutrition producing a vast pool of low quality under performing generations....for the future....when did India last win a gold medal in the previous Olympics?

The national failures above are the failings of the Congress Party which has more or less ruled India for the last 62 years approaching, nobody else.

Obviously the BJP can't go into the next elections with geriatric Advani at 86, OBVIOUSLY NOT. The party needs to move on, and present a fresh face and some more new messages. Preferably new messages which are more in line with the national sentiment, and the overall complex Indian society. North all the way to Chennai, from the West all the way East to Arunchal Pradesh.

Arun Jaitley seems intelligent, cosmopolitan and most importantly the right age (56). He should be chosen as the next head of the BJP into the next elections, and Advani should be moved out and retired writing his memoirs and biography.

Some secretly want Modi to be the next head of the BJP but the problem with Modi is that he is fundamentally a divisive character who will further divide India. Yes, Yes, Yes Mussolini and Hitler created jobs, made pretty young men in uniform march down the street, instilled a sense of national pride and discipline, falsely, .................and made sure the trains ran on time.....and all that, but in the process they also further destroyed MORE than they ever created, which had a lasting good effect. Modi is a good state minister, if you like conceded in a gangsterism way, but only a good state minister.......not a national leader.

The BJP should sort itself out quickly.


Iran and the recent elections.

The recent Iranian "elections" were obviously rigged to make sure Khamenei's stupid little worthless puppet was re-elected. Election rigging unfortunately is not unique to Iran but is far more widespread than most people realize or dare think about. It is a phenomenon of rich and poor countries alike..........USA, India, and lastly the Soviet Union being a simple classic example........with 99% voter turnouts sometimes, and all voting for the same party.

Elections are in their simplest form about power and elite groups jostling for power, influence and loot,............ where the will of the people save a few countries is actually irrelevant. But a charade must be presented for the consumption of the ordinary man, and so it is with most elections.

So what is the big deal with Iran? Well its been 30 years since the UNISLAMIC regime came to power. Thousands of people executed by the UNISLAMIC regime around 1979, civil war with lefties the Tudeh party around the early 1980's left a 100,000 dead or executed; a 1,000,000 killed fighting Iraq, and quite a few others killed by the UNISLAMIC regime since.

Mullah Iran is quite simply the worst regime the Iranian people have had to endure, covering a history of 2500 years. Past regimes were maybe incompetent, maybe corrupt, but never incompetent, corrupt AND tyrannical.

Mullah Iran's governance is poor, living standards are significantly down since 1979, but it relies on the tricks of meaningless populism/sloganeering, religious piety (Shia nationalism) and simple state terror (street thugs such as the Basij-----boys on motorbikes armed with chains and knifes)-------that is the sum total of the "legitimacy" of the UNISLAMIC regime. The billionaires and millionaires in the country are the mullahs, who sell poor Iranians to the Gulf as sex slaves for profit.

That such a bad regime should still be in power is indeed very sad. The Revolutionary Guard and the VEVAK ensure that the regime stays in power, but the writer below omits the critical backing of Western powers especially in Europe who help maintain the mullah regime. Without this covert help from Europe, the mullah regime with its corruption, and complete ineptitude would have disappeared from the page of time long time ago. Largely illiterate (by Western standards) Mullahs running Iran by themselves is a misnomer; it is an incorrect description of the real power structure in Iran...............Ahmedinejad has no real power but is a mere front; behind him is the mullahs, and the officials from state security VEVAK, and the Revolutionary Guards, and ultimately behind them the backing of the UNISLAMIC regime by certain European powers.

Iran requires a revolution from within to topple this evil alien regime that is in power in Tehran now. Then a new leadership needs to be established consisting of civilians ONLY, from within Iran.


Iran Update: Khamenei on the Way Out?

by Hossein Askari

from National Interest

Writing on this site on June 17, I indicated that Ayatollah Khamenei had decided to interfere in the presidential election because he and his backers (the intelligence services and the Revolutionary Guards) were afraid of a takeover by Hashemi Rafsanjani if Mir Hossein Moussavi won the presidential election. So Khamenei and his backers preempted the possibility that he might be replaced as supreme leader by rigging the election in favor of their man, Ahmadinejad. After the election and the initiation of protests, it appeared the regime had two options, with neither boding a promising future—a total crackdown against dissent and closing of clerical ranks or mandating new elections. The government largely adopted the former option. But the clerics did not close ranks as expected and a critical rift that may be irreparable has developed. An increasing number of powerful clerics and technocrats now see only one available option for saving the clerical system without unimaginable bloodshed—replacing Ayatollah Khamenei and soon. Let’s fill in the blanks.

Even before the election, a number of clerics and technocrats felt that the Islamic Republic was in serious trouble. Corruption, economic mismanagement and consolidation of all levers of power by Ahmadinejad, with the supreme leader’s support and blessing, had gone too far. The Islamic Republic was no longer distinguishable from a corrupt run-of-the-mill dictatorship. What made it even more troubling to some of these religious scholars was that it was all being done in the name of Allah and Shia Islam.

The election and its aftermath took matters onto another plane of abuse for these scholars. The poll results were so fraudulent as to insult human intelligence. Khamenei abused his position by prematurely confirming Ahmadinejad’s victory, treating the opposition with little regard and, worst of all, attributing it to “divine intervention.” The brutal crackdown caused much agony among religious scholars. Some scholars saw their religious influence continually eroded under the Khamenei-Ahmadinejad system. Some might have even seen all of this as shame brought upon Shia Islam. But above all, religious scholars saw the recent actions of the regime as a perversion of everything Islamic. Iran and Shiism were loosing face rapidly, not only among other Muslims, but also in the world at large. No true religious scholar could sanction the regime’s actions as Islamic.

Thus the statement on Saturday by a group of relatively senior religious scholars (Association of Researchers and Teachers of Qum) that the election was a fraud and the government illegitimate has further undermined the regime’s mantle of religiosity. Many members of the group are students of Grand Ayatollahs Montazzeri and Saneii (who have already forbidden collaboration with the regime) and are teachers and researchers at Mofid University in Qum. Some members marched with the protesters after the elections. Their actions and statements are essentially targeted at all of Iran’s Grand Ayatollahs, to push them into collective action against the regime. Some members of the group have even gone as far as arguing for dissolution of the whole system, including the velayat-e-faqih. The Republic will now have an increasingly harder time defending its “Islamic” designation. It is religious illegitimacy, not the absence of democratic values, which will eventually undermine the regime in Tehran.

Still many, if not most, religious scholars in Iran uphold the clerical system introduced by Ayatollah Khomeini. They and much of the Iranian public may want the system preserved, but this may be difficult, if not impossible, with Ayatollah Khamenei as the supreme leader. He has in the eyes of many betrayed Ayatollah Khomeini’s vision and legacy. A replacement for Ayatollah Khamenei will have to be made soon if further defection and bloodshed is to be forestalled and the system preserved.

While Hashemi Rafsanjani covets the post of supreme leader, he won’t ascend to the position under the prevailing circumstances. The clerics, with the support of the intelligence services, the Revolutionary Guards (including the Basij) and the regular military, will have to settle on a true Islamic scholar who has no political ambitions, who is not corrupt, who is dedicated to Islam and who can restore Iranian and regional faith in the regime. While the new supreme leader will be the public face of the Islamic Republic, the day-to-day responsibilities of the office will in all likelihood be in the hands of seasoned politicians, such as Hashemi Rafsanjani.

The regime is at the proverbial “tipping point.” The United States and the West should act cautiously if they are to support the aspirations of the Iranian people.


Hossein Askari is the Iran Professor of Business and International Affairs at the George Washington University.

The idiots who play the game from Iran via Turkey?, is plastic bags, and bags in general and the number 3. Now imagine a 40 year old with a beer belly running off with somebodies bag containing their lunch and nick nacks, into the sunset in broad day light--------the mullahs in Iran can and do, and so can you.