Lets not talk down India.

No, India is not amongst the most corrupt nations, but clearly corruption is a BIG obstacle and impediment to its eventual economic well being. As yet, that big battle has to be fought against corruption. The Do Nothing Congress Party beyond platitudes and toothless Commissions won't initiate the battle against corruption because its too much entrenched within it, in the first place.

Norway, New Zealand and many other nations are also per Capita the richest because of their very low levels of corruption in both government, and also as a matter of social practice.

Corruption = poverty, backwardness and inefficiency


India among most corrupt countries, says Advani


Senior BJP leader LK Advani Sunday said India had slipped three points to the 87th spot in worldwide transparency and corruption index. He attributed the fall to alleged corrupt practices in the 2010 Commonwealth Games (CWG).

(I think a number of factors are used to draw up a countries place in the transparency and corruption index. Perception plays a part, but only a part)

"It can hardly be denied that the year just concluded has caused extreme distress and depression to the citizens not only because the common man's family budget has been totally upset by food inflation and the cost of petrol diesel etc, but also because our country has come to be known all over the world as among the most corrupt countries of the world," Advani wrote on his blog.

(The most corrupt countries in the world are....Iraq, Afghanistan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Somalia, Uzbekistan, Sudan, Ethiopia.....North Korea)

Citing a report on a website, Advani said India had slipped to 87th spot in Transparency International's latest ranking of nations based on the level of corruption. He said the 'Corruption Perception Index' report covering the public sector in 178 countries shows that India fell by three positions from its ranking of 84th in 2009.

Quoting from the report, Advani said: "The perception about corruption in India seems to have increased primarily due to alleged corrupt practices in the recently held Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Delhi."

He said the four investigating agencies - the central vigilance commission (CVC), enforcement directorate (ED), Income Tax Department and the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) - were looking into allegations of corruption against the organisers of the Games.

Advani said while the scene is really depressing on the national level, "one feels proud to hear reports that have been coming from Gujarat lately".

(This is normal fare for most Third World nations and even a few First World nations......ENRON??? Western Banks in Wall street and London????....we're talking trillions, and nothing to be depressed about, especially expressed in such a way by a leading figure of a national party who should be busy boosting the confidence of the nation, whilst making legitimate pointed criticisms of the government with their many short comings)

He said this year's "Vibrant Gujarat" attracted 101 countries and about 1,400 foreign delegates.

"MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) worth $21 billion, that is, roughly one-third of India's GDP (Gross Domestic Product), were signed in two days," he said.

(Unless the foreign business is actually up and running in India for two years without any problems, after over coming the notorious Indian red tape where every Indian from the postman, police, gangster/mafia, teacher, file clerk, party official wants "a piece of the action"..........MoU's in themselves don't amount to a hill of beans.

"$21 billion, that is, roughly one-third of India's GDP "..........national leaders, unlike bloggers casually blogging must get their facts right.....particularly for a huge nation like India. Can't afford to talk through the ass at any time. India's official GDP at current currency exchange rates is about $1,365 billion. The Real Indian economy measured by PPP is closer to $4--4,500 billion. One third of $1,365 is $450 billion approximately. $21 billion is about 1.5% of the current Indian GDP not 33%.

He said Mahatma Mandir, the venue of this year's Vibrant Gujarat conclave, was built in just 82 days.

(Does the Mandir have aesthetic beauty? Or is it a shabbily constructed place?)

"The project conceived was so ambitious that many doubted as to how such a project could be completed so soon. But all credit to Narendrabhai that he saw to it that this monumental splendor located on a 34 acre plot was constructed in just 82 days," the blog said.

"The achievements in Gujarat have a lot to do with Narendra Bhai's astounding success in making the state's administration effectively curb red tape and corruption. It is this success that attracts entrepreneurs, Indian as well as foreigners, very naturally go to Gujarat for this very reason," he wrote.

(Hey I thought Arun Jaitley was the natural well known protege and successor to Advani the geriatric leader of the BJP? Hitler created 6 million jobs in 3 years, and so what? The true qualities of a state are measured at many levels.....business and especially industry is paramount yes, but not at the cost of other things...such as national cohesion, and national development and national harmony)


Iran 1979, Egypt 2011?

To those who are not familiar the numbers 7, 11 and 24 represent in the Jewish numerical codebook so-called Islamic terrorism. But this Islamic terrorism is "special" because it is not carried out by Muslims per se in the strategic planning level, but by Israel and their agents, using what we may term patsies (innocent or otherwise). 9/11, 7/7, 26/11 and so forth.

Numerology is complete unscientific rubbish of course that only finds favor with the really superstitious, paranoiac elements of the Jewish community........and is an eagerly anticipated mystical phenomenon only when it suits and fits in with their peculiar world view:

1. GOD has given the earth to Jews to Lord over, and subjugate all others.

2. A Greater Israel exists which must be created from the ashes and destruction of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq and Turkey............in addition to all other significant Muslim nations in the Greater Middle East (Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Algeria) who possibly might pose a threat to Israel militarily. "Eretz" Israel.


The plan is very simple, and was implemented in the late 1970's.

Use the fifth column of Islamic Fundamentalism to destabilize and weaken Muslim countries, and then aid their takeover in those countries. In Iran in 1979 an Islamic Republic was eventually created with the Jews using the services of the USA/UK/France and Israel itself. In Afghanistan through an Islamic Taliban government backed by the USA/Pakistan military, and HAMAS created by Israel in the 1970's.

With Islamic Fundamentalist governments in power in Muslim countries.....Israel looks pretty and attractive in comparison for the West, AND Israel through its agents can then use the military might of the West USA/NATO to fight wars on its behalf against such entities.........Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and so forth and so forth. The Pentagon planned action against several Muslim countries post 9/11.

To a rational human being the idea of "Eretz" Israel seems rather silly, and even unrealistic. After all if Israel has problems grappling with the 5000 Hezbollah militia armed with nothing more than ak-47's, how on earth will it win against so many Muslim countries, even with the aid of the neo-Crusader NATO organization grunting in a meaningless Neanderthal fashion endlessly for Israel.

The Jew Rothschilds funded the Young Turks experiment in Ottoman Turkey in 1908. With the idea that through Pan Turanic nationalism, a vast new purely Turkish empire would be created stretching from Asia Minor to Chinese Sing-yang province in the East. It was an absurd idea, given that many Arabs and other non-Turkic ethnic groups existed within the Ottoman empire. But the absurdity of the dream and idea didn't stop the largely Jewish Doenme Young Turks destroying Ottoman Turkey in the long process of realizing the Rothschild funded dream. 25% of the Turkish population killed at the end of WWI, with 500,000 military casualties....and genocide against the Armenians.

The Jewish Rothschild funded Nazi Germany also had such grandiose territorial ideas, but it failed dramatically leaving 10 million dead Germans, and 60 million overall. But the German Nazi experiment nevertheless had its strong adherents in London, and NY who helped create the phenomenon from the 1920's onwards.

Ditto with Mussolini who was a British agent, and like Nazi Germany funded by the Rothschild's of London. Mussolini too had grandiose territorial dreams, perhaps not in the league of Nazi Germany, but he too wanted to recreate the dream of the Roman Empire, at least in the Mediterranean. Mussolini failed ultimately, and he was killed by his own people.

Jewish Bolsheviks of the Soviet Union had a dream. With backing from the Rothschilds of London and their agents in New York the Bolshevik experiment was initiated in the former Russian empire. Their dream was to spread Jewish Communism around the world. Eventually Jewish Communism failed, but not after fighting many wars...and leaving 100---150 million people dead in the Soviet Union, Red China and many other nations. China is now a Capitalist state in all but name.

And so very naturally the Rothschilds of London created Israel........the land of milk and honey, Kibbutzim, democracy, enlightenment, modernity, Utopian Socialism....and a green oasis of a paradise in a sea of backwardness. It too has, as with the previous Rothschild created monsters/experiments grandiose territorial claims through Eretz Israel, of which about 30% of Israelis are ardent adherents.

It too must logically fail in this secret, and as yet undisclosed territorial ambition set by the Rothschilds of London, when they deliberately drew Israel's peculiar and precarious borders in 1947. The Rothschilds never struck me as the true friends of Israel as they pretended to be........no true well wisher would have drawn up such boundaries for ANY state. The Rothschild's of London after leaving the back alley ghetto's of Frankfurt in 200 years have since become quite well entrenched in English society.....inter marrying into the nobility of that country at the highest level, and possibly genetically NOW represented by Prince William and Harry through Diana (real father Sir James Goldsmith {Jew of Frankfurt origin} + Lady Shand -kidd {Rothschild's of Frankfurt and related to the Rothschilds}) .......why should they care what happens to "Eretz Israel the experiment" any more than the "Nazi German experiment" or the "Bolshevik experiment" of theirs?

But a dream is a dream. It has its own momentum, power and the backing of powerful Jews in London and New York. Armchair generals whose blessed children will never have to commit to the toils and tribulations of Israel. But the question remains, how many must die and how many wars must be fought before this latest Rothschilds experiment destroys itself?

An American intelligence report states that Israel will implode by 2030.

Unlike China's rise which I have followed and predicted correctly since 1999, I will not put a date on Israel's demise. I am not against Israel per se. It is a victim of games played by and set by Jews in London and NY. 70 % of Israelis are just like all of us, enjoying BBQ, surfing in the beach, going to parties.....enjoying the fruits of hard earned honest work. Unfortunately the rest of the 30% of Israelis are not of this planet.....and they infest Israeli "intelligence" and the state security apparatus, including the higher echelon of the military. It is this narrower constituency which is susceptible to the wild dreams and schemes of the Rothschilds of London........what country does not have such people????? Didn't Germany have them...didn't Japan??? Doesn't the USA NOW???

AND so onto Egypt......

Let me start by saying that I'm not a fan of Mubarak. He has been in power for 30 years, and he is/was grooming his son to takeover from him, and thus creating a defacto monarchy/political dynasty in Egypt.

Nasser was recruited by the American's (Miles Copeland case officer), and since the 1950's ALL Egyptian Presidents have been puppets of the USA, including Sadat and Mubarak. However it should be noted that being puppets of the USA does not guarantee jobs for life as Presidents of any state. As the Shah of Iran found out it depends on the whim of day of the USA.

Egypt is in a poor state, with wide spread poverty and inequality that are typical of many Third World nations. A few rich people........and many more poor people. With 80 million hungry people, and only 4% of the vast country with arable land. Egypt's situation is very precarious. Its PPP economy is only $500 billion so per capita is just over $6200. Hosni Mubarak in being in power for (i) 30 uninterrupted years, (ii) with major aid from various Arab countries, (iii) remittances from Egyptians working abroad especially in the Gulf, (iv) Sinai oil, (v) American aid and loans, and (vi) finally tourism has not strategically shifted the Egyptian economy towards a new and different path and a better future.

He has wasted his time, and the country's money.

Like so many Third World leaders he has squandered the potential wealth on White Elephant projects, such as the New $2 billion library with no books......EXPENSIVE UNNECESSARY modernization of the military and especially the air-force (Mubarak is a former air force officer.......as with the Shah's expensive unnecessary modernization of the Iranian armed forces a civilian pilot who was over obsessed with his 100,000 air force). After signing the Sinai peace deal with Israel in 1978 against whom did Egypt hope to fight a war with?

Mubarak has mismanaged the economy running a government with his mother in the Kitchen, along with the aid of soothsayers.......and he is too old at 82. A man should be in power for about 10 years if he is effective...serving no more than two terms. Most certainly shouldn't have groomed his son to take the reigns.

But he is a puppet of Washington, so we must not expect too much from him. An educated Egyptian told me in the mid-eighties that in Egypt there are no retired Presidents, only "Pharaohs for life"

His government is not good it is universally agreed, BUT, BUT it could have been worse....lets imagine in place of Hosni Mubarak, the Islamic Brotherhood (created by the UK) were in power from 1981. What would Egypt be like now?

The Shah to be sure was bad. He was installed along with 100's of other Third World leaders into power by the USA/UK in 1953. Over turning a Democratic government in the process. Using false reasons for domestic consumption in the West....ie Communists were about to take over Iran, so it had to be saved from itself. The Shah created SAVAK the notorious secret police with the help of the USA/Israel which committed unspeakable harm against ordinary Iranians. The Shah killed about 3000 Iranians, and probably less between 1953---1979, at the behest of the USA/UK/Israel to maintain himself in power. The Shah was corrupt, and had a bloated military budget with $10 billion spent on defense in a $66 billion GDP economy (1976)....the defense budget was a huge scam with massive corruption that was overseen by the American puppet masters and their friends in the American defense industry (aka Saudi Arabia now)

As with Mubarak of Egypt I do not support the Shah of Iran. He who was buried in Egypt in 1980, and denied entry into the USA. But he did some good. His "WHITE REVOLUTION" attempted to modernize the country from the 1960's, liberating and emancipating women, giving land to the poor peasants, industrialization, infrastructure development, expansion of education to all, universal health care.......and the rudiments of a social security system!!!! The first for a Muslim country. The Iranian economy multiplied, and was the largest Muslim economy in the world and a significant military power by 1979.

The Islamist mullahs of Iran (installed by the USA/UK/France/Israel) by contrast......well I could be here all day talking about their dirty deeds and woes.

The Shah killed maybe 3000 Iranians 1953--1979 (probably less), and the mullahs have killed at least 1,000,000 Iranians. 800,000 via the Gulf War 1980--1988 against Iraq (a war which never would have happened if the Shah was still in power) 200,000 by the mullah regime through civil war against political opponents.

Living standards in Iran are now about 60% of what it was in 1979. Rent is increasing. Price of food is increasing. Massive subsidies for fuel is decreasing/or gone no longer sustainable by the corrupt mullah regime.

Whilst the Shah's regime was corrupt, the mullahs are even more corrupt. There are now billionaire mullahs, and multi-millionaire mullahs.....with property and assets in London, Canada, France, Italy, The Gulf of course and in South East Asia especially Thailand.

1. The mullahs sustained the Iran/Iraq war for 8 years; causing $500 billion worth of damage to the country, and the death of possibly 1 million boys and men fighting Iraq, and Saddam an American recruited agent since the 1950's. Saddam the American agent sought peace after two years of the war in 1982; the mullahs in Tehran were not interested.

2. The Iranian civil war 1981-1982 between the mullahs and the Tudeh left alliance; 100,000 dead.

3. The mullahs promoting pan-Islamism, and general Arab culture over and above traditional Persian identity. For a genuine Iranian who loves his country this might be considered a GREAT crime.

4. The de-legitimation of Iran's standing in the world, with silly OTT antics; taking over foreign embassies; threatening foreign writers ; holding Holocaust revisionist meetings and so on and so on.

5. The destruction of the Middle Class; their partial expulsion from the country 3-4 million of the most educated articulate Iranians in favor of the illiterate villagers, who are constantly promised great things, and used primarily in the security apparatus to keep the rest of the population in line.

6. Running a banana Republic economy which could collapse at any time. $800 billion to $1 trillion worth of Capital flight by wealthy Iranians who refuse to or cannot do business in mullah Iran. The current wisdom that mullahs and mullah cronies are the only people privileged and qualified to own and run significant parts of the economy.

7. Running a very repressive police state, which has accounted for the death of possibly 30,000 political prisoners since 1979. A regime that executes more children than any other regime on earth.

8. Seeming to posture internationally, usually through speeches against Israel and the USA, and through talking up the Uranium Enrichment issue designed to niggle the USA and Israel. And through the support of Hamas and Hezbollah directly, WHILST not making any real efforts to defend itself militarily......spends 3% of GDP on defense, and is not a significant conventional power....at rank number 18, with Israel at 11, and the USA at number 1. Turkey at 10; Pakistan 15, Egypt 17.

9. Upwards of 3 million drug addicts in mullah Iran where the regime touts its conservative austere, puritanical credentials, but is unable, and unwilling to tackle this serious national problem. Credible reports indicate that aspects of the mullah regime are involved in the narcotics trade into Iran from Afghanistan, and towards other countries such as Iraq and Turkey.

10. The mullahs are modern slave runners selling "surplus" destitute Iranians to Gulf Arab countries, who face an obvious bleak future there after. Any Iranians who dare criticizes this national mullah shame are punished with imprisonment or death.

Of course these are clear antics of an imposed puppet regime of the Jews. This is not a true Iranian/Persian regime....never!

The Shah was bad, agreed, agreed...............BUT the mullahs are far far worse, surely? The mullahs who were brought into power by the USA/UK/France/Israel in 1979.


The only people that are going to be happy from such an outcome are the REAL conspirators in LONDON, AND Washington.

This so-called Revolution in Egypt has all the similarities with the Shah's fall from power. Hence my extensive reference to the Shah of Iran. Publicly the American's profess support for Mukbarak as they did for the Shah to the end (then blocked him from entering the USA after his fall), but we know since at least 2008 the American's have been inviting these very same opposition groups who we see on TV now, to meetings in Washington to bolster their public standing, experience, organization, network, legitimacy and political position within Egypt.

Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei touted as the leader of the Egyptian "Peoples Revolution" by the Western media.....who is the man? Well he comes from a very respectable establishment family of Egypt, and he himself served in the Egyptian government. He is most famous for serving as head of the IAEA, and received the Noble Prize for his work there presumably. The IAEA is an American created organization, and staffed by many agents of Western Intelligence agencies. Mohammed ElBaradei would not have got his position in such a sensitive organization unless he was first a well trusted recruited agent of the USA, with sympathies for Israel. ElBaradei is also member of the International Crisis Group......an American Intelligence front of the USA that forments destabilization of certain regimes around the world, whilst promoting Democracy. George Soros the agents of the Rothschilds of London who spread financial mayhem in South East Asia is a Director of the Group. Brzezinski who formulated the toppling of the Shah of Iran is also a director of the organization. The organization has an office in Cairo. ElBaradei the would be new President is a puppet of the International Jews, trained and educated in New York.

When the Americans placed their agent Nasser into power they didn't do this immediately. They first removed the King, and put General Neguib in place. Then after 4 years the Americans put Nasser into full power.

When the American's placed their agent Saddam into power in 1979 fully, they first made him Deputy of the Ba'ath Party in 1968.....from 1968---1979, with American guidance Saddam amassed power within Iraq.

When the American's with the assistance of the UK/France/Israel toppled the Shah of Iran they didn't bring the mullahs to power immediately. The first post Shah government was headed by urbane educated cultured moderates, Shahpour Baktiar/ Mehdi Bazargan not unlike ElBaradei himself.......then with Western guidance the mullahs were eventually slipped into power.

It seems the same scenario is unfolding in the Egyptian tragedy.........Western backed "Peoples revolution"........a moderate post revolution coalition government is then formed, which includes Muslim Brotherhood members. The coalition obviously falls apart as it did in Iran in 1979, and lo the Muslim Brotherhood are in full political control of Egypt with Western mischievous guidance.......the elite and middle class flee Egypt taking their money and expertise......a jihad is declared against the Christian Coptics of Egypt, and the West intervenes to save the Coptics (The Christmas Church attacks in December 2010 were by Israel, which Mubarak alluded to vaguely......and where Egyptian security have uncovered covert Israeli spies operating in Egypt 2010).........Egypt becomes Sudan.....where the South just voted for separation 98%....with a covertly backed Islamist government in Khartoum.

Have I just written in a paragraph Egypt's future in the years to come? I hope not. We hope the combined Egyptian State, and security apparatus of the country apply common sense.......and prevent an unnecessary revolution that will not do anyone any good. Stability must be achieved.....then negotiations. No government must come from popular revolution, which is then manipulated to facilitate the Muslim Brotherhood to take full control of Egypt politically a few years later.

Mubarak, with the Egyptian security state must publicly sit down with purported opposition groups on TV and negotiate to deescalate the situation......recognized government parties with leaders who are known to be part of the agitating opposition.

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public to step down from the position of "Pharaoh for life" at a specific date in the future...15th October 2012 or 15th October 2013.

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public to not ever allow his son to gain access to the position of "Pharaoh for life".

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public to include ministers for 40% of the ministerial portfolio to opposition candidates, BUT not any Muslim Brotherhood members.......and not necessarily try and form a national coalition government which will of course collapse.

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public to remodel his cabinet away from security henchmen in dark glasses trained in the USA/Israel to normal, capable technocrats from within the ruling coalition, and opposition.

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public that he will respect the wishes of the Egyptian parliament on major issues that affect the country.......and not be a mere puppet of Washington, and a defacto dictator.

Mubarak must promise on the Koran in public to massively increase subsidies for food and fuel (very important for the common man) The French Revolution was significantly caused by food shortages in 1789, as was the Russian Revolution in 1917. This can be done at the expense of defense expenditure and the cost of maintaining 500,000 men under arms unnecessarily.

In the mean times whilst the negotiations are going on, the crowds must be dispersed, the Israeli agent provocateurs in the Egyptian crowds must be expelled, and all tourists must be asked to leave the country as soon as possible. All NGO'S must also be closed temporarily as they have been known to operate as foreign intelligence fronts. Obviously the American, Israeli and British concerns must be put under full surveillance within Egypt given their history and performance in the Greater Middle East since the 19th century.


Supreme Court vs the Do Nothing Dynasty Controlled Congress, .......and Black money.

The BJP should spend its time more constructively by pursuing REAL political issues that require addressing urgently, and where Congress has been found wanting, namely Black money. It could be $500 billion or it could be as high as $1500 billion, who knows how much Indian money is illegally stashed away in the 70 or so offshore tax havens around the world?

The amount is increasing, as the pace of development in India picks up, and a chosen few within India make huge amounts of profits at the expense of the majority..........classic colonial neo-liberal development model. So the black money is increasing in volume, and any rational government needs to checks it comprehensively....NOW.

Think of the wonders that could be done with the black money for the shabby 4th world infrastructure of India, or India's weak defense system (tested so far against failed state Pakistan in short 2 week wars)....education, health, rural development with agriculture, industry, R & D......and so on.

What the BJP is doing in Kashmir is a Political Stunt........with fascist overtones (We're the biggest patriots in India)......"Patriotism is the last refuge of the scumbag" to quote Samuel Johnson. Extreme patriotism, xenophobic patriotism is self destructive as the Germans found out under Hitler, and the Italians under Mussolini.

India is too complex and cosmopolitan for xenophobic assholes to willy wave around (not in Sushma's Mataji's case obviously) and lord over. The flag hoisting in an already troubled state with 600,000 armed security present isn't going to do anyone any good except stir the masala pot.

This is precisely the sort of thing the Nazi Party did in its rise to power....carry out Provocative Political stunts......then Goebbels went into action with the propaganda.....the march into the Rhineland with bands playing and flags flying in 1936. Ditto the "March on Rome" 1922 by the Italian Fascist Party prior to taking power.

So what I want the BJP to do is focus on the Black money issue. Its the THE REAL ISSUE........and distance themselves from the RSS.

The Congress cannot do anything about it because since the License Raj days the party has been at the center of the black money problem, and the so called Nehru/Gandhi dynasty have even institutionalized and accommodated the problem at the highest level, with an elaborate pecking order constructed since the 1960's.


SC asks government to ascertain source of black money

Press Trust of India via TOI

Expressing concern that the black money stashed in banks abroad might have originated from arms deals, drug trafficking and smuggling, the Supreme Court on Thursday asked the government as to what action it had taken against individuals and firms having foreign accounts.

A bench headed by Justice B Sudarshan Reddy directed the government to file its response by Thursday next.

The court also sought replies from the government, RBI and CVC on a petition seeking direction to the government to ratify UN convention on corruption which would facilitate in bringing back black money from foreign banks.

Asking the government not to restrict its probe only to the tax evasion aspect, the bench told the government to go after the sources of black money.

"We want to know what steps you have taken against the people who have accumulated so much money in foreign banks. What are the sources of the money," the bench asked.

"These are people in the country who are amenable to the law. What action have you taken against them when you came to know that they have stashed money in foreign banks?

"What are the sources of the money? Where has the money come from? It might be because of arms deals, smuggling, narcotics, drug trafficking or something else. These are more serious issues, when you know the name, what action you have taken?," the bench asked.


号码 hào mǎ yī

As the Jews continue to fuckup the American economy, and most of Western Europe, China correctly marches ahead to its traditional place as "hao ma yi" economy through the steady state managed centralized application of Capitalism with a Chinese face (China is not a Communist state)........extremely cheap non-unionized compliant (slave) labor; "no red tape" in the so called Communist state, so free enterprise meets its perfect paradise, together with an abundance of capital inflows; absolute political stability guaranteed by the state; fantastic infrastructure that is orientated towards business; a low profile non-proactive foreign policy which emphasizes and bolsters Chinese business interests and resource requirements above everything else.

Yes..... with steel production approaching 500 million, and electricity generation nearer 3800 billion Kwt, China felt like the quiet giant I been talking about for the last 10 tens years, whilst the "experts" at Goldman Sachs continued to estimate China taking over the USA economy much later by 2050, then marked down to 2040, then finally 2025. The reality is here and now.

In the USA by contrast everything is fake.....the money, the economy, the new jobs........and the all important foreign policy on which is based its fake security and defense policy. But in the land of the Free and Brave if you dare tell the truth, or anything approaching it.....you lose your position.

Empires rise, empires fall...and new nations take their place. China is the REAL power of the 21st century, and it is slowly amassing all the other aspects of being a true superpower, aircraft carriers by 2015, stealth submarines, stealth jet fighters.....and so on and so on.

With its $3 trillion FCR it will become the reserve currency of the world, and therefore the banker to the world.


China already world's biggest economy.

Rukmini Shrinivasan of the Times of India blog.

Did China overtake the US as the world's biggest economy in 2010? New numbers for the gross domestic product of different countries at purchasing power parity seem to suggest so. They also suggest India's economy is much bigger than previously thought.

While market exchange rates traditionally formed the basis for comparison of GDP across countries, this method increasingly came under criticism as it did not take into account the differential costs of good and services in countries at different levels of development. As a result, the idea of purchasing power parity, in which the prices of a basket of good and services form the basis of comparison, came into being.

While various agencies, including the IMF, calculate GDP at PPP, the Penn World Tables brought out by the Center for International Comparisons at the University of Pennsylvania (CICUP) since 1970 have come to be regarded among economists as the definitive source.

The yet-to-be-released latest version of the Penn World Tables corrects for biases in past measurements, such as the collection of only urban prices in China, which resulted in Chinas GDP being understated. Factoring in these corrections has resulted in China's GDP at PPP being revised upwards by 27% and India's by 13% for the year 2005, CICUP data made available to TOI show.

Economist Arvind Subramanian, senior fellow at the US-based non-artisan Petersen Institute for International Economics, used the Penn revision as his base to calculate China's GDP for 2010. In his calculations, Subramanian corrected for another key anomaly in the calculation of China's GDP, which was the overstatement of its currency appreciation.

The adjustments increase China's GDP from the current estimate of $10.1 trillion to $14.8 trillion (a rise of 47%, of which 27% is due to revision in the 2005 estimate, and the rest due to smaller-than-assumed increases in the cost of living between 2005 and 2010).

This $14.8 trillion figure exceeds the US GDP of $14.6 trillion, Subramanian said. So by Subramanian's calculations, China's GDP at purchasing power parity surpassed that of US in 2010. While the difference is small enough to be within the margin of error, Subramanian says with China's growth likely to substantially exceed that of United States in 2011, the difference in their levels of GDP will likely move beyond error margins.

The impact of these revisions is relatively smaller for India. ''The revised number for India's GDP measured in PPP terms is, in my view, the IMF's 2010 number increased by 13%. So the revision required is not nearly as much as for China. The IMF's number for India is about $4 trillion and I would put it at close to $4.4 trillion (again in PPP terms),'' Subramanian explained to TOI via email. In terms of world rankings, India would remain the fourth largest economy behind China, the US and Japan.


Explains a lot

I sometimes try and rationalize the strange behavior and simple sheer CRIMINALITY of the BND towards me, subcontracted to the International Jew with their ill-defined all encompassing escapades around the world.....examples....well I could be here all day trying to explain all this.

Example: The International Jews funding of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia through Communist China would be an excellent example (1975--1979.).....killed 1.5--3 million urban largely middle class Khmer's for absolutely no reason, and left a small vulnerable post colonial society utterly devastated. Cambodia since the 1970's has existed as a Failed State, and a safe haven for covert Jewish/Israeli Criminality (human trafficking, drugs and extreme porn........aka Iraq/Afghanistan).

What kind of advertisement for Jewish Communism was this? Creating utter death and devastation. Even when Communist Vietnam intervened and toppled the Pol Pot regime, the Khmers continued to get backing from the Jewish International community via the British army and other Western Forces training and arming them from 1980 in neighboring countries refugee camps where substantial Khmers had settled (reverse aka Contras/Nicaragua).

All for what?

This continued covert backing for the Communist Pol Pot regime by NATO Western forces made the UK safer? Furthered the UK's strategic political and economic interests in SE Asia?.........without being a political insider from the UK, but applying common sense I can categorically say NO.......NO the British military along with other Western forces going around arming and training the Khmers from 1980 onwards, so that the killing fields could continue did NOT benefit the UK State in any conceivable way.............SAVE.....as Serving as an elaborate GAME for people with money, power, pet projects and strange delusional fantasies which didn't make coherent sense.

(If your going to back and fund Jewish Communism in a Third World back water, at least make sure its works viz the pre-existing system)

Cambodia is the most "Indianised" Hindu influenced country in SE Asia. The name Cambodia possibly comes from the Indo-Iranian tribes who settled there....the Kamboja's..........then one looks at a lot of the victims of Pol Pot and compares them to the leadership of the Khmer Rouge, and one thinks this was in fact a RACIAL GENOCIDE, covered up as Communist Dogma gone wild.

Of course without question Indian Civilization, and Hinduism was/is far superior at many levels than whatever Jewish Communism has had to offer........but the real tragedy is that 1.5 to 3 million innocent people had to be killed to prove otherwise......and the pathetic inexcusable way the British military and other Western forces continued backing and training the Khmer Rouge after 1980 in neighboring countries, to satisfy the peculiar fantasies of International Jewish bankers.

Is China a Jewish Communist State?

So in this confused world it is thus no surprise that post-war German intelligence the ,BND, filled with former Gestapo and SS officers already......... should welcome Klaus Barbie into their fold.


From Nazi Criminal to Postwar Spy

German Intelligence Hired Klaus Barbie as Agent

By Georg Bönisch and Klaus Wiegrefe of Der Spiegel.

Klaus Barbie was a notorious Nazi war criminal known as the "Butcher of Lyon" because of his horrific deeds in occupied France. Now new research has revealed that he also worked as a spy for Germany's BND intelligence agency while in hiding in Bolivia after the war. The agency almost certainly knew about his dark past.

The man who Germany's foreign intelligence agency, the Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND), listed in its files as Wilhelm Holm belonged to a unique species in the shadowy world of intelligence. The overweight German businessman with the carefully combed dark hair was a so-called "tipper."

Whenever Holm noticed someone during his travels around the world who seemed to have the makings of an agent, he would send a message to BND headquarters in Pullach near Munich. In 1965, for example, after he had spent four weeks in the Bolivian capital La Paz, he raved about a fellow German who had two important virtues: He was apparently a staunch German patriot and a "committed anticommunist" -- something that was practically a badge of honor during the Cold War era.

A few weeks later, the BND hired the new man as an agent. He was given the code name "Adler" (eagle) and the registration number V-43118. "Adler" lived in La Paz under the name Klaus Altmann.

But Altmann wasn't his real name. In reality, he was one of the vilest criminals of the Nazi dictatorship: Klaus Barbie, the notorious "Butcher of Lyon." After the war, French courts sentenced Barbie, the former head of the Gestapo in Lyon, to death in absentia. There are many indications that the BND was aware of all of this when it decided to hire him.

Delight in Torture

Barbie, who was born in 1913, personally tortured men, women and even children on the second floor of the Hotel Terminus in Lyon. The surviving victims remember, most of all, the way Barbie would laugh quietly while he tortured them. The son of a teacher from the town of Bad Godesberg, which is now part of Bonn, Barbie also had his henchman break the arms, legs and several ribs of Jean Moulin, a figurehead of the French Résistance and a confidant of the later French president, Charles de Gaulle. Moulin died soon afterwards. Barbie also ordered the deportation of Jewish children from an orphanage in Izieu near Lyon. The children were shipped to the Auschwitz concentration camp, where they were murdered.

For the last two decades, there have been suspicions that Altmann, alias Barbie, was a spy for Germany's foreign intelligence agency. But those suspicions have only now been confirmed by BND files that SPIEGEL has analyzed in Germany's federal archives in the city of Koblenz. According to the files, Barbie received his first monthly payment, in the amount of 500 deutsche marks, from Pullach in May 1966. He later collected performance bonuses. In most cases, the BND made the payments by wire transfer into an account with the Chartered Bank of London in San Francisco. According to the BND files, Barbie delivered at least 35 reports to the agency.

The arrangement eventually became too dicey for the intelligence agency. There was talk of a "substantial security risk" to the BND, which was apparently increasingly concerned that the East German Stasi or the Soviet KGB could blackmail Barbie by threatening to disclose his Nazi past, as they had already done with a few other BND agents.

His handler, who was code-named Solinger, met with Barbie in Madrid shortly before Christmas in 1966 and told him that, because of the federal government's tight finances, the BND's "budget had been cut significantly." Latin America, Solinger told Barbie, was being abandoned as a "reconnaissance region." Barbie was paid an additional 1,000 deutsche marks in hush money.

Convicted of Crimes against Humanity

For the BND, the "Adler" case was now closed. The spy agency also opted not to notify the German judicial authorities of the whereabouts of Barbie, even though he was a wanted murderer and war criminal.

Barbie's cover wasn't blown until 1972, when he was tracked down by the legendary French Nazi-hunters Beate and Serge Klarsfeld. A diplomatic tug-of-war followed that lasted for years. Bolivia eventually extradited Barbie to France in 1983, where he was convicted of crimes against humanity and imprisoned until his death in 1991.

Today there is no one left at the BND who was responsible for the Barbie case or who could be held responsible. The revelations about the agency's inglorious role in the affair might even come in handy for the current BND president, Ernst Uhrlau. For years, he has wanted to shed more light on the history of the BND in the postwar period, when it employed a number of former Nazis. He is currently negotiating with a historical commission which would be tasked with researching the agency's past and given unprecedented access to its files. Cases like Barbie's reinforce the need for such an initiative.

The Americans declassified extensive intelligence files about Barbie about 30 years ago. The Counter Intelligence Corps (CIC), a former intelligence agency within the US Army, hired Barbie after the war and, for a time, protected him from French criminal investigators. In 1951, the Americans even helped Barbie flee to Bolivia. In an unusual turn of events, Washington later issued a formal apology to Paris as a result of these actions.

According to the files, the BND's cooperation with Barbie began with the tip it received from Wilhelm Holm. Of course, some of the former SS men and Gestapo officials who were now with the German intelligence agency must have recognized the new agent from their days in the Third Reich. At least one of them, Emil Augsburg, a former SS expert on Eastern Europe, had worked with Barbie for the CIC. The Gehlen Organization, the precursor to the BND, was also aware of Barbie's address in the Bavarian city of Augsburg until he fled to Bolivia. A BND document dating from 1964 even states that Barbie was "possibly" living in La Paz.

Expanding the Network

At the time the BND, which initially operated only in Europe, was expanding its network of agents around the world and was paying close attention to Bolivia, which was governed by a military junta. The West feared that a revolution against the military leadership could lead to the country becoming part of the Soviet sphere of influence, like Cuba.

Barbie alias Altmann lived with his wife in the Bolivian capital, where he ran a company called La Estrella, which supplied the Boehringer pharmaceutical company in the western German city of Mannheim with cinchona bark, from which the medication quinine was extracted.

In late November 1965, BND tipper Holm paid a visit to Barbie. A mutual acquaintance had set up the meeting. Holm told Barbie that he was looking for an agent for a Hamburg company and asked him whether he would be interested. Barbie apparently trusted his visitor. According to BND documents, the two men became "good friends" within a short period of time. Holm dined with the Barbie family almost every day at their table at the German Club in La Paz.

Of course, the host appears to have concealed his true identity from Holm. "Altmann," the tipper noted, had been with the Waffen SS and had fled from East Germany in 1950. But Holm did not fail to notice the expatriate's political leanings. For example, Barbie alias Altmann told him the story of how Jews had been barred from membership in the German Club. Barbie's wife, who ran the club's library, was "particularly proud" to show Holm its Nazi literature.

Part 2: 'Discreet and Reliable'

The BND's Department 934, which handled such cases, decided to recruit the former SS captain. They were interested in the good contacts that Barbie bragged about, such as with the Bolivian interior minister and his deputy, as well as with the head of one of the country's intelligence agencies and the mayor of La Paz.

Barbie's handler Solinger traveled to the Chilean capital Santiago in May 1966 to officially hire the new man and provide him with "intensive" training. The two men agreed that important information would be disguised as economic news from the lumber industry. Barbie was to note the information on special paper -- "leaving a 3 cm (1.1 inch) margin all around, with no punctuation, and with no writing on the centerfold" -- and send it to a teacher in Bad Bevensen in northern Germany, who would then forward the letters, unopened, to a post office box in Hamburg.

Barbie was officially classified as a "political source." The exact content of his reports is not known, however. Perhaps he merely observed developments in Bolivia, or his work may have been focused on the German military, the Bundeswehr. A few weeks after being recruited, he became the Bolivian representative for Merex AG, a Bonn-based company that sold Bundeswehr military surplus materials worldwide on behalf of the BND. According to BND records, Barbie was to notify the Merex people whenever the Bolivians lacked weapons or ammunition.

It is clear that the BND was very satisfied with Barbie's work. Agent 43118 was described as "intelligent," "very receptive and adaptable" and "discreet and reliable."

BND Denied Knowing Barbie's Identity

After Barbie was identified by the Klarsfelds in 1972, the people at the BND who had been involved with Barbie claimed internally that they had only learned Altmann's real identity from the press. The administration at the time had apparently "neglected to obtain official information about Altmann, even though this would have been appropriate in light of his past."

It is highly likely that this version of events was a lie. Even Altmann's explanation to Holm that he had fled directly from East Germany to Bolivia should have triggered an extensive background search. Indications of that search can be found in the Barbie files, which are clearly incomplete.

Most of all, however, Solinger made notes about Barbie's past at their first meeting. Based on this information, it was clear that the new agent worked during the war for the Reich Security Head Office, the SS organization that organized the Holocaust. It was also clear that he was being sought by the French for alleged war crimes. It is hard to believe that Barbie did not take this opportunity to reveal his true identity, or that the BND staff did not at least do the relevant research after the fact.

A few intelligence officials who were not in the loop became suspicious when agent V-43118 refused to travel to Germany for training. "Could it be that there is some evidence against him -- SS?" one official wrote in a handwritten comment on Sept. 13, 1966. A few weeks later, everyone involved knew that the public prosecutor's office in Wiesbaden was searching for Barbie on the basis of a preliminary investigation by the Central Office for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes in Ludwigsburg.

Request to East Berlin

At this point, it also became apparent that, in the meantime, Barbie had had a run-in with Günther Motz, the German ambassador in La Paz. Barbie had accused Motz of "putting the interests of German Jews ahead of the interests of the other members of the German colony."

Through a middleman, he had contacted a propaganda official with the East German communist party, the SED, in East Berlin, with a request to search the East German archives for incriminating information about Motz from the Nazi era. Such actions were "not exactly indicative of an appropriate attitude," according to the BND files.

In the fall of 1966, the agency decided to part ways with Barbie, "to avoid later complications and difficulties." It was, it turns out, wishful thinking.

Translated from the German by Christopher Sultan


Nuclear Power Pakistan's GDP is $480 billion measured by PPP, and the country has 5500 people involved in the nuclear weapons and civilian industry. Pakistan is an ally of the USA, and receives arms shipments from the USA. Pakistan has 800,000 in the military unofficially, 302,000 paramilitary with 1,000,000 reserves, and spends upwards of 8% of GDP on defense in a society which is a garrison state dominated by the military, and blessed and funded by the USA. Pakistan was fingered with 9/11, and is regarded by the USA, some what falsely as the epicenter of global terrorism as stated by senior American government officials.

Nuclear Power North Korea's GDP is $40 billion, and the country has 3,000 nuclear scientists and technicians. A 1.2 million military backed by 3---4,000,000 reserves. Spending upwards of 26% of GDP on defense.......a garrison gulag state, run by a ruthless totalitarian dictator whose favored son was educated in arch Capitalists Switzerland, and drives around in a Mercedes (Not a Soviet Zill Limousine or a very good Chinese made car.....Communism is a Jewish funded creation.....little telling details). It withdrew from the NPT to signal its actual nuclear intentions and ambitions in 2003. Has exploded a nuke bomb or two, and regularly tests long range missiles over Japan to show its power and capabilities.

(from wikipedia) In 2006, there were eight sites identified as potential test explosion sites for current (and future) tests according to a statement by the South Korean Parliament. These sites are distinguished from a number of other nuclear materials production facilities in that they are thought to be most closely identified with a military, or potentially military purpose [16]:

1. Hamgyong Bukdo (North Hamgyong) Province – 2 Sites:

  • Chungjinsi – Nuclear fuel storage site, military base & unidentified underground facility
  • Kiljugun – Extensive military buildup with motorized troop formations and construction of new advanced underground facility – Site of May 25, 2009 Nuclear Test.
  • Phunggyere – Site of October 9, 2006 Nuclear Test

2. Chagangdo Province – 1 Site: Kanggyesi – Production center of North Korea's advanced equipment & munitions since 1956. Also, extensive intelligence of highly advanced underground facility.

3. Pyongan Bukdo (North Pyongan) Province – 4 Sites:

  • Yongbyonsi – 2 Sites – Location of Yongbyon Nuclear Research Center, and the facility's Experimental Test Explosion facility and two unidentified underground facilities. In addition, there is a gas-graphic reactor, HE test site, nuclear fuel fabrication site, nuclear waste storage site
  • Kusungsi – Between 1997 and September 2002, approximately 70 text explosions of North Korean munitions took place. Also, existence of underground facility
  • Taechongun – 200MWe Nuclear Energy Plant construction site. Location of unidentified underground facility and nuclear arms/energy related facilities known to exist

4. Pyongan Namdo (South Pyongan) Province – 1 Site: Pyongsungsi – Location of National Science Academy and extensive underground facility whose purpose is not known.

NPT signatory, non-Nuclear power Iran (Its very first nuclear power station is not yet fully operational, unlike the above two) has been fully CO-OPERATING with the IAEA since 2003 to verify to the International community that it does not posses the means to build nuclear weapons, and thus the INTENTION to do so.Its GDP by PPP is $955 BILLION with over 6,000 nuclear scientists and technicians..............Iran also has uranium deposits. Iran's resources and technical abilities are obviously far greater than Pakistan and North Korea's. If then after all these years there still is no sign of a covert nuke bomb program in that country, and verified by reputable sources.......then that can only mean that the Iran government has NO INTENTION, or INTEREST IN NUKE bombs.

The confidence of the Iranian government in openly inviting the IAEA into Iran to verify its intentions, approaching ten years now, with see anything, go any where, short notice inspections says as much and underlies this fact.

Thus it will be very difficult to verify, as per the Israelis, what is not there in the first place, save for wild speculation, semantics.....and plain old Niger Yellow Cake falsehoods emanating from Israel, and its agents in the West.

It would be far more useful and practical for the Israelis to remove the otherwise vile mullah regime in Iran, rather than SHIT THEMSELVES VERY PUBLICLY, REPETITIVELY, over something that does not exist.

Playing a tough gangster on the roulette wheel in a seedy mafia run casino is no substitute for sound foreign and security policy. Thanks to the Rothschilds of London, and the UK, Israel is a very peculiar, precarious strip of land with 5.5 million Jews.....where more than many hold dual Western passports....ready to leave Israel....should the nutjob zealots in that country initiate further long term ceaseless wars.


In Detailing ‘Threat’ WikiLeaks Cable Underscores Iran’s Lack of Weapons Interest

Iran Could Have Made Nuclear Weapons in 2009, But Didn't

by Jason Ditz at antiwar.com

A March 2009 WikiLeaks cable which, at the time of its release, probably would have been spun amongst officials as a major “smoking gun” about Iran’s alleged nuclear weapons program, was released today. Two years later, the same information appears to demolish the various administration allegations against Iran.

That’s because in March 2009 US officials were fretting over Iran’s capability to enrich uranium to the weapons grade levels “if it so chose” and, consequently, had the capability to make the nuclear weapons that the US has been making such a big deal about.

The capability of the Natanz facility, which the document is referring to, to enrich uranium to this level was never in serious doubt, though it is worth noting that Press Secretary Robert Gibbs rejected the notion that they had such a capability in early 2010.

But the cable only really becomes interesting when you take into account several additional documents released by the IAEA, all of which detail the operations at Natanz and all of which, despite raising other questions, are able to verify with absolute certainty that Iran never has enriched uranium above 20 percent (and that in very small quantities), far below the level needed for weapons (which experts put in the 90-95 range).

In other words, the Obama Administration confirmed, two years ago, that Iran had the capability to produce nuclear weapons, and they simply didn’t (subsequently in the last two years since 2009 they haven't built nuke bombs as confirmed by the IAEA.....even though it is EASY to do so very quickly once Uranium is enriched up to 90--95% the level, the capability of which Iran has but has avoided reaching that mark). All of the administration’s rhetoric since March 2009 falls apart in the face of this one, unavoidable fact, that despite the program’s ability to theoretically produce nuclear arms, it has continued to exclusively operate for civilian purposes.


Do Nothing Dynasty controlled Congress decides to..........Do Nothing against Black Money.

Black Money is the root of problems for most Third World nations......Western powers back their corrupt puppets into power, and they have a sweet and simple arrangement. Unquestioned loyalty by the puppet towards the Western Powers, and in return the puppet gets to loot and steal the state coffers along with their Kleptocracy crony cabal associates in GOVERNMENT and in the PRIVATE SECTOR.

Color coded revolutions......maybe coded numbers ....3, 5, 7, 9, 11........and Western ENGLISH catchy slogans in the streets of many countries...written by someone in Western Intelligence.

Pakistan is the classic example. Everybody in Pakistan knows that Zardari is both corrupt and an American puppet. The Americans don't pretend because they've built a massive embassy next to the Presidents residence, which Zardari visits daily, in between special visits to the USA....very recently. He has upwards of $3 billion of the poor poverty stricken Pakistani peoples money stashed away in secret offshore accounts.

Naturally any rational nation should want to address as soon as possible the demon of Black Money, but in India there are many skeletons in the proverbial closet where that is concerned, as the ruling Gandhi/Nehru dynasty have themselves, especially since the 1960's under Indira Gandhi and then later Rajiv institutionalized the black practice of taking illegally gained money from India, and then stashing it away in Switzerland and the other 70 of shore tax havens around the world. It should be noted that Switzerland is only one of 70 tax havens around the world.

By opening up the issue of Black money one is exposing the basic NEO-COLONIAL arrangement between Western countries and their pseudo-colonies in the Third World. I pray India succeeds in this endeavor as it will mean "Liberation" in the real sense. However Wikileaks must not be relied on as the source of or limited to of investigations....as it has been exposed as a Rothschild disinformation agency. Indian authorities must do their own work.


Cabinet discusses black money issue

By the Press Trust of India, and TOI.

A day after the government came under attack from the Supreme Court over black money stashed abroad, several ministers today voiced concern over the issue at the Union Cabinet meeting here but Prime Minister Manmohan Singh made it clear that the details could not be disclosed.

The ministers noted that the government was facing the flak from virtually all quarters and the impression was gaining ground that the government had something to hide on the issue, sources said.

At the meeting, Singh pointed out that the government could not disclose the names about whom it had information regarding accounts in foreign banks as it was bound by various treaties.

Finance minister Pranab Mukherjee said the government had received information about the black money accounts in foreign banks as per international treaties and if this is revealed, no government would share such details in future, the sources said.

It was emphasised that the information was shared purely for taxation purposes and the government intends to do the same without making public the names of account holders or other details, the sources said.

Mukherjee said he would soon hold a press conference to clear the air on the issue.

The Supreme Court yesterday pulled up the government for witholding information on black money stashed in foreign banks, saying it is not just limited to tax evasion but a "mind boggling crime" amounting to "theft" and "plunder" of national wealth having security ramifications.

Hours later, the Prime Minister said "some information" about black money accounts had been provided to India "for use in the collection of due taxes. We cannot use the information for any other purposes and that information cannot be made public" as the country cannot violate the obligations under international treaties.


India's looted billions by the elite of India in government and the private sector

SC pulls up govt on black money issue

Dhananjay Mahapatra of the Times of India.

The Supreme Court on Wednesday chided the government for restricting names of those with black money stashed abroad to Liechtenstein Bank account details disclosed by Germany.

It said the government was wrong in treating black money as a tax issue when it was simple and pure theft of the Indian economy. The court said information from banks in all countries was needed. ( Read: Ex-Swiss banker gives secret documents of super rich to WikiLeaks )

Criticizing the government for not making public all the names on the list, the apex court said plunder of the nation had taken place. ( Read: Indian names in Swiss bank disclosure to WikiLeaks )

"It is a pure and simple theft of the national money. We are talking about mind-boggling crime. We are not on the niceties of various treaties," remarked a bench comprising justices B Sudershan Reddy and S S Nijjar, while hearing a petition by former law minister Ram Jethmalani and others for retrieving Indian black money stashed in foreign banks.

The remark by the bench came when Solicitor general Gopal Subramanium was explaining various steps taken by the government under the Double Taxation Avoidance Act.

The court was unhappy that the government filed an affidavit restricting information relating to the money amounting to Rs 43 crore deposited by 26 persons in Liechtenstein Bank in Germany.

"This is all the information you have or you have something more?," the bench asked.

The apex court said since it was dealing with a serious issue in a public interest litigation, it would not hesitate to expand the scope of the petition.

Meanwhile the government said it was ready to share information with the Supreme Court but not make it public since it was in the process of getting more details of foreign accounts of Indians from other countries under the DTAA regime.

A Congress spokesperson said the government was doing everything possible to bring back the black money stashed abroad. ( Read: Declare names of Swiss bank account holders: BJP )

On Tuesday, senior BJP leader L K Advani referring to the issue had said he had great hope that the Supreme Court would act on the issue of black money stashed in foreign banks as people like Ram Jethmalani and K P S Gill have taken up the matter. ( Read: BJP, Congress spar over black money issue )

"Eminent people like Ram Jethmalani, Subash Kashyap and K P S Gill have approached the court on the issue. I have a great hope in the Supreme Court," Advani had said.

"An international organisation has said that more than Rs 20 lakh crore of Indian money is stashed is foreign banks. If it is brought back, it will satisfy infrastructure needs of the country," Advani said. ( Read: Black money trail: 'India drained off Rs 20 lakh crore during 1948-2008' )


Modi's Gujjarstan

Is it time to acknowledge the Gujarat ‘miracle’ ?

Swapan Dasgupa of the TOI blog.

It is a commentary on the bizarre priorities of our information order that investment commitments totaling $450 billion, equaling nearly one third of India’s GDP, are either ignored or put on par with anodyne political statements.(!!!!!) This, however, is not the occasion to lament the lack of even-handedness in the treatment of anything remotely connected to Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi. It is the time to celebrate something that is fast becoming undeniable: the emergence of Gujarat as the economic powerhouse of India.

(I thought Maharashtra was still the richest, most productive state in India....with the stock exchange situated there, Mumbai as a strategically located port...etc, Maybe the Siv Sena with its petty political party provincialism parochialism focus...with corruption is causing Mumbai and the state by extension long term harm...and staging false flag terror ops for Israel )

Last week, there was a stark contrast between a Gujarat bubbling with optimism and the rest of the country despairing over economic mismanagement and missed opportunities. It is not that all the MoUs signed at the fifth Vibrant Gujarat summit will be translated into reality. Many will remain paper commitments . But when the who’s who of Indian industry line up to proclaim their faith in Gujarat as a wholesome place for investment, having already put their money where their mouth is, neither India nor the rest of the world can afford to be in denial.

The proclamations of faith in Gujarat are all the more meaningful because they have been made despite the Center's unremitting displeasure with anything that could bolster Modi’s credentials. Modi doesn’t usually win awards for being the “Reformer of the Year” or for innovative governance. In fact, he doesn’t even make it to the shortlist. But he has invariably secured an unequivocal thumbs-up from those who have a real stake in the emergence of India as a world economic power.

The skeptics, who insist that the rise and rise of Gujarat has little to do with the state government, are partially right. Entrepreneurship and business are part of the Gujarati DNA, a reason why Mukesh Ambani stated that Reliance Industries has always proudly cloaked itself in the Gujarati business ethos. But Gujaratis have been under no obligation to sink their money into Gujarat: from Dholera to Durban, the world has been their karmabhoomi.

The reason Gujarat has registered the highest, double-digit GDP growth in the past decade owes much to the targeted, business-friendly approach of its government.

Four features stand out:

1) The first is quick decision-making—what Modi has dubbed the “red carpet, not red tape” approach. Ratan Tata, for example , recounted how the land allotment for the Nano project was completed in just three days, a quick-fire decision that has fetched Gujarat some Rs 30,000 crore in Tata group investments and direct employment for some 50,000 people.

2) The second feature is the curious phenomenon of the near-absence of political corruption at the top. Even Modi’s worst enemies will not deny that the chief minister’s fanatical personal integrity has had a salutary trickle-down effect. Irritated by politically inspired extortion , industry has identified Gujarat as a place where it is possible to do ethical business.

3) Third, Gujarat since 2002 has been marked by social peace. Particularly important for industry is the absence of rural unrest, which unseated Tata Motors from West Bengal and is now so marked in Maharashtra and Karnataka . This is because Gujarat has bucked a national trend and is witnessing high growth in agriculture—last year the sector grew by 9.9%. This means that farmers now have a stake in the larger prosperity of the state and aren’t swayed by populists and Maoists.

4) Finally, the growth of Gujarat has been spurred by a philosophy of “minimum government and maximum governance”. In plain language , this means that the state government has concentrated on creating the infrastructure for growth and left it to the private sector to get on with the job of actual wealth creation. In Gujarat, politicians don’t talk the language of class conflict; they too mirror the preoccupation with dhanda (business). So all-pervasive is the respect for enterprise that even the children’s amusement park in Ahmedabad has created kiddie games centered on the use of virtual money!

(The model works excellently for Gujarat under Modi, but many parts of India don't have that business culture, so whilst Like Gujrat other Indian states MUST also pour money into infrastructure, and reign in Red tape, corruption.....I believe following the Japanese government model since 1950, specific industries must be targeted and helped with investment and growth in partnership with the private sector first, rather than leave the initiative for industrial growth just to promising entrepreneurs to simply "emerge")

The extent to which this vibrant Gujarati capitalism will benefit Modi’s national ambitions is difficult to predict. But one thing is certain . As Gujarat shines and acquires an economic momentum of its own, more and more businesses will find it worthwhile to channel a major chunk of their new investments into Gujarat.

(Modi as BJP leader will be problematic, as he faces certain challengers from that party. He was unwanted in the Bihar elections recently given his divisive politics. Modi elected as a leader of a coalition government in India will be an even bigger challenge........given his record of 2002, and on-going revelations of that event, and recent developing revelations by RSS insiders.

Modi, after all is said and done might just be a very ardent Gujarati nationalist, who is very effective and efficient at running his patch, and his area of the country.....nothing more. Hitler created 6 million jobs in Germany in short order, after the Great Depression with the help of Jewish bankers in Zurich, London and NY, and everybody in Europe and especially the right admired his achievements.....naturally. He became a demagogue. Ditto to a lessor degree Mussolini....who everybody said made the trains in Italy run on time etc. We must marvel and learn from Narendra Modi, but his very essence of aggression and tribalism must be rejected by multiracial cosmopolitan India, which if given a national platform with all the resources of the security state can turn everything inside India upside down)

The Centre may not like the resulting uneven growth but the alternative is not to thwart Gujarat by political subterfuge—such as preventing public sector banks from engaging with the state government and the whimsical use of environmental regulations. (Orissa...POSCO among other massive projects left wanting) Gujarat has shown that accelerated and sustained growth is possible when the state plays the role of an honest facilitator, rather than a controller.

Modi didn’t create the Gujarati character; he was moulded by it. He merely gave it a contemporary thrust and an ethical dimension. If politicians focused on these, India will be a much better place.

Swami Guruji.....has seen the light...nirvana...and the Supreme Truth


‘The Muslim boy Kaleem pierced my conscience. I understood that love between two human beings is more powerful than the hatred between two communities’

(of course, the always simple truth...but sometimes lack of knowledge, spiced with hatred makes us ignorant of this simple fact........in India with its many shades, and communities its also VERY PRAGMATIC....for example trying to resurrect Hitler or the like in India will be extremely difficult given that India is sooo cosmopolitan viz Nazi Germany. If one loves all South Asia, then one must be all embracing of the various communities......1 billion Hindus.....450 million Muslims....50 million Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Buddhists...Its is the only way to national salvation, and self salvation)

Swami Asimananda did not just confess his terror conspiracy before a magistrate. He wrote to the President of India and the President of Pakistan, admitting his crimes and seeking penance.

ASHISH KHETAN of TEHELKA scoops the astonishing documents.

ON 16 DECEMBER, when Swami Asimananda first appeared before a Delhi Metropolitan Magistrate at Tis Hazari with a request to record his confession, the magistrate was a bit incredulous. He asked the Swami if the CBI was threatening or coercing him into giving a confession. The Swami smiled back and replied, “You really think these cops could force me into doing something I don’t want to do? When even Atal and Advani could never dare to put pressure on me, then what chance in the world do these poor fellows have.”

‘Who are Atal and Advani?’ asked the magistrate. For a moment, he was disoriented by the names uttered with such easy, almost scornful, familiarity by this elderly, shabbily dressed man produced before him as a terror suspect.

“The former prime minister and deputy prime minister,” the Swami replied in the same measured tone.

(Presumably from this tone one gages that "Atal" and "Advani" knew what was going on...as top political honcho's of the BJP.......they simply couldn't have missed it)

This conversation, which TEHELKA has learned from highly placed sources, provides a rare insight into the man who was once a formidable and doctrinaire ideologue of the Rashtriya Swyamsevak Sangh and inspired both fear and awe even among senior BJP functionaries.

(It takes enormous courage, character, and serious self reflection with thinking to change a life-times worth of doctrinaire belief. I thus salute and praise the Swami.....for his enlightenment....."Sir" YOU ARE A REAL SWAMI.......not a swami by name only......thank you sir)

‘Before the criminal legal system hangs me, I want an opportunity to transform Hafiz Saeed, Mullah Omar and other jihadi terrorists,’ wrote Asimananda

In 2006, when the Swami organised the Shabri Kumbh Mela at his ashram in Dangs, Gujarat, the who’s who of the BJP and the RSS congregated to mark their presence. Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan and then RSS chief KS Sudarshan were part of the jamboree.

The Swami had devoted his life to the cause of ‘Hindutva.’ After setting up the Shabri Dham Ashram in 1997, he worked zealously at reconverting tribal Christians into Hinduism. He regularly mobilised violent mobs, attacked Christian missionaries and captured their churches. According to reports, Asimananda had forcibly occupied over two dozen churches in Dangs. At one point he had even refused to listen to the pleas of former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee who had reportedly asked him to refrain from violence and coercion while carrying out the anti-conversion work.

(Shameful cowardly acts that never reflected the TRUE character of India or the essence of Hinduism which welcomed ALL faiths......since time immemorial)

But in a curious twist of fate — and in a development that no investigative agency could ever have anticipated or imagined — this intractable zealot was profoundly transformed by a chance encounter in prison with a courteous young Muslim man, wrongly arrested and tortured for the Mecca Masjid blast — a blast, which in truth, the Swami and his co-conspirators had committed. (See TEHELKA story In the Words of a Zealot, 15 January).

Intensely moved and gripped by a desire for penance, Swami Asimananda apparently requested a confession before a magistrate. “I know I may be served a death sentence for this, but I still want to confess,” he told the magistrate. Published by TEHELKA last week, this confession, which is the first legal evidence to show the involvement of RSS pracharaks in the Malegaon 2006 and Samjhauta Express blasts, has had wide ranging political and diplomatic impact. But this was not all.

IN AN astonishing gesture, apart from his confession before the magistrate, Swami Asimananda also wrote to the President of India and the President of Pakistan, admitting to his crimes and detailing the encounter with the Muslim boy that changed his heart. “Abdul Kaleem pierced my conscience,” he wrote. “After all, he had been made to suffer for my wrong work. I understood that love between two human beings is more powerful than the hatred between two communities.”

In a development no investigative agency could ever have anticipated, this intractable zealot was transformed by an encounter with a courteous Muslim man in prison

In these two letters, written in his own handwriting — copies of which are in exclusive possession of TEHELKA — the Swami then goes on to express a desire to meet Lashkar-e-Toiba chief Hafiz Saeed and Taliban leader Mullah Omar and other jihadi terrorists and urges the two presidents to help him get an “opportunity” to transform the jihadis as he himself has been transformed.

(A noble sentiment, but as with most noble sentiments not really practical.

1) First the swami's present situation will not allow it.

2) Also since he is known as a life long hardline RSS insider leader who did the supreme dirty deed, he will not be trusted by equally faulty men in Pakistan like his former closed self.......a former KKK man David Duke has problems selling himself as a enlightened American, even with his Ph.D, and after leaving the organization 40 years ago.

3) Whilst the Swami has displayed great wisdom and enlightenment....and shown true love for his country, the cadres and leadership of the LeT, and HuJi are PIGmies politically, socially and in all other respects. It is highly unlikely that they too will also go through a "road to Damascus" experience to borrow a phrase from another religion. The Swami might as well be talking to a brick wall, even if he were given an opportunity to talk to his "counter-parts"........the conversation would be sterile. To borrow a phrase from Indira Gandhi, "You can't shake hands with a clenched fist."

4) ALL Jehadi organisations in Pakistan are run financially, politically, and even militarily by the Pakistan military (ISI...JIB desk) a senior liaison officer "runs' each of these outfits with money, arms and political direction. There are 500,000 Jehadis in Pakistan. If in the very unlikely event a Jehadi leader from LeT, HuJi showed any signs of being like Swami Asimananda, talking about love, unity and peace, they would immediately be removed from office and power.

5) The ISI was established by the British in 1948.....as their main controlling mechanism in Pakistan. Its first head, a British officer ran the organization from 1948--1958. The ISI is now run by the Americans, who pay for it, and thus run it. The Americans since the 1970's, succeeding the British in India and Egypt much earlier LIKE, LOVE Islamic fundamentalists as an excellent tool, and fifth column to destabilize and eventually take over certain countries.......Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Pakistan, Iran, Tunisia.......Egypt...Saudi Arabia and so on....empire building, and destroying existential threats to paranoid Israel. America has 800 military bases around the world, and is an expanding empire on the make......think Aurangazeb 1699, despite the massive American propaganda with apple pie, and plummy "oh shucks" accent with smiles.)

Swami Asimananda will be wasting his time trying to "convert' towards rationality PIGmies like Hafiz Saeed and Mullah Omer, behind whom stand the ISI since 1948, and behind whom stand the British and USA. It would be a futile wishy washy endeavor, and a total waste of time, assuming the government of India left its common sense behind and allowed him in the first place.


1) Get some pen and paper...and write a book. Contact a leading publishing house in India...IN INDIA...and let him put his thoughts to paper. Let him write 2 books; one general dealing with all matters on mother earth..life, love, sex, marriage, work, spiritual thoughts, exercise,,,,,,education....and so on.

2) The second book about his politics and crimes.....how he became involved with the RSS, AND how his career flourished within the organization as he moved up the ladders of power, to the point Atal and Advani feared him. Thats quite a feat.

(i) The RSS contacts in the Indian MEDIA....WHICH media fronts in India are working directly with the RSS, and which individuals share RSS sympathies in Bollywood movies...YES I'D REALLY LIKE TO KNOW THAT ONE HAVING SEEN A FEW INDIAN MOVIES. Indian TV, print media etc.

(ii) Ditto RSS operatives in the 1.2 million police, especially senior officers. The Indian military. The Indian Intelligence........Indian bureaucracy.

(iii) What linkages do the RSS have with Israelis and Jewish individuals. Americans and British persons. Finally any possible RSS linkages with the ISI, and Pakistanis.

Such books will be far more useful to ordinary law abiding, decent, hard working Indians. And the Swami will be better remembered this way by fellow Indians who will finally have a chance to understand him, rather than read and hear about him through the perceptions and quotes of Third Parties hostile or otherwise.

The Swami says he had taken to terrorism in retaliation to Islamist terror attacks on temples, but having realised the futility of mindless violence, he would now like to persuade terrorists like Hafiz Saeed to renounce this path as well. He requests “the good office” of the President of India to help him go to Pakistan to do this.

(Most definitely should NOT having seen what happened in Pakistan recently.....especially as a Hindu hardliner who has confessed to killing Pakistanis)

After TEHELKA published Asimananda’s confession last week, several Hindutva apologists asserted the confession was coerced out of him. His counsel also belatedly asserted — 20 days after the event had taken place — that the confession was false and would be retracted. But the letters to the Presidents of India and Pakistan give the lie to all that. Swami Asimananda wrote them two days after he made the confession under Section 164 of CRPC. He had given these letters on a jail visit to his brother to post. TEHELKA procured them from him. The tone and tenor of these letters exactly match his confession. However, his lawyer did not mention them last week as part of the CBI’s alleged coercion.

These letters present a fresh challenge to those who would deny all that Swami Asimananda has confessed to. TEHELKA wrote to the office of the President of India seeking a confirmation that they had received the letter. At the time of going to press, the President’s office had yet not responded.

Terror, it seems, has finally fallen prey to something mightier than it: the power of human conscience.

(In India only, with one very very very important individual...what a great man....what a great nation who can produce such men !)


Rashtrapati Bhavan,
New Delhi - 110001,
Dec 20,2010

Madam President,

1. I am Swami Asimananda. I am the one who had organised and motivated persons to blast Samjhauta Express and other places because I was angry about jihadi attacks on Hindu temples.

2. After my arrest, when I was in jail, one Muslim boy Kaleem was very kind to me in Hyderabad. After some time, I asked him why he was inside here in jail, and he told me that he was earlier wrongly arrested and tortured by Hyderabad Police in connection with Mecca Masjid bomb blast. This pierced my conscience. It transformed me. The man who had every reason to hate me, showed me love. After all, he had been made to suffer for my wrong work. I understood that love between two human beings is more powerful than the hatred between two communities. I decided on prayaschith, and told this to CBI, when they took me in their custody. They told me that we cannot do anything about prayaschith, only court can, and so I told them to take me to the court in that case. After that, I told the judge the truth.

3. I have also addressed a letter to the Pakistan President telling him about myself and requested him to grant me an opportunity to transform or reform jihadi terrorist leaders and other jihadi footsoldiers in Pakistan (copy enclosed).

4. I request you to use your good office to help me to go there and meet these jihadi leaders and transform them or you can ask the Pakistan President to send them to me in jail.

Thank You.
Swami Asimananda
Yours truly
Chanchalaguda Central Jail
WSurprise reform

Download this letter (PDF, 4.14MB)