Elite Jewish Propaganda.....beyond the cool happening MSM

George Soros (György Schwartz..George Black) is of Hungarian Jewish descent, and it is alleged whilst Hungary was under Nazi occupation, he collaborated with the Nazis in tracking down other prominent Jews for the Nazis.

From aangirfan:

George Soros, as a teenager, collaborated with the Nazis.

'First he worked for the Judenrat which rounded up Jews.

'He helped to confiscate property from Jews for the Nazis.'

For this fine noble work against his lesser bretheren (Protocols 9.2) he was invited to London to be indoctrinated by the Rothschilds of London, the defacto monarchy of the Jews. In 1947 Soros immigrated to England and became a student at the London School of Economics.[25] While a student of the philosopher Karl Popper, Soros worked as a railway porter and as a waiter.....Wikipedia, LSE is the recruiting ground for many British Spies.

After being indoctrinated by the Rothschilds of London, he was sent to the USA and NY to act as their agent in the richest and most powerful nation on earth.

In 1954 Soros began his financial career at the merchant bank Singer & Friedlander of London. He worked as a clerk and later moved to the arbitrage department. A fellow employee, Robert Mayer, suggested he apply at his father's brokerage house, F.M. Mayer of New York.[30]...Rothschilds linked Jewish companies.

Since in the USA, George Soros has single highhandedly assumed the power to TOPPLE GOVERNMENTS around the world, working with Jews in the CIA and State Department along with Christian Zionist supporters of Israel. In most countries if a private citizen undertook such subversive work they'd be locked up and the keys thrown away. But Jew globalist Soros isn't locked up or punished, but feted by the USA media as a hero of the country.....even though some of the regimes which he installs with the help of the CIA are extremely vicious, or the fact that his color coded banner/T-shirt/symbolized revolutions cause the suffering of millions around the world.

Jew Billionaire Soros who collaborated with the Nazis is a hero of the USA.

But the Simon Wiesenthal Center won't track this war criminal down.

He is a hero when he openly declares that he will destroy the currency/economy of country X, Y and Z through his nefarious financial dealings in tandem with the Rothschilds of London, his original master.

Jew Soros, the Nazi collaborator against his lesser Brethren (Protocols 9.2) assumes to know who is a good man and who is a bad man. Who is a good leader and who is a bad leader of another nation.

Jew Soros thinks that Jew Hillary (Of Polish Jewish descent on her fathers side...thus also Eastern European like Soros) is a GREAT candidate for President of the USA.

But Hilary is a criminal at a level equal to that of Soros.


Globalist Slimeball Soros Funds New Website Smearing Trump and Putin

Billionaire wannabe master of the universe George Soros is so desperate to elect Hillary Clinton he has launched a new site specifically targeting Donald Trump and the man he hates most of all: Vladimir Putin
Originally appeared at PoliZette
A website peddling conspiracy theories about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin was launched Wednesday by individuals with ties to left-wing billionaire George Soros.
The site, www.putintrump.org, claims that “Donald Trump’s lavish praise of Russian president Vladimir Putin, his criticism of our strategic NATO alliance, and his campaign staff’s close financial ties to pro-Russian politicians in Ukraine put our national security interests at risk.”
According to GotNews, Soros-tied PR firm Ripple Strategies sent out an internal memo from co-founder Glenn Turner Tuesday evening announcing the site’s launch. It described it as a site “that rigorously details and analyzes the disturbing, unprecedented ties between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.”
Far more disturbing for others, however, should be the unprecedented lengths to which the Western globalists and their allies on the Left will go to sink Donald Trump’s campaign.
Ripple Strategies lists Soros’ Open Society Foundations as a client, but a deeper dig reveals that the putintrump.org’s ties to George Soros go far further than just its PR firm.
According to the site, it was launched by entrepreneur Rob Glaser. As the Capital Research Center noted in 2014, Glaser “is an ally of George Soros” and “also a leading member of Soros’s Democracy Alliance, an invitation-only donors’ collaborative for rich left-wingers.”
Glaser co-founded RealNetworks (originally ProgressiveNetworks) with David Halperin, who now works for the Soros-backed Center for American Progress, running its “Generation Progress” campus outreach group.
The site’s editorial director is Bill Buzenberg, the former head of Center for Public Integrity, an investigative journalism nonprofit funded in part by Soros’ Open Society Foundations (not to mention the Ford and Rockefeller foundations).
The site says it is paid for by Progress for America PAC, which according to OpenSecrets.org was founded this summer — and appears to have been created with the sole purpose of funding putintrump.org.
The website is astonishingly alarmist, and even features the hammer and sickle prominently — an ironic touch considering only four years ago Democrats were attacking Republicans for failing to realize the Cold War is over.
Soros and his globalist cronies would have visitors believe that Trump's realistic approach to Russia and desire for cooperation in the fight against the Western intelligence created militant Islam is somehow suppose to be more of a threat to national security...... than the Western globalist elite's continued anti-Russian aggression and saber-rattling in Eastern Europe.

(If 'al-CIA-duh' and ISIS are Western Intelligence created fronts and the Western elite know this to be the fact....that further such 'controlled opposition' does not pose a real threat to their power but is a 'cash-cow' for their misadventures and as a tool for their misadventures of/in de-stabilization of other nations......then YES Russia is more of a threat to their power. 

Russia is a modern industrialized nation of 145 million filled with educated capable people, with a very powerful defense /security apparatus that in some cases is better than theirs. If Russia no longer follows their orders blindly as it did under Yeltsin, then such a state is indeed a threat to their power.

If RUSSIA IS STRONG AND PROSPEROUS AND CONFIDENT....then Russia is a greater threat....then ISIS.

If Russia defends Syria.....then it is a greater threat.

If Russia objects to the annexation of the Ukraine by NATO, and the Nazi Putsch of 2014 in Maidan Kiev ....then it is a greater threat.

If Russia attempts to build an alternative universe and world away from London and NY, and through high finance, trade, infrastructure and SECURITY....THEN IT IS A GREATER THREAT TO THEM than a small mercenary army of hired criminals like ISIS run by the CIA/Israel via Turkey.)

Благослови тебя Господь 


What a surprise !

The USA is the primary sponsor of ISIS, Israel and Greater Kurdistan. The Turks who are not Deonme know what the purpose of the Turkish invasion of Syria is....in partnership with the USA, with USA aircover and USA planning.


US Troops Now Embedded With Turkish Military in Northern Syria

Special Forces Intended to 'Advise and Assist' in Offensives Against ISIS

by Jason Ditz, at antiwar.com

An embarrassing incident earlier today in which US special forces arrived in the northern Syrian village of al-Rai and were immediately chased out by longtime ally the Free Syrian Army (FSA) not alone revealed a growing split between the US and this group, but US involvement in Turkey’s recent invasion of Syria.
Pentagon officials are now confirming that, starting today, US special forces are engaged in “advise and assist” operations, embedded with Turkish ground troops at several locations in northern Syria. The Pentagon was vague on how many troops were involved, though they insisted it was a small number.
The US has a few hundred special forces in northern Syria, and previously they were all embedded with the Kurdish YPG. That some are being redeployed to embed with the Turkish forces, who themselves are preparing an offensive against not just ISIS, but the YPG, could quickly leave US troops embedded on both sides of that fight.
For the time being, those troops embedded with the Turkish forces are between Jarabulus and al-Rai, putting them around the ISIS city of al-Bab. It also, however, puts them near the city of Manbij, recently conquered by YPG, and which the Turkish military has threatened to forcibly expel the Kurds from.
The US troops embedded with Turkey’s troops are effectively double-embedded, since the Turkish forces themselves are embedded with “moderate” rebels, like the FSA forces that threatened to slaughter the US troops at al-Rai as infidels this morning. Needless to say, this seems less than ideal for the US troops.


American exceptionalism for Israel

By Information clearing house

The main geostrategic problem in the world:

500,000 people killed in Syria by the USA

1,000,000 people wounded by the USA sponsored war against Syria.

6,130,000-6,320,000 external refugees (based on UN estimate, March 2016)[2]

7,000,000 are internal refugees.The population of the country is only 23 million....so you can guess the extent of the effect and damage of the war.

$200,000,000,000 worth of physical damage to the country caused by the USA sponsored war.

The reason why the USA is undertaking this war is to help create a Greater Israel....ethnic cleanse the country of Arabs to make way for Jews.( sort of confirmed by Hilary's emails)....what happened in Palestine but on a bigger more ambitious scale, this time helped by the might of the USA, and its ability to create networks of various dogs....to participate in this proxy war.

The interim objective being to install mad mullah Islamists in the country in Damascus to further destabilise the country.


Greater Kurdistan and Eretz Israel

The Kurds are an ancient interesting people.

They are Aryans and belong to the Indo-European family (made up of Germans and Iranians primarily though not exclusively) They are thus racially linked to Iran and Eastern Turkey directly. 3000 years ago the steppes exprienced severe weather patterns which forced many Aryan tribes South into India, Ariana (Afghanistan), Iran, Eastern Turkey and Kudistan. 

As Aryans, the Kurds are a capable people able to accomplish many great things......though there does not seem to be any trace of an ethnic Kurdish state or Kurdish dominated empire. Many historians opine that the Kurds are in fact descendents of the ancient Iranian Medes who did establish a state.

Saladin, one of Islams greatest generals was a Kurd (Though generally portrayed as an Arab in Western propaganda) who led a combined army of Seljuk Turks and Arabs of 30,000 into defeating a Crusader force of 20,000 at the Horns of Hattin in 1187.

Alas the noble Kurds are now separated by four modern states, two of which were created by European colonial powers, after World War I. The largest portion of them reside in Turkey, followed by Iraq...then Iran and finally Syria. They number 20-30 million, and the oft repeated lament is that they are the largest ethnic group in the world who do not have a state of their own.

However one thinks, no matter how righteous the Kurdish cause maybe it is illogical to destroy four sovereign states for the sake of creating a new single one for the Kurds from the ashes of the four destroyed states....Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. Does the world really need 1000 countries based solely on an ethnic groups right to self determination? Think of all the chaos that would ensue if that were the case....with a little help from the USA....and the CIA, State Department and finally the Pentagon.

The project for Greater Kurdistan is sponsored solely by the USA and Israel.It is curious that the USA with its multi-ethnic population of Europen White Americans, Africans, Latinos (soon to be the majority ethnic group in the USA) and all other nationalities on earth within its borders should be cheer leading the ethnically pure Greater Kurdistan project.Perhaps there is a mysterious bond and affection by the USA and Israel for the Aryan Kurds who gave the world Saladin? .....Over and above the interests of four sovereign countries.

This is all very curious, convoluted and sinister.

What does Greater Kurdistan mean? (i) It means the ethnic cleansing of non-Kurds in Kurdish militarily held areas. This is significant for Turkey and Syria....less so in Iraq and Iran Kurdistan. (ii) It also means taking bits of land which is non-Kurdish in neighborhood areas and attaching it to Greater Kurdistan....so that it looks good on the map. 


http://ekurd.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/Greater-Kurdistan-Map-Kurdish-claims-to-territory-1919-1945.pngIf I were the Turkish leader I would be the most concerned of the four affected  countries.Turkey has the most to lose from the creation of Greater Kurdistan......obviously....patently obvious.

From a Turkish perspective it would involve marking the USA and Israel as enemy states.....along the long psychological and physical process of mobilising the nation towards actually fighting and destroying any viable Kurdish state from emerging.

It would involve greater coopertion with Russia.It would involve joining the SCO and leaving NATO.

It would involve Turkey joining with Iran, Syria and Iraq in combatting the menace of ISIS SINCERELY and the emergence of a Kurdish state comprehensively.

It would finally involve sending the Turkish military into ACTUALLY fighting and destroying a Kurdish state in close coordination with Syria, Iraq and Iran.

has the above LOGICAL objectives happened?....not a chance.

What is the problem?

Deonme Erdogan.

What does the word Deonme mean? It is a Turkish word describing the reality of Jews in the Balkans from the 18th century pretending to be Moslems on the outside (Rather like the large number of Eastern European Jews pretending to be Catholic Christians in Europe and the New World)

Deonme Erdogan will never do what is logical and right for Turkey. ......but instead do what is in the best interests of Israel.

It is not in the interests of Turkey to have a son of the president peddling illegal ISIS oil for profits in Swiss bank accounts. 

Its not in the interests of Turkey to have the daughter of the President run ISIS hospitals inside Turkey. 

Its not in the interests of Turkey supporting ISIS. 

It is not in the interests of Turkey to turn society upside down along the process of making Turkey more Islamic with greater powers for Deonme Erdogan. 

It is not in the interests of Turkey to undertake fake military coups with the aid of the CIA, solely for the purpose of making Erdogan a dictor who is unopposed and unquestioned by 'traitors'.

It is not in Turkeys interests to slither gradually AND ILLEGALLY into sovereign Syrian territory in order to aid ISIS....and secure a safe haven for ISIS inside Syria and secure the main ISIS supply junction at Jarabulus......whilst telling the world that the Turkish armed forces are fighting the Kurds.This 'Operation Save ISIS' with USA AIR COVER....does not serve the Turkish states real interests.

If the Kurds seal the Turkish/Syrian border and join up...or the Syrian government forces does the same then in the future ISIS fighters will have to emerge from Turkish sovereign territory in broad daylight.....which even in this illegal world of American exceptionalism will be unacceptable in sponsoring yet another big lie.

Regular Turkish military personnel can no longer don ISIS clothes and attack Syrian government positions in such a scenario where the border is sealed by the Kurds...or Syrian government.

At the moment in the illegal world of American exceptionalism ISIS fighters somehow spawned in Iraqi prisons, and now come from Northern Syria via Osama's space ships...fully armed, paid, trained, supplied, directed by Western Special forces embedded with them. All 140,000 since 2014.

The righteous divine forces of the Syrian government with Russian help are beating back the head choppers, human liver eaters, human traffickers, Israeli fifth column front, destroyers of culture identity and civilisation for Israel, rapists, murdering ISIS scum and so Deonme Edogan has come to their rescue with USA AIR COVER.

Deonme Erdogan with the frog like glazed crazy eyes however has the time to meet the American government again, again, again since 2011 with
the start of the Syrian destabilisation campaign by the USA. The very same USA who are the primary sponsors of ISIS and Greater Kurdistan.  

But   but ........ but the Turks do meet the Mad Medievel Mullah Iranians regularly, and provide them with Gold, trade, industrial parks and other strategic aid unlike Syria and Iraq. Why does this anomaly exist? Mad Medievel Mullah Iran is where Deonme Erdogan wants to take Modern Secular Turkey eventually through his dictatorship.Thus the eventual supreme aspiration of Iran must be covetted, loved, met, greeted and honoured by Deonme Turkey.....unlike Syria and Iraq. Least we forget the Mad Medievel Mullah Iranians were brought into power by the USA and UK, in the 1970's under the direction of Bernard Lewis, the Jewish super spy from the British FO.

Deonme Erdogan is a so called Islamist but he has no time for his Islamic brothers in Iraq and Syria so that they can fight ISIS and Greater Kurdistan together. For these two countries Deonme Erdogan only reserves snake like venom, deciet, murder, destabilisation and evil. Deonme Erdogan however has all the time in the world to meet and greet the Israelis and Americans.

Deonme Erdogan is a so called Islamist who destabilises his Islamic brothers in Libya, Tunisia and Egypt in 2011 under a master plan designed by the USA/Israel. For these 3 countries Deonme Erdogan only reserves snake like venom, deciet, murder, destabilisation and evil. Deonme Erdogan however has all the time in the world to meet and greet the Israelis and Americans.

Deonme Erdogan should not be the president of Turkey....bringing peril and shame to the Turkish people and state. Instead he should join Nuttyyahoo and stand for elections in the little entity in the Levant.